Leo Woman in Relationships: A Strong and Loyal Lioness


The woman born in the sign of Leo is very strong, down-to-earth, ethical and even stubborn. She stands out from the crowd, especially when having to fight for what she cares about the most.

Relationships and the Leo Woman in a Nutshell:

  • Positives: Her incredible passion means she’s very fun to be around.
  • Negatives: She does need constant reassurance of her man’s devotion to her.
  • Perfect Relationship: One where she has the upper hand over her partner, but he isn’t totally submissive.
  • Advice: She should ideally find a partner who can stroke her ego but also get her to relax more.

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Intelligent, loyal and always fun, her presence gets noticed as soon as she enters a room. When it comes to love, she should focus on what she needs the most from it.

The Proudest of Women

The Leo woman has an imposing stature and immediately draws attention to herself. It doesn’t matter if she’s the shy or reserved type, all eyes are still on her.

What she needs from a relationship is to feel like she’s the most special person on earth. While many other people may need the same, for her this is essential. She needs to be worshiped and admired, to be told that she’s the best no matter what she may be doing.

Flattery works with her because she sincerely needs it. It’s very unlikely for this lady to have a hidden agenda because most of the time, she says what goes through her mind and hates deceit.

As a partner, she’s faithful and devoted to her other half, the only situation in which she would cheat is where she’s flattered by someone else and not at home.

It’s important to treat her like a queen because when this happens, she becomes the most generous and loving woman on Earth.

Hot and passionate, she also loves having fun, especially in the bedroom. It can’t be said that she’s high maintenance, but she certainly needs to be given some sort of special attention.

It’s certainly fair to say that she needs to be praised more than anyone else. If ignored, she starts showing her negative traits and no longer cares about the relationship she’s in. Any man who hopes to be with her for a lifetime should get used to her tendency to shine everywhere she goes.

At the same time, he needs to be realistic and understand she won’t stay by his side if she doesn’t think their connection is built on a strong foundation.

Another great idea for him is to never pay attention to other women in her presence. She has to be the center of his Universe. If she even gets the slightest impression that she may need to compete with someone for the love of her partner, she becomes turned off.

She’s afraid of rivalry because she doesn’t want to imagine being second to anyone. In her mind, she can never be a loser, so she doesn’t want to participate in the race to begin with.

The Dominant Hand in a Relationship

It’s unusual for her to be single or to not have many men in her company. This is because her self-confidence is very attractive.

As a matter of fact, she rather sees men as accessories that make her look good in others’ eyes, especially if they’re her admirers. Many would describe her as self-centered. However, a better description of her is a woman who wants to be important and special, which can also be seen in the way she acts in her relationships.

If happy with a man, she expresses love in very unique ways. Each time, she gives heart without hesitating, not to mention she’s very romantic and warm. Sensual and passionate in the bedroom, she can overwhelm a more reserved partner.

She can also act like a tyrannical queen, so it would be a good idea for the man who marries her to not be very submissive because she can reduce him to nothing. He would only wait for the deep love she has to share and nothing else.

However, this shouldn’t impede him from admiring her all the time. When having to express her affection, she’s all over the place and very warm.

The sex experience with her is rather visceral because she’s quite physical, aware of her sexuality and very powerful in between the sheets. A shier man can become scared of how intense and direct she is.

Those who dare to put themselves between she and her man will surely be destroyed because she always gets what she wants, which is a pleasurable relationship in which she’s adored. In bed, just like a feline, she purrs and doesn’t mind hearing her partner making his satisfaction clear.

Expressive in Bed and in Life

The Leo woman in love pays a lot of attention to her partner. While others may see her as self-centered, she also gives everything she has to her partner if he’s the right person for her. He will have her heart, her mind and her body without any exceptions.

She gives her love in a passionate and warm manner, but this doesn’t mean she doesn’t also fight from time to time.

However, the making up sessions are the best with this lady. She doesn’t want to lose her partner if she deeply cares about him, so she’s ready to put anything bad behind after a domestic quarrel.

As far as her sexuality goes, she’s completely liberated and aware of her body. She doesn’t even care if she puts on a few pounds and her clothes don’t fit anymore because she still feels sexy.

It’s unlikely for this girl to ever feel insecure or threatened, but if her partner doesn’t pay her enough attention, she can turn into a real mess and even become destructive.

For her, sex is something natural, not to mention that she’s very creative and self-confident in bed. It can’t be said she’s easy to be with because she has very high expectations in return of her commitment.

There are also cases in which she doesn’t care about romance and is more focused on career, but as soon as she is truly in love, she turns into the purring lioness that she is, a woman who provides a lot of love for her other half.

When she wants something, there’s nothing anyone can do to change her mind. While it can’t be said that she’s stubborn, it is more than clear that she has a strong will. Not even her partner can impose rules on her because she’s quite inflexible and becomes disrespectful with those who try to tell her what to do.

She may sometimes seem desperate for love, but if she’s surrounded by the right people and a loving family, she may no longer need anything else from anyone. However, she does want to be in a relationship that has meaning and is passionate because after all, she longs to be loved. Sometimes seeming too serious, she needs a partner who can release her wildest side.

No matter what, the Leo woman has to feel number one and special, which means her partner needs to compliment her and to not pay attention to other ladies.

At parties, she needs to be introduced with the terms “my beautiful date” or perhaps “wife”. Her man shouldn’t forget that she needs to be in the limelight wherever she may be going.

She also likes romantic gestures, so he could make her a playlist with her favorite love songs, buy her chocolates and slip them in her purse before she leaves for work.

At the same time, she’s not the type to sit quietly in a corner when debates are taking place. In fact, she’s the strong opinionated participant in the discussion who shines when talking.

She is rarely in the shadow of her man. The world is her stage, and she needs a red carpet to enter it. In case she doesn’t get what she wants, she can roar so that everyone in the world hears her. The man who dares to hurt her pride will be out of her life forever.

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