Cancer Best Match: Who is The Right Person for You?


When with Cancers, people feel as protected as they did when they were children. Some enjoy being mothered, while others don’t like it whatsoever.

Cancer Best Match Nutshell:

  • Your greatest need in love as a Cancer: To be secure and have a strong connection to your partner for life.
  • Taurus is your match because they complement your desire for stability and work hard to do so.
  • Scorpio is your match because they are able to connect with you emotionally almost instantly.
  • Virgo is your match because they love connecting to the past just like you.

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What’s sure is that Cancers never hesitate to be sweet, comforting and the caretakers of the Zodiac. Their feelings are always warm, and they would never hurt anyone, not even with a bad word, but only for as long as they feel like they’re in a good place with a person.

Having a tendency to worry too much and to be scared about every little problem, Cancers can be their own worst enemies. When it comes to compatibility, they need someone who can offers them security and stability. This is why they’re good with other Water signs.

Because those belonging to the Earth element are also stable and reliable, they’re good with them too. Signs belonging to the element of Fire are too passionate for them, whereas those belonging to the Air element are too superficial and more interested in new ideas than in feelings.

Cancer natives are happier when married than when single. They need to share their love, not to mention they’re very loyal and devoted to their partner. After all, they represent motherhood. This also means they’re very good with children and want them more than anything.

Their heart is strong, and they have many emotions, even if they rarely show them. They will always run the extra mile to prove their emotions, but before committing to someone, they always have trust issues and need to take their time.

As soon as in love, they’re not interested in half measures. What they need is to be connected with their partner for a lifetime and to not see him or her flirting with other people. When not having the love they need, they feel lost and unsatisfied.

Best Match For Cancer Is Taurus

Cancers and Taurus natives make a great match because the attraction between them is tremendous. However, they should avoid becoming obsessed with one another.

They both want a stable and secure relationship, so they can be very happy together for a lifetime. Crabs will always appreciate how Bulls are loyal and sensual. When Cancers have their inevitable mood swings, Tauruses will know what to do and say.

The connection between them couldn’t be more harmonious and closer to home. Cancers give everything they have in love, hoping they will receive the exact same thing in return. They feel blissful next to Tauruses because they have many things in common with them.

While Bulls work hard to make a lot of money, Cancers love the financial stability and encourage them to make even more. Both are very protective and want peace of mind more than an anything else.

While Tauruses are strong and stubborn like bulls, they still dream of serenity, which is something Cancers can offer them without any problem.

The communication between them is nicely balanced. While Tauruses are big homebodies just like Cancers, they still come up with the best ideas for vacations. Both want financial stability and tend to worry too much, especially if feeling like they don’t have their own place in the world.

It’s impossible for these two to get bored with one another. While shy and reserved, Tauruses are great at keeping conversations alive.

Both of them enjoy life’s pleasures and want to live in a very comfortable home, which means things between them can go very smooth and in a harmonious manner. It’s like they’re a match from Heaven, seeing they both have the same intellectual interests and are emotional.

What they need when together is to try and welcome variety into their life more. At the same time, they need to sometimes make compromises. Cancers can have quite of a temper, but at least Tauruses are very patient to some extent.

What Crabs need to understand is that Bulls can make a scene when angered, even if they’re submissive and don’t mind being ruled every step of the way.

Cancer & Scorpio: An Emotional Connection Like No Other

Cancer and Scorpios are emotional soulmates, which meant they instantly connect after meeting someplace strange.

They’re also both possessive, scared of seeming weak and very suspicious of everyone who happens to come their way. While they don’t show all this to others, they can feel like they belong into each other’s arms and that they truly know one another. This is because they have the same energy, and both want to have a happy family at the end of the day.

They’re among the most compatible two signs in the Zodiac because they’re very emotional, empathetic, loyal, possessive, intuitive and ready to give their love away. Cancers are always attracted to Scorpios’ strong personality. Both can be controlling in the relationship, but it’s good that Cancers always agree with Scorpios being the leaders.

While Crabs always have compassion for others, Scorpios are not the same but can understand them. Scorpios can never forget if someone hurts them, not to mention they’re very vengeful. Cancers don’t have a problem getting over being hurt and usually talk about their feelings.

On the other hand, Scorpios only hide their true feelings and plan their revenge. Their views may be different on sexuality too. For example, Cancers may think Scorpios are too instinctive and lusty, which can be a problem for their relationship.

However, both are intense and emotional enough for their connection to last for a very long time and to be based on strong attachment. They can be intimate without any inhibition, not to mention they’re both extremely loyal.

Scorpios need their time to recharge their batteries, so Cancers should understand this and spend some time alone when with them as their partners. It’s not that Scorpios have bad intentions, they just want to be alone from time to time.

In case they’re not allowed to, they can become more seclusive than ever, so they should be allowed to do their thing. As said before, both signs are possessive, but this is not necessarily a bad thing because they understand one another very well.

Cancer & Virgo: A Shared Interest in Meaningful Possessions

Cancers are collectors and Virgos are hoarders, so if they happen to be a couple, they should book a storage unit before a church for their wedding first.

Both are looking for treasures that capture their past and give a lot of sentimental value to their things. At the same time, they want a family and can be very conservative. They just love making plans for the future and budgets for their children’s college, which means they’re great as parents.

When it comes to emotions, they’re both capable of deepness, so the connection between them is meaningful and strong. Besides, they can be so devoted to one another that no one has ever seen a couple like them before.

However, when things don’t go as planner, they both become very insecure and suffer greatly. They’re very sensitive but express their feelings differently. For example, Crabs start to cry and to be obvious when upset, whereas Virgos have more self-control and prefer to hide their wounds, no matter how deep they may be. It’s not that they want to not seem weak, they’re only too reserved to express themselves openly.

These two can last for a lifetime as a couple because they’re best friends and amazing lovers. Virgos love to be of service and Crabs are the mothers of the Zodiac, which means they emotionally connect with one another and are more than happy to be with someone who’s ready to give just as much as they are.

Besides, it’s also very good for them to not be with energetic vampires, seeing as there are many roaming the world. These two are just a couple of nerds who love to learn new things and to take good care of their home or to cook.

It doesn’t matter how much they’re making, they’re both careful with money and want to make sure their family has a secure future. As parents, they live only for their kids. They both like going to family events and spending time with relatives.

Since the attraction between them is very high, they should try and control it somehow, as they can end up consumed by passion and no longer able to do anything good with their life together.

The neat Virgo will always love how the caretaking Crab is taking care of the home they have together, in a devoted and loving manner, whereas the Cancer will love how the Virgo is such a perfectionist, especially when it comes to the family they have together.

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