Leo in Friendships: The Loyal and Charismatic Friend


Many want to be friends with Leos because these natives are generous, passionate and creative, also loyal and broad-minded. They seem to attract people who don’t mind putting them in the center of attention, which is exactly what they want.

Top 5 Reasons Leo is Your Best Friend:

  1. Leos live by loyalty, so rarely will they betray your trust.
  2. They can be uplifting thanks to their natural charisma.
  3. If you find yourself on a Leo’s inner circle of friends, they will give you undivided care and love like you’re one of their own.
  4. It’s rarely a dull moment with Leos, as they’re highly sociable people.
  5. In times of need, Leos devote 100% of themselves to you, making them dependable too.

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It’s very good that they’re loyal, honest and affectionate. At the same time, they can charm anyone with their charisma and are an inspiration because they always do things in order to enjoy life more and to express themselves openly.

However, what Leos need to keep in mind is that others have to shine too, at least sometimes. If they keep their authority within limits and are patient to let others steal their spotlight, they can build friendships that are sure to last for a lifetime.

When it comes to what Leo natives love doing the most, it’s taking part in competitive activities, either physical or not. Very courageous, they’re not scared of difficulties and want to protect their friends.

Unfortunately, their ideals are very high, and this becomes apparent in relationships too soon, often leading to disappointed after a while.

When not appreciated and praised as much as they want, they feel hurt and offended. Being a fixed sign, they also have the tendency to hold grudges for too long.

Fiercely Loyal for as Long as You’re on Their Side

Those who happen to be friends with Leos are very lucky because they have by their side some loyal and joyful people who don’t mind sharing their good disposition. Even if they seem superficial on the outside, on the inside, Leos are in fact very committed to stay by their loved ones’ side no matter what, even if they need to make some sacrifices in order for this to happen.

With them, appearances are always deceptive, especially if friendship is involved. They give the impression that they’re self-centered and they are, but only when bragging about what they’ve achieved and how amazing they are.

It’s easy to wonder with them if they’re always going through some sort of identity crisis or if their friends have always praised them because this is what they want or because it was natural to do so.

Leos see loyalty as a very high ideal that’s essential for friendship, so they’re driven by it. When first meeting with a person they have just met, the have a tendency to talk a lot about themselves. It would be a good idea to listen and to have patience for them to finish because they’re easily offended when feeling like they’re not being given attention.

After all, they’re among the best friends anyone could have, so it would be a shame to not offer them a chance to shine, at least in the beginning of the friendship.

When showing their affection, they pamper the people who are in their close inner circle by making grand gestures and being loving. They’re also good at paying compliments and making anyone feel special.

Seeing as they’re always generous and loving, it’s a good idea to not take them for granted because as soon as they realise they’re being schemed, they unleash their wild side and become as ferocious as the lion in the jungle, not to mention they never want to speak again with anyone who deceives them. They’re very serious about loyalty and expect it from all the people in their life.

There may be times when their friends are feeling like they’re the ones giving them support, but in fact, they would only help themselves by helping the Leos because these natives are very good at reciprocating everything that’s being given to them, be it love or very expensive gifts.

They don’t have a problem finding friends. Most of the time, others want to be in their life because they’re so positive and generous. They may be a little bit demanding, but it’s very easy to get used with their character.

Their friends come from many different backgrounds because they usually have many interests and are involved in new projects all the time. It’s very important for Leo natives to always learn and to exchange ideas with others.

They’re the best at sharing their experiences, not to mention they can teach others a thing or two about life. Those who don’t know what respect is will never be in their life.

However, they’re more than happy to interact with good people, even if they need to be at the center of attention all the time and this sometimes doesn’t happen. They just think that they’re special and deserve to be admired for all their achievements.

Everyone can be their friend because they’re not discriminating and like variety. As a matter of fact, it’s not unusual for them to want to be called the best friend of every person in their life.

The Social Lions of the Zodiac

Leo natives have a lot of energy and are very persevering. They want the spotlight for themselves and to lead others towards great things.

Their personality is rather engaging and usually worthy of being studied because they’re also self-confident and positive. These are some of the traits with which they attract people in their life, not to mention they’re very respectful too.

On the other hand, they can come across as self-centered, arrogant and selfish. If they happen to the be the type of Leo that are very attractive and arrogant, their friendships can suffer tremendously because, while they will find it exhilarating to spend their time with others, they would desire too much praise from others.

Besides, there would be other toxic elements involved, such as their tendency to be forceful and to steal the spotlight from everyone.

In case Leos don’t feel like they’re being given enough attention, they start to become very problematic people and eventually flee. All this doesn’t mean they don’t have positive traits too, for they’re the most loyal friends in the Zodiac and can be by someone’s side for a lifetime.

If betrayed, they can’t forget and forgive because it’s not in their nature. They believe in friendship, but don’t see it as a give and take game. They sincerely adore people, yet they think it’s only themselves who needs praising.

After meeting someone, they immediately connect with that person on social media, and send him or her invitations to parties.

However, it can be challenging to know these natives at a deeper level. To begin with, they’re difficult to pin down because they’re always busy. At the same time, even if open, they still have a problem revealing their true feelings to those they barely know.

The Life of the Party

Being valuable friends, those to whom they reveal their secrets should feel honoured. It seems like they can have very strong and fun friendships with Sagittarians because both are Fire signs, adventurous and passionate.

While Leos love crowds, Archers prefer to reflect on their own, but when together, they can make the world move and look like the most dynamic duo in the eyes of their public. Besides, they always dare each other to do all sort of crazy things that require them to be courageous.

These two have a lot in common at the most profound level. For example, they can both act how they want to be, yet when together, their guard is down. They go on adventures one day and sit for a quiet cup of tea the other.

Leos love people who are bold like them. They like seeing that the people in their life aren’t afraid to express themselves. When inviting someone to one of their parties, their intentions are good, and they want to make friends with that person.

What they do to show their affection is giving expensive gifts when there isn’t even a special occasion. They usually rock at any party, so those who happen to be in their life should be up for spending many nights out.

Leos would never leave any man or woman behind. They may not be all the time available, but when they are, they know how to catch up and give 100% of themselves.

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