Cancer and Libra Compatibility in Love & Life: A Reliable Relationship


This couple is made out of two cardinal signs with extremely different ways of seeing and doing things. Sensitive and emotional Cancer needs safety and affection above all else, while charismatic and elegant Libra craves others’ admiration.

Criteria Cancer Libra Compatibility Degree
Emotional connection Below average ❤❤
Communication Below average ❤❤
Trust & Dependability Strong ❤❤❤❤
Common values Very strong ❤❤❤❤❤
Intimacy & Sex Average ❤❤❤

Libras are good thinkers and like stimulating conversations. In relationships, they prefer balance and equal roles and responsibilities.

Cancer on the other hand is too soft and needy. They want someone to help them feel secure and protected. In the beginning of their relationships, things will be a bit tense and awkward for both parties, as their differences will be the first thing they notice about one-another.

Libra will be open, communicative, and will make their opinions and ideas known without much forethought. Cancers are private and bashful, and this behavior will strike them as odd.

They might even take some of Libra’s unfortunate wordings the wrong way, and they will feel attacked. Alternatively, when Libra gets very into the topic and wants to clarify their ideas, Cancer will be aloof and disinterested.

When These Two Fall in Love

The two signs have very different needs when it comes to a relationship. For Cancer, it’s all about emotional security, while Libra looks for a partner who can challenge them intellectually.

Libra’s down to earth and easy-going demeanor will only fuel Cancer’s anxiety, since the water sign needs to know they are loved, every day, multiple times a day. Cancer’s chaotic and ever-changing moods will confuse and annoy Libra to no end, as they cannot relate to Cancer’s intensity of feelings and emotions.

Libras are particular about their sexual desires and if they don’t feel satisfied with their current partner, they will just walk away and search for someone more compatible. If Cancer wants to keep Libra around, they need to be less self-conscious and more open-minded when it comes to their sex-life.

Cancer needs to take it easy in general. They shouldn’t judge Libra for their eccentric taste. If Libra doesn’t feel accepted for who they are, they won’t hesitate to walk out of the relationship and never look back.

Libras are extravagant, elegant, and attention-grabbers. They like everything chic and artsy and this shows both in their personality, as well as in their look, and even in their home!

Expect a Libra’s home to be filled with art pieces, concept pieces, and antique furnishings. One of the finer things in life that both signs can bond over is food. They share a healthy appetite and aren’t afraid to spoil themselves with something delicious every once in a while.

Perhaps they can kick it off in the right direction if they have their first dates in nice restaurants or maybe even at home, with a candle-lit dinner.

The compatibility between Cancer and Libra suggests that they can certainly teach each other valuable lessons, if each works with their strong suits to bring something unique to the relationship. Libra is all about balance and with their help, Cancer can learn to control their moods better.

When they have something to do, Libras work efficiently and aren’t easily overwhelmed. They also don’t like being interrupted when doing something important.

Sometimes, Libra can get lost in their work and ideas, and Cancer can help them to snap out of it. Cancer can also teach Libra the importance of home and family life. With their help, Libra can adopt a “we” rather than an “I” perspective.

Cancer is all about feelings and open communication. They like to keep the people they love close by their side, and they don’t let people in their life easily.

The relationships they do have, are quality ones and they are strong and secure. Cancer is also nurturing and family-oriented, and will always keep in touch with their friends and relatives, no matter what.

Libra will notice and appreciate this about their Cancer partner. Libras like harmony and peace, so they will seriously consider a serious long-term relationship with a Cancer if they see they can get just that.

However, Cancers can get possessive and clingy, and they need constant reassurance due to their low self-esteem. Libras are more self-assured and also more likely to cheat on their partner.

Cancer and Libra Relationship Key Facts

While not impossible, this might not be a very easy relationship to maintain either.  Libra is a good thinker and highly rational, which will often irritate the highly sensitive and emotive Cancer, who will feel misunderstood.

If the two can understand and accept each other’s differences when in a couple, things between a Cancer and a Libra might be going well, but otherwise, it’s a tough relationship.

Focusing on their partner’s positives over their negatives is a good idea. Instead of seeing Cancer as too emotional, negative, and chaotic, Libra should appreciate them for their nurturing personality, intuition, and imaginative power.

Cancer should forget that Libra can sometimes be highly critical, and instead celebrate Libra’s principled way of life, their drive and their good planning skills.

When things go wrong, Libra should teach Cancer how to see the bright side and stay cheerful, instead of freaking out and running away to cry (figuratively or literally).

In other kinds of relationships, such as family members, friends, or co-workers, they can get along very nicely. They will make silly jokes and be friendly with one-another, always giving a helping hand when needed.

In business, things might be less stelar. It would be Libra who should take care of the money aspect of things; of the two, Libras are more inclined to enjoy working with finances.

In romance, they can maintain a long and healthy relationship if they accept and support each other’s differences, so nobody feels silenced or like they have to fake their personality.

Cancer should accept and cherish Libra’s eccentrics, while Libra should make an effort to listen to and discuss emotional problems with Cancer. If they become parents, they will make sure to invest a lot in their children’s education and development. Despite their differences, both signs are generous lovers. They are understanding and supportive of one-another, and they can compromise when needed.

Cancer and Libra Marriage Compatibility

While very different, both signs want to build long-lasting relationship. They crave company and intimacy, each in their own way. They wouldn’t let career or personal ambitions get in the way either. Once they’re in a relationship, it’s not easy for them to let go of their partner.

However, they are also looking for different things in a partner, which they may not find in this relationship. Cancer wants affection, warmth, and and an emotional connection.

Libra might be too cold-headed and logical for a Cancer’s liking. Also, Libra might change their opinions or plans a lot, since they have a hard time making decisions and sticking to them.

Cancer wants stability and someone they can lean on, so Libra’s indecisiveness could make them uneasy.

Drawbacks of This Match

This relationship will be like mixing water and oil. On the one hand, you have the homely, reserved, sensitive Cancer. On the other, you have the dynamic, sociable, and deep-thinking Libra.

In the Cancer and Libra match both signs try their best to avoid conflict and confrontations, so when things go wrong, they will just become distant and passive-aggressive. This could lead to resentment and barriers in communication.

They need to be able to talk things openly when arguments take place. Luckily, most of the time, arguments can be avoided, as both signs are okay with compromise.

Libra and Cancer can hold a grudge for a long time, and they remember words said a long time ago. Libra might get too judgmental and critical, while Cancer can be just as nagging and negative too.

They will drive each other crazy, and many snarky remarks will leave permanent scars for both signs.

Both signs can get extremely possessive and jealous. Cancer has abandonment issues. This combined with Libra’s love for freedom can cause Cancer to become extremely clingy and manipulative.

Libra, on the other hand, is not quick to trust others, and feels a threat to their relationship when other people get too close.

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