Cancer Woman in Relationships: Nurturing and Emotional


The Cancer woman is one of the emotional beings in the Zodiac. Her sign is the Crab, so she’s prone to becoming very sad or depressed. What she should do as far as finding love goes, is make this the ultimate goal for herself.

Relationships and the Cancer Woman in a Nutshell:

  • Positives: She’s is one of the best at looking after her loved ones.
  • Negatives: Her highly emotional state can leave her disillusioned.
  • Perfect Relationship: Where her man can second guess what she is feeling when she needs him.
  • Advice: Cancer women could make their lives easier by communicating their feelings more to their partners.

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If she wants to find her soulmate, she must look for a man who’s as passionate as she is about loyalty and family. When analyzing a potential partner, she should look deeper in what he has to offer.

A Mystery Woman with Strong Emotional Needs

The Cancer woman is a true dreamer and at the same time tenacious as far as love goes. Her sign belongs to the Water element and she’s governed by the Moon, this being the main reason why she has intense emotions.

Just like the moonlight is reflected in the sea, she can be fascinating and enchanting while having many secrets, just like the depths of the sea have.

This girl is very feminine and gentle, and at the same time strong. More than other ladies in the Zodiac, she’s connected to the ancestors of humanity and to the Mother Goddess herself.

It can be said she brings the power from the Stone Age with her, no matter where she may be going. When wanting something, she knows how to use her feminine charm and how to keep what she manages to obtain.

It’s easy to hurt her and she sometimes cries for no apparent reason whatsoever, but these are the moments when she wants to feel loved more than ever.

When it comes to where her interests lay, they can be all about practicality and the wellbeing of her loved ones. If someone she loves is threatened, she’s ready to fight for him or her with everything she’s got.

Very sensual, she’s also erotic and profound in the bedroom. While very shy in the beginning, she can later on reveal a very wild side of herself.

It doesn’t matter for how long she has been with a partner, it’s unlikely for her to be direct with him. This means he needs to pick up her feelings and to guess what she may want to say but doesn’t. In other words, he always needs to make the first step with her.

At the same time, he shouldn’t wait for too long to do it because she doesn’t allow people into her mind very often.

Because she’s emotionally vulnerable, she’s very careful when having to give her heart to someone, especially when she’s not sure how a man feels about her. What she wants from love is for it to make her feel secure and cared for.

The guy who can offer her the safety of a serious relationship and admires her will never be out of her life if he doesn’t want to.

If betrayed, she will be devastated, so it’s better not to do this to her. She’s very attached to her past, so it’s not unusual to hear her talking about memories or how well she got along with people that used to be in her life.

In love affairs, she’s romantic, gentle and caring. For her, the mystery of life is solved if she has a man by her side. While this is old-fashioned, it’s what makes her so charming.

A Connection Deeper than Anything Physical

Having a lot of affection and imagination when in love, she can seduce the man in her life with every day that she spends next to him.

When involved in a relationship, she’s loving and has immense passion for her partner. Usually profoundly in love, she keeps her feelings to herself, but only in terms of discussing them, not in terms of showing her emotions through actions and behaviour.

Her tendency is to make her partner feel so attached to her, that they grow to have an almost symbiotic relationship. As soon as seriously involved with someone, she no longer pays that much attention to relatives and friends.

On the other hand, if she’s not completely happy with her romantic connection, she may start playing the victim too much.

Her nature is one of a caretaker, but she also needs to be recognized and appreciated for everything she does for people. This means she can be a little bit melodramatic, but at least she can make the love experience seem more interesting and fun.

She wouldn’t just date around because she wants something serious and to be with only one man for a lifetime. At the same time, she’s jealous and takes very good care of her relationship, giving a lot of attention to her lover and his needs.

As far as sex with the Cancer woman goes, this is very intimate and almost encompasses the entire Universe because her embrace is like the ocean, dreamy on an almost infinite scale.

The men in her life may discover after ending things with her that she has been the woman who could have offered them everything.

Naturally Maternal

When in love, the Cancer woman may have a problem keeping her maternal instincts in control. This doesn’t mean she can’t distinguish between romantic and motherly love, she’s just confused whether she should take care or make love with her partner first.

In case she happens to be with someone who doesn’t love her as much as she does him, she ends up being very hurt, especially since she gives herself completely when it comes to romance. It can be said she’s one of the least selfish ladies in the zodiac, and also one with very strong emotions.

However, she should make sure that others don’t take advantage of her loving nature, which means she has to keep some boundaries between herself and the men she doesn’t trust that much to begin with.

She may be strange about her own sexuality because she’s in a sign of the planet Mars’ fall. Somehow, her sexual instincts make her dependent on sensuality and affectionate lovemaking that involves emotions. For this reason, she finds it hard to express her sexuality, meaning she needs a partner who understands this about her.

At the same time, he needs to give her self-confidence and a new pair of eyes with which she can discover herself more.

In fact, she’s quite passionate in the bedroom, especially when feeling loved and appreciated. The man who will be truly intimate with her during sex will never leave her side because he wants him to.

Very compassionate and empathetic, she will feel his feelings and guess his thoughts. Besides, she’s also very good at listening and putting herself in others’ shoes.

The most important thing for her is that she protects her loved ones, even if it means going well above and beyond what is expected. This is because she represents the Mother and every inch of both her body and soul is telling her that other people should be treated like children.

This is good for a man who doesn’t know how to protect himself. In case she finds someone with whom she can feel emotionally stable, she won’t want to give up that person no matter what.

Her wish is to marry at some point and to become a mother. The most important thing for her in a relationship is trust, which means she needs a reliable partner who can make her believe that he will be by her side for a lifetime, no matter what.

The fact that she’s very scared of being cheated on can impede her from finding her soulmate. With the right guy, she’s very tender and feels happy. He needs to be open with her and to talk about his feelings.

At the same time, he has to pay attention to his words towards her because she’s very sensitive, not to mention she analyzes every word and doesn’t like it when someone criticizes her.

Besides, she never forgets the hurtful things that have been said. Her ideal partner will always know what she wants, give her the right presents and sometimes cook dinner. Not even her family members should be criticized in any way, no matter how annoying they may be.

Giving her advice is not a good idea either because she sometimes suffers from paranoia where she thinks that her loved ones are trying to control her, not to mention she thinks her ideas are always the best.

When her man has something to tell her, she should just talk about options out there, not what he thinks would be best for her in his opinion.

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