Cancer Family Life: Their Personality in the Main Household Roles


Being born in the sign that represents family, Cancer natives care a lot about the connection they have with their relative, even more than anything else in the world. They’re very sensitive and have a tendency to keep all their dear memories untouched.

Cancer Roles in the Family:

  • Cancer as a Wife: Wherever she resides with her family, she will strive to make that place as homely as possible.
  • Cancer as a Husband: Though he’s naturally very maternal and emotional, he does have a very thick outer shell.
  • Cancer as a Parent: Cancer parents will do everything in their power to keep the family unit together at home.
  • Cancer as a Sibling: These kids see their family as their world, and do everything to look after them.

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As soon as they feel satisfied from a personal point of view, they reveal their most beautiful side and become the caring people that only they can be. Their children will be carefully looked for, no matter how far away from them they may be. Cancer people are loyal, protective and loving family members.

As siblings, they immediately jump to defend their brothers and sisters, so they’re the ones to care for others, no matter if they’re the older or the younger ones. It’s important for them to learn how to relax from time to time.

Their family truly appreciates them for being sensitive and carrying, but it wouldn’t be the end of the world if they would reveal their playful side from time to time.

The Cancer Wife: Home Truly is Where the Heart is.

The Cancer woman may care about nothing else but her family and home. It doesn’t matter where she may be with her loved ones, she can turn any place into a comfortable nest.

She knows how to decorate and put the family pictures to real use. What she hates the most is having to move or to make changes. After all, her home is the place where she can retreat under a protective shell, especially when the world seems mean and difficult to understand.

She treats this place not only as a sanctuary, but also her loved ones’ gathering place, so she protects it with everything she’s got.

In the same manner, she protects her children and wants them to feel secure no matter what. She will be by their side her entire life, while they will always come to her when they need to be taken care of and to be loved.

Her family and the people she thinks of as friends are very important to her. One way in which she expresses her love for them is by cooking big dinners that are sure to be to the liking of everybody gathered at the table.

The people in her life will always feel safe and supported in her presence. She’s the mother of the Zodiac and doesn’t hesitate to prove it. This is why she’s always nice, tolerant, patient and warm.

Her husband is very happy to see that she doesn’t ask for too much of him. What she wants is to be supported and cared for, especially in time of need. It’s difficult for her to accept being criticized because she doesn’t criticize anyone herself.

She sees home as the place where her husband is. Of course, the way she is depends a lot on the planets in her birth chart, but most Cancer women are the best mothers and wives. No one can have more love for family than they do, even if they’re moody and don’t know where to place their feelings when having them.

The Cancer woman will get married young because she needs protection and to be supported. In case she doesn’t have a strong family background and character, she will grow to be dependent on her husband. It’s not unusual for her to put him on a pedestal. In case he betrays her, she will take a lot of time to recover.

The Cancer Husband: Naturally Maternal

The Cancer man sometimes acts like a mother because his maternal instincts are very strong. What he wants from life is to live in a warm and nurturing environment and to tend to others’ needs, which is very good news for the ladies who want to be taken care of and smothered with love.

He loves spending his time at home, seeing this is the place where he feels secure and safe from the outside world. He’s very happy taking care of domestic tasks and fixing things around the house.

At the same time, he’s a very good cook. No matter what, he will always center his entire life on his home and the people in it. It doesn’t matter how much he may hide it, what he needs the most too is to feel emotionally secure.

As a matter of fact, he’s terrified of losing the people he cares about. He’s also moody and may cry out because he can be very vulnerable when it comes to feelings. If hurt, he become neurotic and stressed, resulting in moments where no one can understand him anymore.

What’s great about him is that he’s elegant, interesting and has the best tastes. He lives according to his own doctrines and believes in the strongest life principles. As said before, he’s very moody, yet no one can change him from being gentle, king and giving.

Any rudeness is just a means for him to hide his weaknesses. As a matter of fact, he has a very hard exterior shell under which he keeps all his true feelings hidden.

On the inside, he’s the sweetest and softest man. It can be said about him that he thinks he’s superior. This is because he thinks no one but himself is right. When people are polite with him, he’s a gracious person, whereas when they’re rude, he turns into the cruelest person.

Those who want to earn his love and respect should be honest with him. He will always be devoted to the people he cares about. The most compatible signs with this character are Taurus, Pisces, Scorpio and Virgo.

His wife will always appreciate him for his loyalty and loving nature. However, she won’t feel free because he will want her to live like him. As soon as she’ll start doing this, she’ll begin to truly understand him and can be happy. At least she’s sure to never feel unloved.

The Cancer Parent: Happiest at Home

Cancer parents are always involved in their children’s life. The mothers love going through pregnancy, giving birth and raising their little ones. All Cancers are protective, kind, loving and sensitive. They want to nurture others, and no one can stop them from doing it.

Their home will be warmest and most beautiful environment for their loved ones. When taking care of people, they’re in fact showing their love. These people would do anything in their power for their family to be happy and don’t mind having others depending on them.

It’s not that this makes them feel powerful, it’s just that they’re the sign of motherhood in the Zodiac. They’re the perfect caretakers for babies, who have no other choice but to need them all the time.

The more their children get to grow, they need to keep in mind that they need to be allowed to do things on their own. The best they could do is teach them what they know.

It’s not always a good thing to be overly protective. Children that are always hovered over have a tendency to not see life as it is and to think challenges don’t exist.

Cancers are big fans of traditions, to the point where others say that they’re old-fashioned. They love routine and rituals, so they try their best to keep their family doing the same things every day and to respect what their ancestors have left behind as teachings.

What they want the most is to stay at home and to spend time with their loved ones because this makes them feel protected and appreciated.

The Cancer Sibling: Best in a Group Rather than Individually

While Cancers may have many relationships in their life, they’re sure to never lose the connection they have with their family and siblings.

It doesn’t matter how much their brothers and sisters annoy them, they will always say that they’re supposed to take it. This means they’re the type to stand by their family no matter what.

They need siblings because it’s important for them to always take care of someone. They’re the ones to go to their little brother or sister’s room and to calm him or her down after having a nightmare.

It doesn’t matter if they’re older or younger, they will always act like the older and more responsible ones, which means they can also be domineering. At the same time, their emotions run deep, so they take care of their siblings not only because it’s their duty, but also because they feel like doing it.

They love spoiling them, not to mention they can be counted on with any kind of problem. As said before, they’re the mothers of the Zodiac, so they play the role of protectors in their family. This can be overwhelming for their siblings, but everything should be fine because they don’t have a problem accepting that some people need to just be left alone.

When spending time with their brothers and sisters, they’re trying to have fun as much as possible. What they want their family to know is that they’re always going to be there for every relative.

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