Leo Family Life: Their Personality in the Main Household Roles


It can’t be said Leos are too focused on family because they’re always thinking of themselves and are very independent, but this doesn’t mean they don’t care about their loved ones. On the contrary, they’re protective of them, not to mention how much importance they give to their roots and ancestors.

Leo Roles in the Family:

  • Leo as a Wife: She does everything to the max, and needs her husband to comply with her needs.
  • Leo as a Husband: He is the King and he knows it, better yet, he also needs to hear it from his family too.
  • Leo as a Parent: They can be incredibly giving, but expect appreciation back.
  • Leo as a Sibling: Just like the Lion, they’re fiercely competitive, and set the trends for those around them.

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Besides, they’re very loyal and caring. When their siblings happen to be in trouble, they’re always there to help them out. This means everyone at home loves and cares about them, especially when they reveal their playful and fun side.

The Leo Wife: Leading Her Life of Luxury

It doesn’t matter if she’s a homebody or has an important career, the Leo woman will always try to the number one. She’s very proud of her home and the people in it because if she wouldn’t be, she would no longer be around.

Her ethical sense is highly developed. Just as much she appreciates fur, she loves her pets and every living creature. What she needs is to be surrounded by luxury and expensive things.

Honor is also very important for her, which means she makes sure that her integrity remains untouched no matter what.

The fact that she needs luxury doesn’t indicate that she needs to live in a castle, even if she’s the royalty of the Zodiac. She just needs the place she calls her own to be special. Here, she should be surrounded by art pieces and most of all, by comfort.

Since her sign is represented by a feline, she likes to sleep in good sheets and to have a big bed. What she wants from her marriage is to enjoy it to the maximum.

It’s unlikely for her to get married before she has enough money for a big wedding, so while engaged, she will make all the arrangements to make sure her special day will be like in the movies.

After the big event, she will strive to have the best life with her husband, who needs to support her in everything she does. This lady takes sex very seriously and has a high libido. She’s also the type to be adventurous in the bedroom.

Her man will attest to the fact that she’s truly talented at making love because she will always try to pleasure him to the maximum. However, she would never be submissive and docile because she wants to dominate and to control everything, even when in between the sheets.

The Leo Husband: The King of the House that Needs to Hear About it Too

Just like his female counterpart, the Leo man needs to live in a big home in which he’s treated like the king he’s supposed to be. It’s important for him that he’s always in the center of attention and makes the important decisions around the house.

In case he doesn’t gain the admiration of a family member, he will try his best to gain it. This is because he lives for the spotlight. This is what makes him feel good and optimistic.

If his lady wants to part ways with him, it’s enough for her to no longer pay attention to what he has to say. He always needs to be listened to in order to feel reassured of his woman’s love, so his ego would suffer a lot if this weren’t to happen. In case he doesn’t feel admired and appreciated, he can make the life of his loved ones a living Hell.

On the other hand, when happy, he’s always joyous, fun and a pleasure to be around. However, he still needs to order others around and to keep his hands clean from all the dirty work, so his wife will surely be the one who has to take care of any domestic chore at home.

His way of life is somehow luxurious because he’s picky. The girl who likes to dress in expensive clothes will always win his heart. He needs to be told loving words and that he’s the best in everything he does.

At the same time, he needs these words to come from the heart or else he will ignore them. As a matter of fact, he’s one of the signs that appreciates honesty the most. It doesn’t matter what emotions need to be expressed, he needs to hear about them. It would be a good idea to tell him what he wants to hear, though.

Marriage is very important to him, so he’s the type to remain mysterious in the presence of his partner until the wedding. At least he has a straight way of expressing his opinions and ideas.

What’s interesting about him is his ability to very rapidly fall in love at first sight. His heart can start beating for a woman from the moment he sees her.

As a partner, he can be jealous and possessive, but as long as he’s pampered and shown a lot of love, he can forget about all his suspicions. Besides, he also tends to rapidly calm down after being angry for a while.

The Leo Parent: Protective and Giving

Leo parents give a lot of importance to loyalty and affection, not to mention they’re very protective of their children. When having to express their emotions, they’re warmer, happier and willing to cuddle with their little ones. If upset, they turn cold.

Very courageous, highly energetic and always wanting to be in the spotlight, these natives need to be the building rock in their family. They have to set the emotions of their loved ones.

If they feel appreciated, their life is sure to be a happy and good one. On the other hand, if they feel ignored, they get upset and become over sensitive. After all, they represent royalty in the Zodiac, so they need to be given a lot of attention.

Their children will always love them for being generous and giving them very expensive gifts. When having friends over, these will be invited to stay over for dinner and perhaps to watch a movie with the entire family.

It doesn’t matter if they can afford it or not, Leo parents will always give extravagant gifts to their little ones because they want to treat them like princes and princesses. However, they want to be appreciated for all their efforts. After all they’re very proud and somewhat insecure, so they need to hear the words that their kindness is tremendous.

When upset, the entire house and the neighbours will hear their roar. Even if they happen to know that they’re adored, they still don’t hesitate to express their unhappiness if disappointed somehow.

The Leo Sibling: The Competitive Ones

As siblings, Leos are quite dramatic just because they feel everything more intensely. They want to be around people who admire and adore them, so they don’t hesitate to take part in group activities in order to prove they’re the best.

At least they have a lot of love and passion that can inspire others. Their brothers and sisters should be happy to have them in their life.

The Leo sister is very loyal, so she would stand by her siblings’ side no matter what. She can take down bullies and do anything her brothers and sisters are asking her to.

Aside from being loyal, she’s also cool and always in trend, which means she gets asked about fashion and style. If she has sisters, they will come to her to dress them up and do their makeup.

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