Leo Man Career and Money: How Successful is He?


Like the lion in the savanna, the Leo man is expressive and very dramatic, which is great for him because he can succeed as an artist, actor and writer.

Leo Man Career & Money in a Nutshell:

  • Positives: He is the go-to man for solving problems.
  • Negatives: His desire to be center of attention can make him pushy.
  • Tendencies: He can spend his money rather extravagantly.
  • Potential Careers: Actor, CEO, Designer, Athlete.

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Most of the time, he wants to be in the center of attention and isn’t afraid to have many cameras onto him. Because he puts everything he’s got into what he’s doing, he doesn’t make an exception when having to perform.

Leading with Energy and Confidence

The Leo man loves being in the middle of things and the star of the show, not to mention he doesn’t mind working hard in order to get what he wants. He wants everyone to admire him, to be loved and cherished. This means his desire is to lead by example and to be appreciated.

For these reasons, he would make a fine teacher and politician. Besides, he’s a natural born leader, so he needs to be in charge of a team and to feel like he’s in control. While having the tendency to be high maintenance, he’s also charming and very lovable, so no one can stay mad at him for too long.

As said before, the Leo man could do a great job in teaching or politics, but he could also be an amazing entertainer, musician, actor, director or costume designer. It’s very likely for him to rapidly become the CEO of a company too, as he’s magnetic and efficient.

Besides, this Lion also make a good architect because he has a creative mind and is very imaginative, and is able to assess a problematic situation without too much effort and to fix it. A good communicator, he knows how to talk to people and what to say in order to make them happy.

When people don’t know who to turn to for innovative solutions to their problems, they should definitely decide to ask for the Leo man’s help.

He’s a natural born leader and has a very sound judgment. This is why he’s so efficient at developing strategies and managing time. More than this, he’s emotionally mature and doesn’t crack under pressure.

The Leo man isn’t scared of anything and doesn’t mind taking on a challenge. This is why he needs to be put in control and allowed to do things his way. Some of the best male actors are Leos, especially those who were never afraid of the spotlight and have a very powerful voice, are confident, dedicated to their job and energetic.

As said before, the Leo man needs to be in the center of attention and appreciated for the work he’s done. Being bold, he doesn’t mind sharing what he’s capable of with the entire world, not to mention he’s always sure of himself and the results of his work.

He could also be a great designer because this type of job would never have him getting bored. It would require him to come up with new ideas all the time, also to take on the most exciting projects and to try to be his best.

Because he knows how to talk to people, the Leo man could also excel in the business sector. As a matter of fact, he could make a fortune if he’d decide to be an entrepreneur. If the situation doesn’t allow him to be in the spotlight, he should work from behind the scenes and coordinate other people’s activity.

It’s very likely for him to become a successful event planner if he takes his responsibilities in this job seriously. More than this, he has good taste and can pick the most incredible places and best foods for a wedding, seminar or gathering.

His Work Needs Meaning

The Leo man could also do anything in the advertising and media sector because he’s always in trend and knowledgeable on the latest news. Besides, he’s somewhat of a trendsetter himself, and makes people follow him, just because he has a creative mind and can come up with the best solutions to problems that seem to bother the majority.

Being a fixed sign belonging to the Fire element, this Lion has intense emotions and wants to express himself more than anything. His main objective is to lead in a creative manner and to get others to pay attention to him.

Aside from all this, he’s loving, dramatic, determined, self-confident and highly energetic. Also proud and wanting to be recognized for his achievements, the Leo man is looking to be on top of the world. He dreams big and wants to improve his performance at work with every day that passes.

When it comes to making decisions, he’s rapid and down-to-earth, which means he could be a great manager and CEO. Because he believes in himself and his abilities, he could lead large groups of people.

More than this, he knows how to motivate people and to make them feel comfortable in his presence. There’s no career he wouldn’t be good at, but he seems to have the most talents for politics, event planning, sports, design and sales.

While royal and very pompous, he can also be hardworking, but only for as long as he’s not bored with his job. As a matter of fact, as soon as he starts losing interest in his career, he can turn into a really moody person.

He wouldn’t do things just for the sake of it because he needs to feel like what he’s working on is meaningful.

What’s very important for the Leo man is that he’s always busy. He should keep in mind that different people have many different skills and that he can’t master everything.

In case he doesn’t know what to do with his life and what career to choose, he should consult an astrologer to do him a career and business chart. However, he should know that he has the personality of an actor and that being in the spotlight would make him truly happy.

While the Lion’s ego is massive, he’s still fragile and warm, especially seeing that he needs to be appreciated and praised all the time. It would still be a good idea for him to learn how to no longer get so easily offended, especially if he wants to be a public person. Not that this is absolutely necessary, but it could be very helpful for himself to feel like he has value.

What attracts this man the most is being in power and drama, but this doesn’t make him less generous and honest. He needs to take pride in his work, so he may get involved with charity organizations in order to make a difference in the world.

Being a Leo, he’s loyal almost to a fault. When working in teams, he’s energetic and needs to have his contribution noticed. At the same time, he could also manage doing his job on his own and look at people from outside work to praise him.

In case he’s the more academic type, then the Leo man should decide to teach. While this kind of job may not put him under the spotlight of too many people at once, he would still be in the center of attention and lead. Besides, he’d put his communication skills to work and be one of the most fun professors ever.

He Should Keep His Impulses in Check

The Leo man is charismatic and a very good leader, so he may choose to go into business himself. However, all this doesn’t mean that he’s also going to have his wallet full because he has the tendency to spend on luxurious things. After all, he’s the king and he needs to treat himself with the finest things.

He likes designer clothes and wants the fastest car to be his. More than this, he’s the type to give very expensive gifts to the ones he loves. Of course, this doesn’t sound at all bad, but being too generous can also have a downside when it comes to his finances.

As far as the Leo man’s money-making methods are going, these are usually creative and even entertaining. He may hold a nine to five job and make something on the side by acting in plays at the community theatre, all because he wants to be in the center of attention and to let his drama out.

The sign that rules his money House is Virgo, so he needs to have the Virgin attitude towards finances if he wants to make more. This means he should be practical and very organized with his resources.

If this man doesn’t keep his budget balanced and avoid paying attention to any financial detail, he may end up broke sooner or later.

At the same time, he should avoid making money through other means and not honest work. If he tries something illegal, things will backfire at him. In other words, this Lion needs to be a good manager and to have a budget if he wants to attract more wealth.

In case he can’t do it, hiring a financial consultant may be the best idea for him. Also, he shouldn’t forget to help those in need and to be very generous.

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