Leo Best Match: Who is The Right Person for You?


Leos love affection and being in a relationship, but only if they’re the ones in the center of attention. It’s likely for many of their partners to become tired of all this and to leave them, whereas others don’t mind adoring them for a lifetime.

Leo Best Match Nutshell:

  • Your greatest need in love as a Leo: to be admired and acknowledged for the royalty that you are.
  • Aries is your match because their fire burns as bright as yours, and you could achieve amazing things together.
  • Sagittarius is your match because they want to have a wild time like you do too.
  • Gemini is your match because they see the world as their stage, and you two are the headline act.

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If Leo natives feel appreciated, they start to be more caring and loving. It can be said they’re more curious about the love they receive than the one they give. At least they’re very capable of sharing their affection in a strong and consistent manner, especially if they’re admired as much as they want to be.

What they want is to be in a relationship that shakes their world. The rest is just a way to pass their time. In order for them to have a good connection with their partner, they need to understand where the fine line between being charismatic and arrogant lines, also between drama and enthusiasm.

They have a tendency to be too dramatic just for the sake of it, which can drive their other half mad. At least they have a special way of showing their love by buying the most expensive and being as affectionate as they can be. If they’re with a person who wants stability, they may need to change their ways a little bit.

It’s good that as soon as finding their soulmate, they play for keeps, becoming very loyal and not even looking at other people. However, in order for this to happen, they need high compatibility with the one person who happens to be their partner.

Best Match For Leo Is Aries

People born in the sign of Aries have a very fiery personality and are stubborn. This means it can be difficult for them to find their soulmate, even if they’re very passionate.

Leos and Arieses are one of the best matches in the Zodiac, but if one of them betrays the other, things can become very nasty. Their relationship can be almost perfect because they’re both Fire signs, so passionate and incredibly warm.

Leos will be given exactly what they want by Arieses, which is reassurance of their love and loyalty, whereas Rams can play the role of advisors for the Leos. They’re the same from an emotional point of view. While Arieses seem very tough at a first glance, they still need to be loved and pampered. Just like Leos, they have to be their partner’s number one priority.

They have a lot of self-confidence and the courage to do anything, not to mention they also want to protect their pride no matter what.

Other similarities between these two signs is that both are territorial. Neither of them is composed, seeing as they both jump headfirst into situations and don’t sense danger, or more likely, they don’t care about it. The relationship between them is satisfactory from both an intimate and an emotional point of view.

Just like proud Leos, Arieses need to paid attention. Their ideal relationship is the one in which they’re closely loved and always understood, reassured of their partner devotion and admired. Leos are exactly the same and want to be the kings or queens.

When it comes to the times they’re spending together, these two have a lot of fun and go many places. What they should do is appreciate the fact that their differences make them a more interesting couple.

If they want to be together for a lifetime, they need to ignore one another’s flaws and to sometimes make some compromises. Leos are very domineering, but they need to understand that Arieses are natural born leaders.

Both signs have the need to be appreciated for their opinions and respected. If Leos are insistent on showing just how mighty they are, their Aries partner is sure to leave them. What Leos should understand is that they’re with someone who wants to be in the center of attention too.

Arieses, on the other hand, should not make important decisions without consulting their Leo partner. The relationship between them is one of admiration and mutual respect. They connect almost instantly and can’t be separated by anyone or anything because passion and dynamism keeps them together. Both are enthusiastic and always positive, not to mention assertive and ready to take on any challenge in life.

Leo and Sagittarius: Sharing Each Other’s Warmth and Energy

The relationship between Leos and Sagittarians is the most fun and very dynamic, seeing both signs are the life of the party and very wild.

At the same time, they have a lot of passion and are inspiring, not to mention they understand one another’s ambitions. Warm, enthusiastic, energetic and joyful, they can have a very happy life together because they both possess a special magnetism.

Archers are fascinated by Leos’ fun and light-hearted attitude, whereas Leos appreciate Sagittarians for not allowing them to ever get bored. They benefit each other in great ways, so the time they spend together is sure to be fun.

Sagittarians don’t care about other people’s feelings and usually make harsh comments that can hurt any Leo’s pride. Leos are also more faithful, whereas Sagittarians simply love to wander and to conquer hearts.

Both are very sociable and open-minded, with the Archers being the Adventurers of the Zodiac, and Leos the exciting ones. Together, they can conquer the world and make many friends who admire them for their warmth.

Wherever they may be going, they’re sure to make people laugh and to be inspiring with their optimism. It may look like no one can defeat their compatibility.

Sagittarians need to understand that Leos have to be in the limelight, whereas Leos should be more caring and curious about what their Archer partner needs. Sagittarians have many ambitions and require the support of their partner.

Problems between them may appear because Leos are too stubborn and Sagittarians always prefer the easy escape out of any situation. If ignored, Sagittarians can leave without giving a warning.

What the Leo – Sagittarius couple needs to learn is that compromises have to be made for a relationship to develop. Leos should stop being the know-it-all people they usually are, Sagittarians should no longer quit on their plans all the time.

Leo and Gemini: A Most Fun Pair

It doesn’t matter what kind of relationship Leos and Geminis are involved together in, they’re sure to have a lot of fun. Both signs are dramatic and crazy about adventure.

Besides, they have many interests and very busy schedules. When together, they dream about the wildest things and understand each other’s ambitions. The world is their own stage that they don’t hesitate to show up on in order to present their personalities.

They like going to big parties and spending a lot in expensive restaurants. It’s easy to notice them in a crowd because they’re the ones weirdly dressed. Geminis are very changeable, whereas Leos expansive and loud. Both are attracted to novelty and want to live in the moment, which can be perceived as somewhat childish.

Leos can talk about politics and emotional drama for hours. When Geminis tell them to get to the point, they can become very angry, which means Leos need to get used with the type of tough love Geminis have to offer, even if their ego may get bruised.

Geminis are unconventional and don’t usually make romantic gifts, which is something Leos love. At least they rule the hands and can make Leos purr with their touch. Belonging to the Air element, Geminis can be a little bit too erratic to offer Leos the admiration and praise they need.

Leos need to be with someone patient, but Geminis have multiple personalities and never enough time to focus on their partner’s desires. They’re also dramatic, courageous and always aware of the big picture.

While they don’t want to show everybody how extravagant they are, they sure need novelty and to try all sort of new things all the time. Both Leos and Geminis are sociable and love the spotlight, which means they often compete for the center of the stage.

They’re also flirtatious, with Leos being more possessive and Geminis almost uncaring when it comes to their partner smiling too much with other people.

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