Leo Health and Wellness: Strong with Great Immunity


The Leo health horoscope says that this sign’s natives have a very strong personality because they’re ruled by the Sun. They’re bright and everyone appreciates them for their warmth.

Leo Health and Wellness in a Nutshell:

  • Positives: They’re rarely set back by anything in the way of health problems.
  • Tendencies: With confidence in abundance, they care little for any potential problems heading their way.
  • Negatives: Their pride often stands in the way of any remedy.
  • Advice: Despite the Lion that represents them, a vegan diet suits Leos.

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At the same time, they’re resourceful, courageous and intelligent. It’s good that they have many friends because they love being in the center of attention. Always passionate about what they’re doing, they want to achieve success, to become famous and to be admired by as many people as possible.

It can be said they feed their soul on the appreciation and admiration they receive from others. Their ego is very fragile, so if it happens to get hurt, they don’t hesitate to take their claws heart. Seeming very strong on the outside, they’re in fact affectionate and caring on the inside.

Leo Health: Positives

Leos always look at their best, even when they’re very sick. Nature has blessed them with good health and a beautiful appearance.

They look very alive most of the time because they’re eyes are sparkling and their cheeks colored in red. It’s like they go through life without ever having to deal with serious health issues, but they can be their own worst enemies when it comes to their wellbeing because they have many unhealthy habits.

At least they immediately recover after any disease. Driven by success, they don’t waste their time with what isn’t important and think sickness is a form of weakness. Their amazing ability to pull themselves together when down indicates they’re very strong.

According to their sign’s health facts, they have a well-built body and are talented at sports. Their instincts are strong, and they can coordinate their every move very well.

What they need is to have an active lifestyle. Even when performing sports as a hobby, they can achieve very good results. Naturally proud, they always brag about their achievements and with the way they look.

They always have a good health because they’re positive and don’t stress too much about anything. Their immune system is strong and they’re very proud of the fact that they’re in good shape because they think it’s the result of their hard work.

Their weakest body part is their heart. Luckily for them, they like being active and exercising. From a young age, they should spend a lot of time outside and do a sport.

The best way for them to remain healthy is to continue being happy no matter what because their purpose in life is to enjoy everything. At the same time, they need to keep in mind they’re not invincible and that diseases can haunt them too.

Leo Health Tendencies

Leo’s key phrase is I will. Their sign is a representation of power, dignity and majesty. When people born in Leo have their ego hurt, they become true tyrants and very self-centered.

What they need is to talk about how proud they are of themselves all the time. For as long as they’re in control and taking care of their responsibilities, they remain very self-confident.

In case their need for authority and power isn’t satisfied, they become lazy and inconstant. Leos are very courageous and even stubborn to get things done their own way. They’re also arrogant and expect to be in the center of attention all the time.

Many see them as smug because they’re too self-confident. Always in a good mood and smiling, they seem like they don’t have a care in the world. The Leo man has a head full of hair and a solid chin.

While Leos aren’t tall, they still have a very sturdy body. Their ruler, which is the Sun, gives them their big ego and at the same time, influences them to love life, being in a relationship and enjoying pleasure.

These natives are all very attracted to members of the opposite sex. Because they spend too much time in expensive restaurants, they have a problem maintaining their weight in optimal levels.

Leo Health: Negatives

Leos are used to always being healthy and strong. They never imagine that they may get sick, but this doesn’t mean they should not take care of themselves.

Being so strong is also their weakness because they may forget that they have to sometimes rest, especially when focusing on something important for themselves. When they get sick it’s because they have worked too much.

They think nothing can bring them down and are very egocentric, forgetting they’re just humans. This also means they take too many risks and aren’t aware of their capabilities, which causes them to suffer from injuries.

They need to enjoy life to the maximum, but this doesn’t mean they should exaggerate with food, drinking and even smoking.

In fact, as far as smoking goes, they have the false impression that they’re able to quit whenever they feel like. This is not true because it can be very difficult for them to keep temptations away. It’s like they don’t know when to stop indulging in excesses.

At least they’re never sick for too long, but because they’re a Fire sign, they can run high fevers. The most fragile period in their life is when they’re around 50, so they should be more careful then.

Their health horoscope says they’re very tricky as patients because they hate admitting that there may be something wrong with them, even if their doctor tells them there is.

In case they happen to be involved in an accident, they will hide the information on how things happened. What they also like doing to their doctors is playing with them to test how smart they are.

Even when in severe pain, Leo natives still look good. In case they don’t and ask for pain killers, then the problem is indeed serious.

As said before, their heart is the most fragile area of their body, so they should do a lot of cardio exercises. Their common diseases are of the circulatory system and the heart. They’re prone to leukemia, anemia and hematomas, also high blood pressure levels and arrhythmia.

After 50, they are more at risk of getting heart attacks. Muscle spasms, angina, arthritis and gout are also problems they may end up with.

At the same time, they’re very sensitive to UV light, which means they need to stay away from too much sun. It’s important that they take pay attention to their skin because they may develop skin cancer.

They have varicose veins too. People in their surroundings need to be very careful around them because they suffer when not being given attention or their ego isn’t stroked.

When praised and loved, they feel at their best. In case their hair starts to thin out, they need to go to the doctor because this is a sign of disease for them.

Leo Health & Diet

Leos’ food habits indicate natives of this sign need to consume a lot of meat, especially goat and duck. They can also have turkey, wild pig and deer. Their intake of veggies should also be high, especially in beans, pumpkin, cauliflower and celery.

When it comes to fruits, the citrus family is the best for them, also those that grow in exotic regions. Leos love garlic, spicy foods, grains, pistachios and walnuts. If they want to remain healthy, they need to drink a lot of tea.

Traditional medicine doesn’t do them too much good when they happen to be sick, so they should go for medicine.

Having a fiery nature, Leos are suited to vegetarian diets. The meats they need to stay away from are lamb and beef. Veggies that contain a lot of iron, such as kale, spinach and wheat grass can do wonders for their body.

The cooling grain buckwheat works very well with their temperament, whereas blue fruits such as berries and grapes help them stay in shape. Nuts, lentils raisins and coconut and incredibly beneficial for their health.

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