Cancer Personality Strengths: Sensitive and Caring


The energy of Cancers is all about comfort, whether if it’s about job or family security. Crabs want to live in a cosy environment and to feel safe no matter what. They care deeply about their loved ones and want to take care of them no matter what.

Cancer Strengths in a Nutshell:

  • They’re family orientated and have a comfortable environment at home.
  • Possessing immense intuition, they’re great at helping those around them emotionally.
  • Being the nurturers that they are, they avoid conflict at all costs.
  • A pleasure to speak to, Cancer natives are well mannered and engaging.

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Crabs are very sensitive and possess a strong intuition but getting to know them better can prove to be very difficult because they don’t reveal too much about themselves. They never act according to what their mind dictates to them because they prefer to follow their heart and don’t give importance to their thoughts.

Selfless Towards Their Loved Ones

Belonging to the Water element, they’re honest and very hardworking. When it comes to romance, they’re emotional and give importance to feelings more than anything else. They’re also kind and very gentle, which means it’s very easy for people with bad intentions to hurt them.

They choose their partner according to how well they’re understood through gestures and looks. At the same time, they need to be with someone who likes routine and isn’t superficial in any way or unreliable.

Their strong intuition helps them understand the feelings of others, but they still want to deal with honest people.

Cancer people are also very quick to give a hand to those in need. They’re caring and can make anyone feel like they’re at home in their surroundings. As a matter of fact, they’re amongst the most good-hearted people in the Zodiac. What they want is to take good care of everyone and to be loved in return.

They’re very loving themselves, not to mention nurturing almost to a fault. Because they want security more than anything else, they take all their relationships very seriously.

In love, they’re very compassionate and give themselves unconditionally. Very loyal, they would never betray their friends or partner. For them, happiness comes from what they have at home and the love their family is offering.

It’s a good idea to go to them for advice during moments of crisis because they always know what to say. When their relationships aren’t going the way they want them to go, they suffer greatly and don’t want to talk about it.

The Epitome of a Homebody

Many don’t understand how they can be so nice and giving. They seem to have a problem communicating, not to mention that when hurt, they refuse to talk completely. This may mean they can come across as immature from an emotional point of view, which can be very true, but at least they’re still receptive and willing to listen.

As soon as someone gets to know them better, they turn into very emotionally evolved individuals who can understand a lot and feel what others are going through on the inside.

They’re very empathetic, but this doesn’t always work in their advantage, since they’re at risk of no longer making a distinction between their own feelings and the ones of their loved ones.

Many psychics are born in the sign of Cancer. Just like crabs in Nature, they can’t live without their home and need a place where to retreat when feeling down. It’s impossible for them to feel safe in surroundings that aren’t familiar.

They will spend much of their money on decorating their home and making it comfortable for their friends and family to come and visit. They attract people because they’re loyal and emotionally profound.

They’re excellent hosts who cook amazing foods, especially since their sign rules the stomach. The people who don’t appreciate their love for home will surely not get along very well with them.

While Cancers prefer to avoid conflicts at any cost, they can also be very harsh with their words when attacked, in a passive-aggressive manner that can be hurtful. They would never discuss what’s bothering them, not to mention they take a lot of time to trust someone.

They’re governed by the Moon, a celestial body that stands for comfort, care and motherhood. This is why they’re such domestic creatures who want to be surrounded by comfort and to feel safe. Their home is their personal sanctuary.

What they want the most is to take proper care of their family. They should pay attention to not become controlling with time.

Qualities of the Cancer Man

Mysterious because he’s shy, the Cancer man doesn’t like talking about his own feelings, especially with new people who haven’t yet become close with him. In case someone is a little bit aggressive in his presence, he just retreats under his protective shell and never wants to come out.

He’s too soft and kind to be pushed into a friendship. At the same time, it can be difficult to guess who he is just by having a talk with him. He’s nervous and reserved one minute, self-confident and talkative the other.

This is because he’s influenced by the Moon to be moody and never constant. For this reason, hey may seem like the dual Gemini man, only more capable of having strong emotions.

He can be very dangerous when trying to defend himself. His sensitive soul can’t be hurt because he may no longer have anything to do with the person who crossed him. In case he appears to be crabby and sarcastic in the beginning, this is because he’s only trying to protect himself and to not show the world who he actually is.

His true nature is affectionate and kind. He’s also very polite and has his manners in place because he believes in traditions and loves to take good care of the ladies. However, what he is the most is family-oriented and caring. He takes matters of home very seriously, needing to feel secure about his loved ones’ devotion.

Cancers have a very good intuition and are called the psychics of the zodiac. Their memory is excellent, and they would never let a good deed go unnoticed. The Cancer man can easily see what hidden motives people may have.

What people appreciate him for is his compassion and ability to take care of others. He’s also empathetic and doesn’t want to share his feelings, especially with those people he doesn’t know well.

What he fears the most is ending up hurt, so he prefers to keep things inside and to never reveal too much about his weaknesses.

Qualities of the Cancer Woman

Ruled by the Moon, the Cancer woman is moody according to the lunar cycles. She’s fluid just like Water, her element, also passionate and peaceful. Her emotions can be perplexing.

At the same time, she’s stubborn and very submissive, but all this can change about her in only one minute, depending on where the Moon happens to be. She’s not at all precise, but at least she stands out from the crowd by being a perfect mother.

Her will is very strong and she’s persistent, even if she doesn’t express herself openly and has a tendency to retreat when attacked. Her sensitivity can’t be seen in others. And she’s sensitive not only to her own needs, but also to the ones of others.

If criticized, she takes things personally and never forgets. As the first Water sign in the Zodiac and ruled by the Moon, she has a very strong intuition and possesses a rich imagination.

When someone talks to her, she knows what he or she is actually thinking, so it’s almost impossible to lie to her. She doesn’t know why people are lying and how they’re doing it, but she does understand that they’re doing it.

Sooner or later, she will find out their motives, but in the beginning, she only relies on her intuition telling her that she’s being lied to.

At the same time, she doesn’t easily trust people, so it can be quite difficult to get close to her. It’s not that she judges, she just wants to feel protected. Her psychic abilities are all about empathy and intuition. She also has very strong emotions that she doesn’t necessarily want to share with others.

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