Cancer in Friendships: The Helpful and Sensitive Friend


People born in the sign of Cancer are amazing friends because they’re funny and make everyone in their life feel like their own family. They’re not the type to look for new people and adventures, so the friendships they already have are more than enough for them.

Top 5 Reasons Cancer is Your Best Friend:

  1. Cancer friends are probably the most helpful in the zodiac.
  2. They are incredibly selfless, instead preferring to hear about you and your wellbeing.
  3. Usually, they will never say no to you, making them incredibly dependable.
  4. They will never judge you, even when you might be at your worst.
  5. Their intuition allows them to pick up on when things aren’t so good with their closest friends.

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For the people that happen to be in their life, they will cook and be the perfect hosts. Out of all signs in the Zodiac, Cancers are the most helpful. Whenever someone they care about is sick, they don’t hesitate to play the doctor and to bring soup or the required medicine. They just want to make everyone feel good in their presence.

Being a cardinal sign, they know when to take the initiative and how to give a hand. At the same time, they’re more sensitive than other people, which means they have a tendency to take things personally and to hold grudges for a very long time.

This is why their friends need to be very careful in their surroundings, especially if they want them to continue being loyal and happy.

The Nurturers of Humanity

For Cancers, loyalty comes naturally because they’re the nurturers in the Zodiac. These people appreciate friendship more than other signs, not to mention they’re looking for quality and not quantity.

They can make anyone feel amazing in their presence because they take genuine interest in what’s happening with others, what makes them happy and what makes them sad. Many appreciate them for being the best friends anyone could have.

Besides, when talking, they don’t speak too much about themselves and prefer to listen to what others have to say. This is how they manage to win so many people by their side.

Without even realizing what they’re doing, they’re attracting people like magnets. They’re selfless and would do anything in their power to know their friends are all. It’s true that they know this makes them be wanted and appreciated, but they’re not doing it for these reasons.

Their friendships are usually genuine and long-lasting. People can’t resist them because they’re not the type to ask for help, but to give it with everything they have. This is because they’re loving and always put others before themselves.

If they happen to share their feelings, they expect others to do exactly the same. Because they’re so warm and open, many may want to take advantage of them.

The more evolved Cancer natives know this is happening and don’t usually allow it to happen. They’re perceptive and shrewd when it comes to choosing the people in their life, not to mention their intuition is always telling them about others’ ulterior motives.

Another of their amazing talents is that they can put their knowledge to practical use without even making an effort. They want to share what they know and at the same time, are never too proud to listen to others.

What they’re the best at is nurturing and never saying no. When what they’re offering isn’t reciprocated, they feel surprised and don’t understand what’s going on. This happens because they assume that other people share their nature.

When it comes to their private life, they have a tendency to keep it very private, even a complete secret in some cases. This means they never talk about what they’re feeling, mostly because they don’t want to impose on other people and to burden them with their problems.

Their real friends know this about them and give their best to change it. It takes a lot of openness for Cancers to talk about what they’re feeling because they don’t trust people easily.

Those who happen to be in their life are usually the same individuals they have known for years. They take their time to gradually open and their friendships get to be deeper with time. It would be better for them to be friends with those who care about their life just as much as they care for them.

Guarded But Not Judgmental

When invited out by a new friend, Cancers may say no at first. As a matter a fact, they may even say no at the fifth invitation too. However, as soon as they have said yes, they turn into the best friends anyone could have.

Similar to the crab, their spirit animal, they have an outer protective shell under which they hide when feeling threatened. As soon as someone has managed to crack that shell, they start talking more about their feelings.

However, in order for this to happen, they need to trust a lot and to be sure they will never get hurt. What’s great about them is that they can be friends for a lifetime with those they feel comfortable with.

Furthermore, they’re never judgmental and know how to listen, not to mention they don’t think any less of those who make mistakes.

They don’t like drama and never stick their noses where they have no business. If someone instructs them to be nosier though, they don’t hesitate to ask the most uncomfortable questions.

Conversations with them are usually deep, but they don’t have them all the time because they don’t offer their time to anyone. Those who they refuse to go out with shouldn’t feel offended because their declination doesn’t mean anything else besides them needing to be alone.

With those they love, Crabs can be very possessive and treat others in a very nasty way when feeling ignored. Their advice should always be listened to because their intuition picks up on every hidden truth and they read people like open books.

The Most Honest and Sincere of Friends

Both belonging to the Water element, Cancers and Pisces can have a very deep emotional connection together that borders on psychic abilities. Pisces understand the Cancers’ need to talk about feelings, so the conversations between them are very interesting.

At the same time, Fish help Cancers come of out of their shell and be more adventurous. Despite this, they don’t mind the fact that their crabby friends need to be alone from time to time.

When together, Pisces and Cancers can get too intense, but at least they know how to make one another more interesting and playful. Besides, they have a great time with each other when relaxing, as they both love watching comedies, visiting new places and cooking.

Cancers’ friends should be persistent because Crabs don’t want to just fill their contact list with more people. They want to spend their time with sincere individuals. When networking, they’re not doing it to go to more parties, they want to meet people that have long-term friendship potential.

Furthermore, they like people who are always on time, don’t have a problem talking about their passions, no matter what these may be, and love spending hours at coffee places.

They also need to be listened to, even if they give the impression that they’re not even willing to talk. As soon as they reveal more about their emotions, they’re playing for keeps and consider the person who listened to their confession a true friend.

It’s important to tell them what happened in the past from time to time because they love seeing that someone hasn’t forgot the memories that have shaped their present.

When they offer monosyllabic responses to questions, it means that something is wrong with them and they should be made to say what’s in their heart.

Very intelligent and intuitive, Cancers know what’s happening with the people in their life most of the time, not to mention they have an amazing capacity to analyze situations, from political events to personal matters.

Their mind is very creative, and they see the world in a unique manner. When approached, they should be asked their opinion on movies, books and art pieces. As friends, they always have the back of others and want to spread the joy they’re feeling in their heart.

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