Leo Personality Strengths: Protective and Loyal


People born in the sign of the Leo are very protective and the defenders of those who can’t stand up for their own rights. They’re also very honest and expect others to be the same.

Leo Strengths in a Nutshell:

  • They’re amongst the most loyal in the zodiac.
  • Leo natives are incredibly protective over their loved ones.
  • They take pride in their moral compass, and have no problem doing what they believe is right.
  • Having little fear, they’re happy to lead in any situation, be it at home or at work.

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For as long as they know that they’re loved and admired, they can be very kind and loving, not to mention generous almost to a fault. It’s normal for them to fight for their loved one and to be loyal to the extreme.

When it comes to their family, they’re ready to work hard and to not take anyone for granted. At the same time, they’re very responsible and prefer to lead rather than to follow, which meant they don’t mind performing the duties of others, if they’re required to.

Fearless and Proud

Most of the time extremely caring and mannered, they’re always ready to give a hand to those in need. What they also have is a strong moral conduit, which means they need to do what they think is right.

Being very proud, they have a problem accepting the help of others. While most of the time creative, they don’t really know how to deal with details, not to mention they find meticulous people to be very boring.

What they are is expressive and ready to deal with any situation, no matter how urgent and serious. Their fate is to be leaders, seeing they’re dramatic, imaginative, domineering, self-confident and irresistible. It’s like there’s nothing they can’t do when they’re committed.

They have an animalistic courage and never fear challenges. When it comes to weaknesses, one of them is that they can be very aggressive when fighting for their own comfort. If confronted, they don’t hesitate to be ruthless and to destroy everything in their path.

Just like lions in the jungle, they’re strong and proud, traits that usually help them to get their job done. They’re also great assets to any team because they don’t give up until their projects have been completed the right way.

When it comes to romance, Leo natives very sensitive and prefer to not show this side of theirs, but what they can’t hide is their desire to be admired and praised. Their ego demands respect and flattery because if they don’t get all this, they can’t be faithful partners.

It’s their pleasure to spend time outside and to play all king of games because they love competing and being in Nature.

Their enthusiasm is very attractive, not to mention they’re very sociable. People gravitate around them also because they’re self-confident and don’t hesitate to make their presence felt no matter where they may be going. They have a lot of energy and are always ready to do things.

Many come to them also because they’re witty, charming and most of the time discussing the most interesting subjects.

Natural Born Leaders

They can’t settle for second place and usually exude warmth. Their style is to be in the spotlight and to give their heart away. It can easily be said they’re very passionate and that they inspire others to be the same.

Their speech is always eloquent and motivational. Just like kings who rule over kingdoms, they take very good care of those who appreciate them.

As soon as they find out something important, they don’t hesitate to share it with others. No matter what they may be doing, they’re sure to do it with finesse, just like royalty. They want to excel and are driven to succeed, which means they’re not scared of challenges.

As soon as they have a project to work on, they will fight to get it done the right way. Having amazing managerial skills, they’re the best bosses anyone could have, not to mention excellent teammates.

Many of them are exceptional salespeople because they know how to persuade, and their intuition is telling them what people want.

They easily notice behavioural changes, so it’s difficult to ever lie to them. Most of the time observant, they see what people want and can teach them how to achieve it. Compassionate and kind, they want to give a hand and care a lot about the people in their life.

Domineering, they’re usually in the center of attention at parties because this is what they want the most. It’s difficult for them to feel comfortable if they aren’t leading or controlling the situations that they’re in.

After all, the animal representing them is the king of the jungle, which means they like to act big and to dream the impossible, almost to the point of scaring others. Many don’t understand how they can be so courageous as they can be, but they only want to fight for their high ideals.

What they do most of the time is clinging to liberal thinkers, because in secrecy, they greatly admire them. They don’t have a problem being direct, and this is good for leaders like them. It’s not unusual for them to strive in the most difficult conditions because they’re positive and efficient.

As bosses, their subordinates admire them for their courage. Leos have a lot of energy and are very self-confident, which means they can easily achieve success in life. Aside from all this, their positivity is contagious, not to mention they don’t hesitate to share their creative ideas.

Determined to have success in life and loyal, they’re surrounded by friends and are a real joy because everything seems in order for them. Besides, they’re very respectful and would never do anything to impede the people in their life from achieving success.

Qualities of the Leo Man

The Leo man can surely be heard from far away when he’s coming, as he’s loud and always makes a fuss. He certainly is the King of the Jungle who needs to make a big entrance, to show up late and to come from a party.

It’s hard to miss him, but also because he’s warm and enthusiastic, on top of things most of the time and sure of himself. Besides, he’s very self-confident and strong too, so many admire him for the power he holds.

He was born to be a leader and has a natural magnetism that makes people follow him. When working in teams, he’s happy to collaborate and most of the time takes care of what’s really important, not to mention he’s a great motivational speaker.

His ruler is the Sun, which makes him energetic and self-confident, also ambitious and stubborn to succeed. It doesn’t matter what he sets his mind to, he’s sure to achieve it. More than this, he’s also loyal, kind and generous.

Those who try to correct him may get to meet his angry side. The best idea is to always flatter him because he can’t stand being contradicted and ignored. What he prefers is a soft touch and to be in the center of attention.

While seeming wild and dangerous on the outside, he’s in fact a pussycat that loves to purr on the inside. The world is his stage, and he always needs the leading role. Being in the spotlight makes him thrive, not to mention he can be very dramatic, which means he’s a great actor and performer.

Qualities of the Leo Woman

The Leo woman is fierce and can cause a lot of harm to those who dare to cross her. She’s more down-to-earth and calmer than her male counterpart, but this doesn’t mean she can stand aside and do nothing when others are trying to take advantage of her.

Many see her as angry and very aggressive, just because she’s assertive and doesn’t hesitate to speak her mind. But this is only one of her positive traits, seeing in the today’s world, people no longer have the time to hide the truth.

Men usually appreciate her for being direct, so she has many admirers and all the chances to find her soulmate. The man in her life should allow her to be independent and not remain surprised when she manages to achieve the most unbelievable things.

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