Cancer Woman Personality: From Love to Career and Social Life


The Cancer woman is extremely sensitive, sympathetic and caring. She can feel what others are going through, no matter if they’re happy or sad. When criticized, she takes things personally and doesn’t forget.

The Cancer woman in a nutshell:

  • Personality: Given her natural instinct for one’s emotions, she cares deeply, but also doesn’t forgive or forget either.
  • Love: Initially a closed book, once opened the Cancer woman is incredibly dedicated and loyal.
  • Career: Her intuition means that many of her co-workers go to her for a shoulder to cry on.
  • Family: She will stop at nothing to ensure the safety and wellbeing of her family.
  • Social Life: Although she is a people person, she’s most comfortable in the safety of her home, opting to invite others over rather than go out excessively.

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Her intuition is very strong, so she may give up on spending time with some people for no reason whatsoever, just because her inner voice is telling her to do so. Sooner or later, she will be proven why she was feeling the way she did about them. At the same time, her instincts are telling her who to trust. She’s not at all judgmental, only ruled by her instincts.

Cancer Woman Personality

Ruled by the Moon, the Cancer woman has a special magic about her and is mysterious. Her great intuition is a result of her sign belonging to the Water element, which is also why she’s so emotional and profound.

When first meeting her, she’s distant and keeps her guard up, but as soon as her trust has been earned, she becomes warmer and the most loyal companion anyone could ever have.

The person who betrays her will forever be out of her life, and she will never speak about him or her ever again. She’s ruled by feelings but she’s also very good at hiding this about her. If she’s annoyed or upset, her passive aggressiveness becomes, however, noticeable because she slams doors and doesn’t want to talk about anything.

It would be a good idea for her to learn how to manage her emotions and discuss what she’s feeling on the inside.

She should also try to practice spirituality, especially the Moon related one, as this would benefit her physically, mentally and soulfully. Performing rituals and holding on to past traditions could help her feel more grounded and in touch with her past lives.

Whenever she’s moody, she could learn how to nurture her mind and no longer be withdrawn because she could cultivate these states of mind she has too.

Most of the time, the Cancer woman makes sacrifices for the people she loves, so she needs to pay attention to how much love she gives because some people may only want to take advantage of her.

Love and Relationships for the Cancer Woman

The man who’s dating the Cancer woman needs to understand that she won’t trust him easily. She wouldn’t accept ever getting hurt in a relationship, and if she had some bad experiences with romance in the past, she may never want to let her guard down.

This lady is also very sensitive, so she needs to feel very appreciated and loved. She’s the type to carry her past disappointments with her, so if she can’t seem to trust her partner no matter what he may do, it means she’s just overcautious because she got burned in the past.

However, as soon as she commits, she’s a true gift from God, as she’s very loyal and dedicated to her relationship, not to mention very passionate. What she likes doing is taking her time to study what her other half wants and needs, so that she can offer these things to him.

In other words, she’s very invested in getting to know her man. This is because she wants to be his ideal partner and to do everything right. For this reason, she’s one of the best companions in the Zodiac, even if her moods need to be dealt with somehow.

This is a Woman Who is Devoted to Others at Work

When working in teams, the Cancer woman is a valuable colleague because she cares about everyone and inspires them to be stronger, also more efficient.

Besides, she offers her co-workers all her support because she’s very nurturing, not to mention she doesn’t mind working very hard and staying in for long hours when she wants to finish something.

Her tasks will always be completed in a timely and great manner because she will invest all her efforts into them. It’s not unusual seeing her trying very hard to get things done as efficiently as possible. She may be a chef, working behind the scenes at theatres or on movie sets or taking care of older people in a nursing home.

She likes using her hands and being emotionally connected to what she does for a living. It’s unlikely to see a Cancer woman doing calculations or anything overly scientific as a job.

She needs to be appreciated for her hard work and dedication because if she isn’t, she becomes crabby and nasty. Therefore, she has to be paid for the long hours she puts in, or her loyalty for her employer could be forever lost.

She’s touchy and doesn’t like to feel like her teammates think lowly of her. This is because she sees them as family. Being fired would devastate her completely because she gets emotionally involved at work.

In case she feels professionally wronged, she may always play the victim and not do anything about it, just because it’s difficult for her to let go of the past and to move on.

Cancer Woman’s Wellbeing at Home and Socially

Since the Cancer woman is all about home and security, she feels the safest when she has her own place that she can consider to be sacred and protected from all the harm in the world.

Her symbol is the Crab, so her home is just like her shell, which is a retreat and safe space where she can be vulnerable because no one can exploit her there.

Aside from all this, she loves taking care of a household. As a matter of fact, she loves it that much that if she were to choose between going to the movies and cleaning, she would choose cleaning and watching Netflix after.

Even when it comes to fun, she prefers having it at home rather than in a bar or a nightclub. Her home is where she meets with her friends and organizes the most exquisite dinner parties.

As soon as romantically involved with someone, she loves spending her time with this person at home too. She will welcome her partner into her nest, not to mention she will make him feel very comfortable, as she’s a good homemaker and has a beautifully decorated place.

It can be said she’s just like a genie in a bottle because she has everything at home that she would ever need and could serve her. Being nostalgic, she has photos of her family and loved ones all over the place.

When it comes to health, the Cancer rules over the breasts and stomach, both symbols of the sign’s nurturing nature. Cancer is also the ruler of the digestive processes, so the Crab woman can have problems with her weight if she doesn’t watch what she eats. Because she’s very emotional, it’s very likely for her to spend a great deal of time worrying.

Maternally, she’s loving and gives her all to the children. As a friend or lover, she wants to protect the other and to make him or her feel safe. This lady takes everything, relationships included, very seriously.

She feels everything more intensely and has a strong intuition, so she knows what bothers the person she’s spending time with. It can be said she’s almost a psychic who picks up on others’ feelings. This makes her one of the best friends anyone could have.

Besides, she’s very loyal and always by the side of the people she cares about. No one is better or more of a sincere listener than her. Whenever her friends need a shoulder to cry on, she’s always there for them because she has a lot of compassion and values the people in her life more than any other sign in the Zodiac.

At the same time, she surely knows how to have the best time with some, even if she talks a lot about good memories that have happened way back in the past.

As a matter of fact, what she loves doing most of the time is reminiscing. This makes her feel happier and almost like she did when going through those moments she keeps remembering. Dreaming about how it used to be is something completely normal for her, so her partner or best friend should be ready to listen to how she feels about the past. It’s good she doesn’t say anything with reproach.

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