Leo Woman Personality: From Love to Career and Social Life


The Leo woman can be easily noticed in a crowd, as she laughs loudly, has a wide smile and is the most self-confident. Since she’s ruled by the center of our solar system, which is the Sun, she loves being in the center of attention and she is most of the time.

The Leo woman in a nutshell:

  • Personality: Her strong will, optimism and enthusiasm often puts her at the center of people’s attention.
  • Love: The Leo woman takes charge, expects loyalty, and gives passionately in return.
  • Career: Never content with what is in front of her, she often finds herself in positions of power through sheer hard work.
  • Family: A natural matriarch, she is ferocious when protecting her loved ones.
  • Social Life: More often a host than an invitee, the Leo woman has no problem forging friendships and keeping them for life.

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This lady is full of life, passionate and very playful. From time to time, she can have a temper, so when bothered, she doesn’t hesitate to take out her claws and cease to be the cuddling kitty everyone is used to. When feeling fiery, it’s better to try and calm her down with many compliments and some expensive gifts.

Leo Woman Personality

Being symbolized by the King of the Jungle, the Leo woman is just like a queen. She has a royal bearing about her, from her expressive and daring personal style to the way she likes comfort and to be in power, also shining like the Sun.

While sweet and sometimes emasculating her partner, she can still be relied upon when dealing with a problem. However, she shouldn’t be crossed because she can be truly ruthless when annoyed. It would be better to avoid inciting her temper. In case someone is trying to mess with her life or the people she loves the most, she will be destructive.

She’s cheerful and always ready to do something new, as she’s also enthusiastic and very optimistic. What she wants the most is to have fun and to be wild, so she can be compared with a big cat who enjoys her freedom and imposes her wishes on others.

This lady seems to have total control over her own life and doesn’t like being told what to do. She was born to be free and she takes her independence very seriously.

Besides, she loves going to parties and social events. When out, she’s usually the one in the middle of the dance floor because she doesn’t care about what others think of her, not that she cared about conforming.

People often see as her their role model for the reason that she dreams big and has very creative mind that makes her more inspiring.

Love and Relationships for the Leo Woman

The Leo woman doesn’t like playing games or being mysterious when it comes to love. She always makes sure that her partner is committed to the relationship he has with her, all before making a commitment herself. Therefore, she’s not the type to be persuaded with a phone call and a date now and then.

She needs to be given attention and to feel like she’s completely understood. At the same time, she’s the one who has to be in charge or else she’ll give up on the relationship from the beginning.

The man who pursues her has to be diligent and to make everything in his life about her because this is the only way she becomes interested in him. As soon as she has decided to be with him, no one can stop her from being a true force, giving everything she has to the relationship, in a passionate and fun way.

If conflicts arise, she wants to reconciliate as soon as possible. In return for her love, she expects commitment and for games to not be played because if she feels unsettled, she can become very stubborn to even accept what her partner is doing or saying.

This is a Woman Who Roars and Leads at Work

The lioness in the jungle is a master huntress and makes sure her pack has food. Not as exuberant and enthusiastic as the man in the same sign, the Leo woman is also after what she wants to achieve and ready to work hard to make a good living.

She doesn’t mind providing for her family and making sure they have everything they need. In the workplace, she’s quite the same and does more than is asked of her.

For a lot of time, as a matter of fact for centuries, the women have been left to work in the shadows while the men enjoyed the success of their labor.

While things have changed and society no longer acts the same, there still are some minds that prefer to let things be unfair and feed their ego with the work of others. However, the Leo woman wouldn’t allow this to happen, as she’s the one to run for and get the CEO and leader’s seat. She’s a real boss because she’s very charismatic, charming and knowledgeable.

Besides, she’s always ready to work and knows how to solve any problem, not to mention she doesn’t let her projects go unfinished. She also has a very creative mind, which means she could be a successful actor, performer or artist of any kind.

The fact that she’s a drama queen can bring her many advantages, but only for as long as she feels like she’s in the center of attention. When not praised or admired by others, she thinks that her life doesn’t have any meaning.

This lady is a very efficient social activist because she isn’t scared of holding banners and making her voice heard. It’s a good idea for her to be where the action is, to get involved in politics and to fight for the causes she believes in.

Not very careful with her money, she usually spends on expensive gifts, luxurious items for her home and designer clothes.

Leo Woman’s Wellbeing an Home and Socially

It doesn’t matter how much money the Leo woman is making, her home is sure to always look more like a palace. She has expensive art pieces and only originals because she can’t stand having fakes, especially if she can afford what’s real. It’s like her place is fit for a queen, as she is after all, the Queen of the Jungle.

This lady doesn’t mind giving a lot of money for decorating her house, even if she doesn’t have that much in her bank account. She thinks that she deserves nothing less than comfort and luxury.

In the kitchen, she has the latest appliances that she uses to cook for the parties that she’s throwing. When her guests praise her about her delicious cooking, she feels happy and fulfilled. This lady knows everything about the most expensive wines and even has a cellar with a few bottles. It can be said no other woman in the Zodiac is a better host than her.

The room where she welcomes her friends has large windows and great lightning. Being ruled by the Sun, she loves bathing in its light and gazing upon Nature. So, in front of those windows, she probably has a very beautiful garden.

Because she’s creative, she may also have a studio somewhere in her house. Just like the Sun helps with the creation of plants and life, she loves to create art. This is why she spends a lot of time gardening under the sun’s rays.

Around middle age, she may encounter problems with her spine and upper back. The backbone in her body may have problems because she carries herself very proudly and controls the movements of her body to always look imposing.

Because she’s a natural born leader and stresses a lot about all kinds of problems, she can also end up having digestive problems. In case she doesn’t spend enough time in the sun, she can end up suffering from vitamin D deficiency, which can lead to her falling from her feet, the calcium in her body to not get absorbed and to osteoporosis when she’s older. It’s also common for her to have problems with her circulation, blood and heart.

The Leo woman can make any party go wild. If the attention of others is not on her, she tries her best to get it. Friendly and always in a good disposition, she immediately makes friends that she can keep for a lifetime. People in her life usually think she’s their role mode.

Very loyal, she asks her friends and family to be the same with her. Her parents will always be proud of her, even if she constantly needs attention and to be praised.

If she has any siblings, she will get along very well with them, but may sometimes be manipulative just to gain their attention. Because she sees her children as the world and what she needs the most, she’s a wonderful and caring mother.

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