Cancer Health and Wellness: Sensitive and Fragile


The health horoscope of Cancer reveals that people born in this sign are very empathic and sensitive. They belong to the Water element, which means they’re emotional too. More than this, their personality seems to be just like water.

Cancer Health and Wellness in a Nutshell:

  • Positives: They love to keep active, giving them great physical fitness.
  • Tendencies: They’re people pleasers by nature, but they shouldn’t neglect their health at the same time.
  • Negatives: Their mental wellbeing is key for them as they have a tendency to worry excessively.
  • Advice: Balance is key, but this particular sign should stay away from anything that ferments.

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When they’re calm, it’s like nothing or no one can ever bother them. However, water is not calm all the time and makes waves, so Cancers also get angry sometimes.

When necessary, they can use all their inner strength to get things done, but they also like to rely on their loved ones. Meanwhile, they’re nurturing and caring themselves.

They’re not the type to work very hard because they’d rather enjoy the life’s pleasures and spoil themselves with the best things.

Cancer Health: Positives

Looking at the Cancer’s health facts, it’s noticeable that these natives need to get busy. They need to occupy their mind with thoughts that aren’t only about themselves. The more they complain and whine, the sicker they can get.

According to their health horoscope, they love to eat, yet they don’t have a tendency to become obese. Their body is very fragile, so they have to take good care of it.

What they love the most is spending time outside, especially near the water. They enjoy swimming more than any other sign in the Zodiac.

Because they know how to take pleasure in the good life, they spoil themselves with the best food and expensive drinks, not to mention they spend a lot on body treatments. Nothing makes them happier than a spa day.

Homebodies, they love relaxing in the comfort of their own house. However, they shouldn’t spend too much time doing nothing because this only makes them lazier. They know how to take good care of their health.

Most of their diseases appear as a result of psychological problems, so they need to keep their mind in shape at all times, also to remain positive. Their inner world is very important for them, so they should pay attention to what they’re thinking and feeling.

At the same time, they need to get a grasp of what makes them strong and what makes them weak. They can have bad moods for no reason whatsoever, so what they also have to do is remain optimistic and eliminate from their life what doesn’t make them happy.

They should remain close to their friends and family because they have a need to feel secure and comfortable, more so than others.

As a matter of fact, they’re very family-oriented and connected with their ancestors in the Zodiac. Their family members often influence their decisions and have a say on what they should do.

No matter what, Cancers should stick to traditions because if they don’t, they can become very uncomfortable and get sick as a result.

Cancer Health Tendencies

The verb describing Cancers the best is to feel. Natives of the Crab are very creative and touchy, almost psychic, not to mention their sensitivity is hidden under a tough exterior shell.

On the inside, they’re complex, which means they have a lot of both the strengths and weaknesses of children.

Their vulnerabilities are decreased or accentuated according to the solar and lunar influences. For example, when the Sun is in reverse in their sign and stops in the northern sky, before beginning to go down in the south, they’re feeling like some danger is awaiting somewhere in the dark.

When approaching others, Cancers are indirect and don’t ever want to confront anyone because their emotions are too fragile. In fact, each and every of their experiences are analyzed through the feelings they’re having.

Many of them succeed in life because they’re genuinely concerned about others, loyal and always ready to cooperate.

For the same reasons, they’re great businesspeople who make a lot of money and know how to respond to the public’s demand. This is why they’re also very good artists. Their intuition always tells them what to do and is most of the time right, not to mention it helps them have self-confidence and not fall into depression over things that don’t actually matter.

Cancers are naturally diplomatic and most of the time speak their mind, so they should pay attention not to hurt anyone with their words. What they need the most in life is to have secure and strong relationships with their loved ones, also to live in a comfortable home and be surrounded by love.

Cancer Health: Negatives

As children, Cancers are very often sick, but not with anything serious. They just get all the childhood diseases. Even from a very young age, they worry too much.

Their health horoscope says they can’t really withstand pain and are very fragile, especially from an emotional point of view. This is because they’re moody, which can negatively affect their nervous system.

Negativity can cause them to get sick and to feel pain more intensely. As soon as they don’t feel well, they should just go to the doctor. It may be that they have nothing, but they can also be seriously ill.

It seems mental health is the most dangerous issue for them, also the cause of other of their health problems. This means they need to learn how to control their emotions and to remain positive.

Because they hate sports, they only do a little bit of physical activity. However, they do love water sports. They don’t have good coordination and hate going to the gym. When doing sports, they have a tendency to hurt themselves, so they should never run alone.

Their most common food habit is overeating, especially when they’re feeling sad. They also drink a lot, not necessarily alcohol, but also water and juices. Their weakest areas are the stomach and the chest.

Cancer ladies have menstrual pains and headaches. They should never have an abortion because it would affect their mental health.

When having to give birth, they have no problem, nor do they feel a lot of pain or go through complications. Crab women should take a lot care of their breasts.

The nervous system of Cancers needs to be protected from negative influences. The children in this sign shouldn’t be allowed to sleep that much because Cancers need to get busy if it’s for them to remain healthy.

In case they spend too much time by themselves and don’t do anything, they just become lazy and obsessed with carrying out self-analysis.

It’s not advisable for Cancer natives to consume alcohol because their sad emotions may come to surface, not to mention their stomach would be damaged.

As a matter of fact, they should pay a lot of attention to their intestines, stomach, bladder and liver because these organs of theirs are very fragile. Their blood pressure also tends to be low and they’re very prone to mental health problems.

What works on them and their psychology are astrology and hypnosis. While they’re called Cancer, they don’t usually get sick with this disease.

Cancer Health & Diet

The Cancer health facts are saying that people born in this sign need to pay attention to their diet because they have the tendency to eat irregularly and too fast, which can cause them to have ulcers.

What they love to have in their food is grains and potatoes, which is good, but they should also add seafood and many vitamins from vegetables, citrus fruits and coconut products.

They should stay away from fats and sugars, also foods that ferments, like refined bread. Pastries and meats treated with antibiotics don’t do anything good to their stomach. Fish is best of them.

What they should also do is drink a lot of water. Foods colored in violet bring them many health benefits. They should stay away from beer and drink juices, especially those containing fresh cabbage or sauerkraut because these ingredients stop fermentation in the stomach.

Anything in the cabbage group, such as cauliflower, broccoli, kale, mustard greens, watercress and actual cabbage does them good. If they crave salt, it means they’re deficient in potassium, so they should drink veggie and fruit juices.

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