Leo Challenges and Obstacles: Self-Absorbed Yet Visionaries


Leos are the most exuberant natives of the Zodiac. They want to be admired and praised, even if there’s no reason for them to be so appreciated. It’s just that they think they’re doing people a favor when they’re telling their stories and talk about their ambitious projects.

Leo Challenges & Obstacles in a Nutshell:

  • Personality Downfall: They stop at nothing to be the center of attention, and can be highly self-absorbed.
  • When it comes to love: Leo natives’ need to be dominant can lead them to simply ignoring their partner.
  • At work: Their fire burns bright but short, leaving them without motivation unless their colleagues fan their flames with compliments and acknowledgment.
  • Leo Advice: These natives can make life easier for those around them by simply listening to them from time to time.

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Their vision and plans for the future are indeed very good, but so are everyone else’s too. It can be annoying to have to deal with them because they insist on being at the centre of any project. They assume others are there for them to say how great they are.

Those who are irritated by these natives have all the right to feel this way. It’s alright to not be as enthusiastic as they are about new possibilities, even if they can become very nasty when their dreams are not taken into consideration.

Leo Personality Weaknesses and Negatives

People born in the sign of Leo have demons that turn then into the megalomaniac creatures that they are. Besides, they can also be very intolerant and arrogant. It’s like they’re only thinking of themselves and being in the center of attention.

This is because they see themselves as someone very important and who has a lot to say. While intelligent, the fact that they want to be admired so much puts them in a bad light.

They tend to believe that everything’s about them, so when they’re not respected, praised and admired, their self-esteem suffers so much that they become dark and people no longer want to be in their presence anymore.

Leo natives can also be very materialistic and egoistic, not at all worried about what others want. When wanting something, they turn into manipulative people who won’t stop for anything in the world to achieve their goals.

Usually, what they want is to be surrounded by luxury and to sparkle the most. Their opinion on themselves is that they’re exceptional and deserve all the attention to be on them.

If looking to be with someone, this is mostly because they need to be admired and appreciated constantly. It’s unlikely for them to be humble because they have a lot of pride and need to express their authority, but not in an effective manner, more like spoiled children.

No matter what, they will always try their best to be in the center of attention, even if this attention may not be that positive, it’s still better than nothing.

In case they have nothing to show off with like for example, some talents, they just wear the most colorful and expensive clothes. They put on big jewelry and own very powerful cars, not to mention they’re too artistic for the everyday life not to get noticed.

What they think is beauty often has something to do with pretentiousness and vulgarity. Besides, they think their clothes and possessions make them better.

They’re stubbornly proud and have the wrong ideas about themselves, which means they can’t see who they actually are or when they have made a mistake. Their only aim is to get noticed and to be admired.

When other people don’t want to play by their rules, they turn into real drama queens and become even more annoying. In case they don’t receive any attention at all, they start to do tricks and to create all sort of emergency situations.

Their ego is very fragile, which means they take things personally and get very hurt when someone doesn’t show them respect. They also lose their regal composure and turn into real monsters who want nothing but to “kill”. At the same time, they don’t hesitate to attack and take their revenge when given a chance.

Leo Common Challenges and Solutions

Leos have a real problem keeping their ego in control. They’re also pompous and too proud, so they think no one is better than them. This means they don’t need to look twice at themselves before determining they’re the best.

They also want to be at the center of attention, which can overwhelm their loved ones, who may want to be as far as possible from their fellow Leos as possible. What natives of this sign should do is care less about what others think of them and try to do things the right way all the time.

After all, they have a special kindness that makes them very good people, so they should use it as much as they can. When things don’t happen to go their way, they become nervous and agitated, which can damage their relationships and cause them to become depressed.

No matter what, they should keep their mind open and not expect others to just admire them so much. If they do this, they’re sure to have a more serene life next to those they care about.

They assume that life will always spoil them, so they spend more than they need to and sometimes end up borrowing money. This is why they shouldn’t hesitate to ask for financial advice and to focus more on budgeting than on spending.

Low Points in Love & Friendships

Leo natives are authoritarian and very superficial, not to mention proud and arrogant. In relationships, they’re domineering and can’t seem to keep an open mind no matter what. They may completely ignore their partner because they want to be the only ones with a voice and to have control over everything.

When contradicted, they become angry and can turn a normal situation into a complete drama. Besides, they’re only focusing on their own interests, so they don’t give a damn about their partner’s needs.

Some may say they’re real tyrants who can’t stand being told that they may be wrong about something. They just want to be the ones who always win, the most intelligent and beautiful, to outshine others and to shine like stars. This is why they’re so competitive and jealous.

At the same time, they don’t hesitate to come up with lies and to trick others if they have something to gain from it. While they need to be loved just like anyone else, in case this need of theirs isn’t satisfied, they become very greedy about it and are looking to be gratified as soon as they do or say something.

They can even end up being sexually promiscuous, just because they crave love too much. They’re bossy and can’t tolerate too much. What they want is just to boss people around and to act like despots without someone every telling them to change.

When revolting, they’re no longer playing the role of leader and turn into revolutionaries. In friendships, they demand all the attention to be on them and are no longer diplomatic if they suspect their popularity is decreasing.

At parties and social events, they want to be in the spotlight and make a lot of effort in order for this to happen. Their attitude often causes tension and quarrels.

How About Leo Career Weaknesses?

Domineering, intolerant and overwhelming, Leos can’t stand to be constrained. What they want is that everyone admires them, so they love being flattered, even if they don’t do the same for others.

They’re the ones who need to be in charge and to be told that they’re always right. Belonging to the Fire element, they have a lot enthusiasm that usually burns out very fast, letting them feel unmotivated and brittle.

In case they don’t have any inspiration about something, their heart ceases to have interest in it. This is when they become depressed and can no longer do anything but to open their heart and to listen to what it has to say.

They can be emotionally destroyed if the people in their life don’t tell them that they’re special. It’s true they can love themselves a lot too, but what they need the most is to be appreciated by others.

At work, they think they’re the ones who know best and don’t want to subordinate. In case they happen to be bosses, everyone will know about it. In this position, they’re hurrying to achieve their goals and do their best to get noticed, even by those who don’t work in their department.

If they happen to run their own business, they will spend a lot of money to make it look glamorous. Their associates will never have their opinions heard because these natives simply don’t care about what others think when it comes to making money or anything else for that matter.

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