Cancer Challenges and Obstacles: Sensitive and Defensive


It doesn’t matter if they’re at home or at work, Cancers can’t stand to be criticized. They make mistakes just like any other human being, so they should deal with their problems and accept that others are not always happy with them but aren’t out to get them either.

Cancer Challenges & Obstacles in a Nutshell:

  • Personality downfall: Cancer natives can be quite possessive, which only succeeds in pushing people away.
  • When it comes to love: These people can be manipulative in order to get what they want.
  • At work: Their chaotic emotions rule them at work, which can make them unreliable.
  • Cancer Advice: These people can bring some harmony to their lives by trusting those closest to them.

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Their bosses may not always want to hear their opinion or that they’re not feeling too well because they partied a lot the night before. Cancers are so scared of criticism that they confuse it with hate. It’s in their nature to overreact and to be defensive without even hesitating. After all, they’re wondering why they have been left out of projects or friendships.

Cancer Personality Weaknesses and Negatives

There are times in which Cancer people believe they’re the same with their partner. It’s alright to be as caring and loving as they are, but never a good idea to just dissolve into someone else, as this is the opposite of being closer and leads to stalking.

They think that their partner is their property, also their children and best friends. What they should understand is that people belong to themselves and a co-dependent type of relationship can’t benefit anyone.

They should just trust the people in their surroundings and try to have open relationships with them, relationships based on freedom and understanding.

It’s difficult for Crabs to let go of their parents and to fly their nest in order to become adults. This is because they’re very sensitive and know strangers could make them cry, as they wouldn’t care about their feelings.

Besides, they don’t seem to have too much control over their own emotions and are thinking too much about times that have already passed.

They can also be quite suspicious of the people in their life, questioning every little detail and thinking that everyone wants to stab them in the back. This is why they’re checking text messages twice and are asking the most indiscrete questions.

It’s like they think that no one wants them, so they need their loved ones to confirm that they care about them.

In case of danger, they just hide under their protective shell and refuse to ever come out. It’s very important for them to always be emotionally supported and to feel comfortable because otherwise, they can’t do anything good with their life, nor can they can use their imagination.

When lacking social interaction, they fall into a deep depression and can develop serious psychological disorders. They need to have close relationships based on intense emotions, to be surrounded by people and to be loved.

If their Sun is in a weak position such as the one of the 6th, 8th or 12th House, they will be negatively influenced by all the squares and oppositions, so they won’t stand a chance to reconcile with the ones they’re arguing with.

In case they’re not shown compassion and care, they become dark and vindictive. Their affection needs to be returned because if it isn’t, they become very moody and just brood around.

Cancer Common Challenges and Solutions

Cancers can be the biggest procrastinators of the Zodiac, especially when having to deal with something they don’t like. This habit of theirs can be distressing for their loved ones.

In difficult moments, they just hide and no longer want to do anything, which can be extremely annoying. What they should do is address their problems and solve them step by step. This way, they would no longer feel overwhelmed and lost, not to mention they’d get to be much more pleasant.

Because they don’t know how to follow instructions, their career may suffer greatly. Being given orders drives them crazy. Such an attitude is not healthy because not all work environments are oppressive, it’s only their impression.

They should just discover what they love doing the most and just do it. When in doubt, they can ask for help and guidance, as everyone else does. They should just follow orders and not comment too much about their bosses. This would help them have a very successful career.

Being insecure and too sensitive, they get hurt by every word, which can be a problem if they happen to be in a relationship. What they should learn is how to give their love more openly and share their emotions. At the same time, they should be more forgiving and not give in to negativity all the time.

Another of their weaknesses is the fact that they’re self-centered. They focus only on their own ambitions most of the time, forgetting that they need to support others and to be of help, not to mention they feel left out when their loved ones succeed on their own.

If they don’t learn how to be more accepting of the fact that people can live without them, they can end up being happy after all. It’s just that their selfishness is never a good thing, so they should learn how to combat it.

Low Points in Love & Friendships

Cancers are very pretentious and vulnerable. At the same time, they don’t hesitate to emotionally blackmail their loved ones and to shed some tears when they want to obtain something.

It can be difficult to be their partner because they’re unstable and moody. Their ruler is the Moon and they belong to the Water element. The Moon influences their moods and emotions, this being the reason why they’re changing all the time.

Crabs can be happy and jolly one minute, sad and dark the other. They go from one extreme to another without even blinking. However, they still are very understanding and tolerate a lot when truly loving someone. As lovers, they’re the type to cry when feeling unloved, but they may feel unloved for the wrong reasons.

When facing loss, they become very pessimistic and insecure, not to mention they don’t hesitate to express their darkness and don’t have a single positive thought. It can be very difficult to decipher them because they’re always hiding their true feelings and when involved in arguments, they’re quite subjective.

They’re suspicious, real drama queens and very naïve. The Moon makes them emotionally vulnerable and moody. Suffering from chronic anxieties, they need security so much that it pains them.

Their intentions are always good, but they just complain too much, sometimes without even using true facts when it comes to what they have to say. They just prefer to go with their impression and to take only their emotions into consideration.

Their suspicions often lead them to paranoia, so they should talk to a psychologist if they feel like everyone is trying to stab them in their back. They have a problem adapting to social circumstances because they’re too melancholic and rather reserved.

How About Cancer Career Weaknesses?

Too sensitive, unstable and passive, Cancers may have a problem or two in their professional life. They depend too much on their own emotions, which means they don’t have a work ethic and are chaotic.

As soon as they have made up their mind about something, they start to imagine things and become vulnerable, also their own worst enemies because they say no to great opportunities, just because they’re suspicious and don’t trust people as much as they should.

Their colleagues can end up being almost hated by them, especially if they’re not paying the sensitive Crabs all the emotional attention they need.

When feeling ignored, they become bitter and retreat under a protective shell, refusing to speak and to interact. If they happen to be bosses, they treat their subordinates as they would their kids, but without actually trusting them.

While on the outside they may seem courageous, they in fact aren’t at all. If left alone to do whatever they want, they forget all about responsibilities and run away from their own problems, no matter if they’re sure that someone is going to help them solve any issue they may be having.

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