Leo Woman Career and Money: How Successful is She?


Leos are very ambitious and have a lot of energy, so it’s unlikely for them to not spend their time in a productive manner. When it comes to the Leo woman, she always wants to be the best and is highly optimistic.

Leo Woman Career & Money in a Nutshell:

  • Positives: She’s ambitious and strives to be the best.
  • Negatives: Her expensive taste costs her a lot of money.
  • Tendencies: She prefers a space where she can be at the centre of attention.
  • Potential Careers: Manager, Teacher, Actress, Politician.

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At the workplace, this lady is loyal and wants to put her creativity to use, which means she often impresses her boss and becomes the favorite of everyone in the office.

A Natural Born Leader

Because she’s imaginative and has increased levels of energy, she could be an artist or an entertainer. Whatever she may be doing, the Leo woman needs to give her all and likes to lead, so she’s suitable as a manager or for a career in politics. She likes to earn just as much as she likes to spend.

An extrovert, it’s not unusual for the Lioness to shop for the most expensive clothes so that she gets noticed at any party or social gathering. Being a Leo, she wants to be admired and in the center of attention.

She knows how to manage her finances and doesn’t have a problem keeping a budget. Whenever she has some financial problems, she usually solves them by identifying the most inventive solutions. This is because she would hate to fail at anything.

As a matter of fact, when feeling like she’s failing at something, her entire world starts to fall apart, but at least she’s very good at escaping such situations.

Leo women know very well what they have to do at work and as said before, they’re perfect for managing positions. They’re knowledgeable and can be trusted to solve any problem the employees they’re dealing with may be having.

As soon as the Leo woman understands what she needs to do at her job, it won’t be long until she’s considered for the positions of manager, not to mention she can charm anyone with her charisma. Most of the time, everyone in the office loves her because she’s nice and joyful.

She wants to be in control and to let others know that she’s powerful. This is why she enjoys being the boss so much and leading others into doing the right thing. She brightens up the room whenever she enters it, so she excels at a job at which she’s surrounded by as many people as possible.

This is why she’s also suited as a teacher. Teachers have to deal with their students and keep them interested, which is something she’s very good at.

It’s not unusual for her to be made the public image of the company she works for, or to be the spokesperson. Because she’s dramatic, an acting career or one in entertainments would suit her like a glove.

She would be good behind the scenes, for example in the production or costumes team because she knows what to choose in order to impress the larger audience.

Many women born in Leo are singers, preachers, leaders of activist groups, politicians or motivational speakers. Others are getting involved in politics not to build a career for themselves, but to put their leadership skills to use.

Most of the time, the Leo woman is a manager or governmental agent, a teacher or an actor. Also, she’s a CEO, the president of a company and she may even hold a royal title of some sort. This is because she’s always giving her best and wants to lead others. More than this, she’s good with sales or as a coach, so these are also jobs she may do.

A True Force of Nature

Since she’s the sign of royalty, this lady is fearless and dreams big. More than this, she’s very independent and inspiring. What she wants the most is to be put on a pedestal and to give orders. It’s possible for her to achieve this because her charisma can win anyone over.

The Lioness is also passionate and energetic enough to perform, even if her ego gets in her way from time to time, which means she sometimes isn’t very good as a team member, especially when she doesn’t lead.

Spontaneous and thinking freely, when young, she may decide to be an entertainer or salesperson, something to put her charm to use. If she insists to inspire and to be in the centre of attention, it would be very good for her to be an actor or public speaker.

No matter what, she needs to be her own boss as this is what she loves the most. In case she happens to be very creative, becoming an artist may be the best choice for her.

No matter what she may be doing for a living, the Leo woman needs to keep in mind that she can’t live on adoration and praise, which means she needs to work hard in order to have everything she wants. This also means she needs to be patient and to learn how to control her attitude.

An Extravagant Spender

A natural born leader, the Leo woman should be an example for others and to make them follow her. She’s also very competitive, which means she always wants the first place.

This lady loves taking risks and speculating because her intuition is always telling her what to do. In case she feels like she wants to gamble too much, she should stay away from doing it, no matter how her inner voice may be telling her.

When it comes to money, it would be great for this Lioness if she would hire a financial advisor. This is because she likes luxurious things too much, meaning she could spend everything she has on expensive things in only one shopping spree.

She doesn’t drink beer or cheap wines because she prefers champagne. This is not only because champagne tastes better, but also because it makes her feel rich.

When in trouble, the Leo woman doesn’t ask her loved ones for money because she’s too proud. Therefore, she’s usually a good client at banks offering loans.

She will never admit to anyone, besides the loan officer, that she ran out of money. At least she knows how to earn and has inventive solutions for making additional income.

When she’s more and more generous, she manages to attract even more money, this being the Law of Attraction working for her. However, if the Leo woman wants a stable financial future and to not get into trouble, she needs to refrain from spending recklessly.

Loyal and always ready to give everything she has for someone she loves, the Leo woman is a good friend who can support her friends both financially and emotionally.

She enjoys luxurious things and likes to spend for herself, but this doesn’t mean she also wouldn’t buy things for the people she loves the most. Since Leo women are hardworking and optimist, they’re usually never unemployed or broke. They also have the finest tastes and spend impulsively, usually on expensive clothes and restaurants.

As said before, the Leo woman can be very ambitious to be the first in everything. She knows how to handle a budget but has problems saving for later because she has a tendency to give in easily. It would be a good idea for her to calculate how much she earns and spends.

If she would put all her ambition in managing her financial situation, she could end up having more money than she ever imagined. It can be said she has a very interesting view on finances, as she indulges in luxury and doesn’t hesitate to spend on what catches her eye.

Besides, no one buys more expensive presents for others than the Lioness does. All in all, she’s impulsive when it comes to spending, also because she wants to prove to herself that she earns a lot because she’s the best at what she’s doing for a living.

Saving is her main problem because she wants the most expensive things. At the same time, she works hard and is dedicated to her work, so she can advance and reach a stage where she is running a company, which can bring her a much more significant income.

If she wants to be better at handling her money, she needs to invest in whatever she likes the most, like jewellery or real estate. Thinking about finances in the long run could help her a great deal.

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