Cancer Man Career and Money: How Successful is He?


Very good at judging people’s character, the man born under the sign of Cancer has a talent for business and knows how to collaborate. He’s also very intuitive and can read minds, so he would make a fine teacher, counsellor, psychologist or journalist.

Cancer Man Career & Money in a Nutshell:

  • Positives: An instinctive nurturer in the workplace.
  • Negatives: He reluctance to distance himself from others problems can drag him down.
  • Tendencies: His career decision are influenced by how this benefits his family.
  • Potential Careers: Leader, Social Worker, Teacher, Doctor.

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What would make him truly happy would be working from home and being close to the people he loves. He’s also a good leader who can make decisions very fast, not to mention he does well under pressure. He knows how to both gibe and take orders, so he’s suitable for a hierarchical position.

Working for Others

The Cancer man doesn’t mind having responsibilities and usually completed the tasks he’s given. As a cardinal sign belonging to the Water element, he’s introspective and has very intense feelings.

Besides, he’s more focused on the past, so he could be a great historian or archaeologist. Warm, sensitive and ready to make long-term commitments, he also has the need to be needed and to take care of others.

He’s always ready to take the initiative, not to mention caring, protective, traditional, patriotic and eager to succeed. When it comes to the public opinion and the way he interacts with others, he can be very political and expressive.

The Cancer man could also work in the medical field as a doctor, nurse, lab technician or pharmacist because he’s caring, patient, helpful and self-confident. More than this, he has the unique ability to make people feel better and want to fight for their health.

This is the Crab’s way of improving the world around him. More than this, he would get a decent salary and the respect of others if he would decide to work in the healthcare industry.

He’s a traditionalist and the most nurturing people in the zodiac. He likes taking care of others and having responsibilities. Being the caretaker of the zodiac, he enjoys giving advice and making everyone happy.

What the Cancer man needs most is to see that his work is making a difference and that he’s useful. This is what motivates him the most. For this reason, he should go for managerial positions where he can let others know of what they need to do.

Since he loves children and taking care of them, he could also be a nanny or a social worker. At the same time, he could work as a lawyer, teacher or an executive. He gives a lot of importance to health, so he should consider becoming a nutritionist, dentist or doctor.

What characterizes the Cancer man the most is his sensitivity. He’s usually the one giving secret gifts to colleagues at work, also the person who takes others’ feelings into consideration. Caring and giving importance to every little detail, he easily makes friends and wants to keep them by his side for a lifetime.

However, this man takes a while before starting to trust a person. As said before, it would be a good idea for him to consider occupying a managerial position because he knows how to work in teams and is very good with communication.

At the same time, he respects deadlines and gives his best in order to get a job done. It’s easy for the Crab to make people in team feel like they’re not even working. He gives a lot of importance to his job and usually builds strong relationships at the office, so his projects are most of the time brilliantly executed.

Emotional and sensitive, the Cancer man possesses emphasized feelings. He likes to be involved in helping and supporting other people, so he may not find it easy to keep things working in a job in which he wouldn’t impact others’ lives.

His career could be unique, creative and entrepreneurial, but what he needs the most is to feel needed because this is how he sees success. This is why he’s a very good teacher or doctor.

Besides, he’s very protective and has the need to care for other human beings. Hating to be criticized, he’s at his best in a positive environment.

An Emotional Involvement in Other People

While he knows what others need and how to support them, he needs to receive the exact same things in return. In case he doesn’t, it’s very likely for him to feel offended and to retreat.

This man likes hearing that he’s doing a great job and to receive a bonus from time to time. However, he needs to understand that if his boss doesn’t vocally express his appreciation for what he’s doing, it doesn’t mean he didn’t do great.

The Cancer man is very punctual and wants to respect the law no matter what. For this reason, he’s good at a judge or lawyer. His loyalty to the justice system helps him in this direction.

Because he knows how to give sounds advice, he could also work as a counselor. At the same time, the job of a social worker would suit him because he wants people to be equal and to give everyone a chance. He would want to help others overcome addiction and become better people because this would make him feel fulfilled.

Cancers are very empathetic, so he could also be a psychologist and even a psychic. He would connect with anyone’s mind and nurture minds to improve.

This man would excel as a teacher or nurse. It’s important for him to be careful with this empathetic nature because he has the tendency to get too involved and to end up hurt by other people’s problems, which could lead him to depression. He just needs to keep his head above the water when feeling down.

The Cancer man can be trusted with any task and is very responsive, not to mention he seems to know what people need the most. This means he could be a great salesperson or marketing agent.

At the same time, the Crab has strong negotiations skills and could be a good mediator. If he wants to work from home, he could decide to become a web explorer or freelance writer.

Running his own business wouldn’t be a problem for him, neither taking care of advertising and marketing.

Since the Cancer man lives in the past, he loves reminiscing and studying what happened throughout history. However, he needs to be aware that some things have passed, and nothing could bring them back anymore, especially if he decided to be an historian.

Family First

Cancer men put family above anything else, so their main objective in life is to protect the people they love. This means they’re always saving money and are working hard to have a secure financial future next to those who happen to be in their life.

When the Cancer man decides to spend on something fun, this is usually only bringing him and his family closer together. For example, he likes traveling with his loved ones and throwing parties in his home.

He has many ideas on how to make money, so he’s pretty lucky from a financial point of view. Since he’s also ready to work hard no matter what, no one can stop him from earning more.

The Crab is ruled by the Moon, so he can be a moody and emotional person. At the same time, he’s constant yet not guarded from changes. What he believes in the most and can’t change for him is the love he has for his family and home.

When thinking about money, he always takes his loved ones into consideration because he’s a good provider who wants to nurture and to protect. The people he cares about need to be comfortable and to have everything they want.

He doesn’t spend too much and when he does, it’s usually on expensive furniture. This is because he’s cautious with his finances and wants to accumulate wealth rather than to spend recklessly.

He needs to know that his efforts are being paid off and that he can make a good living on his salary. Since the Crab has very good intuition, he should risk more when investing.

Giving a lot of importance to security, he needs to know that his savings are safe. Because Leo is ruling his money House, he should approach his finances like a person born in this sign, especially if he wants to earn more.

This means he needs to have high moral standards and to always be honest or else the Cancer man’s resources won’t last for too long.

At the same time, he should be constant and not give up on his projects. Generosity would only attract him more money, but he should make sure he’s not giving everything he has to others.

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