Cancer Woman Career and Money: How Successful is She?


The Cancer woman is not only very sensitive, but also determined to succeed in her career. Because she’s compassionate and one of the kindest ladies in the zodiac, she could decide to do a job in caregiving. She could be the best nurse, also a wonderful housekeeper, journalist and gardener.

Cancer Woman Career & Money in a Nutshell:

  • Positives: Rarely will you find a kinder woman.
  • Negatives: Her passion can lead her astray of the facts and lose her money.
  • Tendencies: She prefers to stay away from corporate offices, choosing homely environments instead.
  • Potential Careers: Politician, Nurse, Childminder, Chef.

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Since her patriotism can’t be equalled, she could also work as a politician. It doesn’t matter what she’s doing for a living, the Cancer woman needs to feel that she’s making a difference, no matter whether it is big or small.

In Her Element when with Other People

As a traditionalist who loves spending time in the comfort of her own home, it’s very unlikely for the Cancer woman to want to travel in order to make money. On the contrary, she prefers running a home-based business and chooses a career that could help her make this dream come true.

There are many things she could do, from freelancing to domestic engineering and writing or telecommuting. This is why she usually runs her own marketing or creative business from home.

In case this doesn’t happen, she may decide to work for someone who’s producing something at home like a chef, gardener, cleaner, designer or child caretaker. All she needs is to be around a place where someone is residing.

Her sign is heavily associated with food, so she can also be involved in the preparation, production or storage of foods. Being the Mother of the zodiac, she’s very sensitive and has the need to nurture. This indicates she’s very good with children, seniors and animals.

The Cancer woman doesn’t mind working from behind the scenes and looking after every little detail while others have the spotlight. She could work in big corporations too, as she has a strong intuition and can solve any problem easily, just like a mother does.

It would be a good idea for her to start as a nanny or dog walker, as something that allows her to show her nurturing side. Any other job that requires her to stay at home and to work from there is suitable for this lady too. This means she could work at her computer for clients, as a copywriter or software developer.

If she has the ambition to run a business that welcomes people into her home, she could decide to run a bed and breakfast. All this doesn’t mean she isn’t suitable for the job of corporate executive.

This lady can resist under pressure and has her ways of dealing with stressful situations, which means she would do a very good job in this career too. Just because she’s the Mother in the Western zodiac, it doesn’t mean she’s the best mom out there.

What she needs to do when it comes to raising children is to let the little ones learn from their own mistakes and have responsibilities. Her moods can mean she isolates herself from the world, but these are also the times when she comes up with the best ideas.

For this reason, she would do a great job as a lawyer or strategist. The most important periods in the life of a human being are what she’s good at dealing with. This means she’s a good person to be around when giving birth or being pregnant, getting married and even dying, which suggests she could be an obstetrician, midwife, senior caretaker and even teacher.

She’s passionate about the subject of health too, so she may work in these areas because she wants to make people feel better when sick.

Happiest at Home

Many Cancer women are nutritionists and dietitians. Feeling comfortable around the elder, the lady born in Cancer could take care of retirement plans and work in nurseries.

She’s very good at understanding the needs of those who are feeling weak and no longer useful. The fact that she doesn’t look to be in the centre of attention at work doesn’t mean she’s not looking to become successful and to advance in her career.

Since she can easily judge characters and has a strong intuition, she could manage large teams, even if she’s the quiet type who doesn’t want to shine.

When it comes to money, she knows how to handle it wisely, just like she does people. She could be an amazingly helpful counsellor, accountant, nurse or teacher.

The subjects that the Cancer woman is passionate about the most are health and home, which means she likes children and can take care of any Earth’s creature.

At the same time, she has a creative mind and knows a thing or two about music and literature. It can be said her true calling is to run her own business from home, so that she can feel comfortable and be next to the ones she loves the most.

She’s not only the kindest mother and best caretaker for pets, she also has many other interests like health. For this reason, she may be found working as a doctor, veterinarian, even running a daycare.

In case she’s an avid reader, she should try writing her own stories and fiction materials. Cooking comes naturally to her, as well as eating, so she could become a famous chef.

Most of the time, she’s careful with her budget and has a realistic approach to spending and saving. However, she also has the tendency to spend everything she has on presents for her loved ones, which can find her with her wallet empty.

Having a rich imagination, she’s very inventive and has very good ideas. At the same time, she likes gambling and taking risks. It’s very likely for her to become either a rich poker player or one who’s always losing.

Since she doesn’t pay attention to facts and gets to be very passionate about some matters, she can end up investing all her energy in projects that aren’t profitable.

The Cancer woman is very loyal to her work, so she wouldn’t do anything to betray the company she’s employed at. She wants and needs everything to be fair, which means her boss needs to treat her well. In this situation, she’s the best employee anyone could have.

Family and Security Above All Else

When it comes to money and possessions, the Cancer woman loves having them, not to mention she can be quite the hoarder. She holds on to things she no longer needs because they’re bringing back memories of good times she used to have. This means her garage and closets are always filled with things from her past. Her home is like a place for keeping the stuff she doesn’t want to let go of.

When this lady needs to feel more secure, she just retreats in a corner of her house to think. It seems like she has a natural talent for making money and keeping it. When feeling like her wallet is running on empty, it is generally because she has spent a lot on the ones she loves.

If someone is asking her for a loan, she’s usually very careful and expects to be paid back. It would be a good idea for her to get rid of the stuff she no longer needs by donating it. This way, she’d have space for the new things she wishes for.

The Cancer woman gives a lot of importance to financial security, so she usually puts something aside for rainy days. She’s also very resourceful when it comes to earning, not to mention she makes wise investments.

For her, money determines her social status, something she’s working hard to attain, which means she tries to make sure her bank accounts aren’t empty.

She’s a Cancer, so she’s a family-oriented person who loves taking care of the people in her life. More than this, she’s ready to make sacrifices for them, especially when it comes to making sure they have everything they need and enough money.

This lady Crab’s ways of making money can be a little bit conservative, but still resourceful. A quick tip for her would be to take risks when it comes to investing because her intuition can lead her to earning more than she ever imagined.

She’s all about making sure her family has a financially secure future, this being the reason why she’s working hard and may even do something she doesn’t like, just for the money to come in.

The Cancer woman is the most determined in the zodiac to build a nest in which she can feel secure and like she has everything. This means she doesn’t spend on impulse, but more on things of value and that are durable.

What’s also great about her is the fact that she’s tempted to invest in real estate. As said before, she should trust her instincts more when it comes to investments, as her gut could tell her where to put her money in order to get back more and in the long run.

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