Cancer Man in Love Relationships: Deep and Affectionate


The Cancer man can connect with his partner at a very deep level, not to mention he’s able to feel what she feels. In case he has been hurt in love before, he takes a lot of time until opening up in the new relationship, just because he’s very scared of his history repeating itself.

Relationships and the Cancer Man in a Nutshell:

  • Positives: He’s incredibly gentle and caring towards his partner.
  • Negatives: His past experiences can affect his present-day relationships for the worse.
  • Perfect Relationship: Someone who gives him the space to embrace his own emotions.
  • Advice: He should try to relax and take a back seat in his relationship from time to time.

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Hating conflict more than anything, he always remains calm in situations of crisis. If irritated, he prefers to say nothing and to keep his negative feelings in, which can lead him to becoming sick. What he needs is to be with someone who can help him express himself more openly.

Caring and affectionate, he doesn’t forget about significant anniversaries. The ideal woman for him wants to get married and to have many children.

As soon as he’s in love, his insecurities start to surface. During courtship, he has a certain pattern that he follows because making changes to the way he approaches the woman he likes causes him to feel insecure.

What he doesn’t know about himself is that his opinion always matters, even when it doesn’t appear to be given too much importance. This is because he’s very sensitive and knows what others are feeling, which means no one understands people better than him.

A Traditionalist Lover

As soon as he’s involved with someone, the Cancer man becomes motherly. Despite the fact that he’s a traditionalist, he doesn’t believe that a woman should stay at home and take care of everything while he’s at work.

As a matter of fact, he doesn’t mind at all dealing with domestic tasks and cooking himself. Therefore, he doesn’t have the need to be the alpha male that shouldn’t pay attention to what’s happening at home.

He worries about every little thing, from the alarm clock to the spread of a deadly virus that could wipe out humanity in its entirety. While he sometimes has a very good reason to be so worried, it’s better to try and calm him down because he’s just too sensitive to stress his mind with what doesn’t matter, not to mention he’s prone to become excessively anxious.

Also known for his moodiness, he bounces between happiness and depression, between joy and anger, to the point in which his partner no longer understands anything about him. It’s not usual for him to make the first move as far as love goes, but he has to do it because he believes in tradition.

One of his downsides is that he’s too sensitive to criticism and overly romantic. As a matter of fact, he’s such a romantic that he expects his lover to bring him candy and flowers.

However, what he needs the most from his woman is loyalty, love and security. He’s a sucker for cuddles and holding hands, not to mention how much he enjoys being the sugar daddy for his lady.

He’s also possessive and thinks his partner is his forever. The woman by his side will notice he’s usually in control everything and that she’s probably spends 15% of their time together leading. If she agrees with this situation, he’s the happiest man on Earth and wants her by his side for a lifetime.

He’s amazing as a long-term partner. The fact that he allows emotions to rule him is not a bad thing, as it means he’s also very affectionate, attentive and intuitive.

Being a Crab, he gives the most importance to his family and home, being highly protective. No one should ever try to compromise his comfort and feeling of security. His partner feels appreciated and loved by him because he’s faithful and supportive.

The relationship of a Cancer man is always properly taken care of because he knows what he wants from it and how to keep it going. It’s true that he’s not the most exciting person in the world, but at least he knows how to properly take care of the people he loves.

A Man Who Always Wants the Upper Hand

On the other hand, he should pay attention to not become smothering, as sometimes, life with him can feel like a prison of affection.

What he wants the most from life is to have a family for which he can provide everything, from clothes, food and exotic vacation to security and stability. He builds everything on a strong foundation and usually sets roots, or at least tries to, wherever he’s going.

Indeed, the Cancer man builds his love life from the ground up, planting deep roots and nurturing them into a mighty, multi-generational family tree.

As a father, he has a highly developed sense of duty and is loving. Powerful women intrigue him, so he may marry one or perhaps more, depending on how things go for him.

He wants to be with someone independent and intelligent, not to mention he doesn’t mind at all for his wife to work hard and have her own career. Sooner rather than later, she will become dependent on him, which is exactly what he wants to happen.

In case his relationship is experiencing some trouble, he becomes very demanding and needs to be reassured that he’s being loved very frequently. Besides, he has a serious problem letting go of romances.

However, if things between him and his partner go very well, he’s the happiest man with a lot to offer a woman. The woman who refuses to be a diva and instead take good care of him and his children will always be seen as perfect by this man.

Taking After His Mother

As a partner or husband, the Cancer man knows exactly what to do and how to act. He likes spending his time at home and doesn’t mind watching his lady having an amazing career.

Since he very much enjoys taking care of the children and doing domestic work, he wouldn’t have a problem being a stay-at-home dad. He’s protective, faithful and highly empathetic, also romantic and profound. His partner will always be appreciated and even spoiled.

However, he does ask a lot of love, affection and security from her. While a very nurturing creature, he doesn’t mind being taken care of from time to time too.

However, he’s the one with the mother instincts in the relationship. A more distant woman may find him to be excessively needy. In case this is the situation and she tells him what she thinks, it’s very likely that he runs to his mother and complain about her.

His emotions will turn into a whirlpool from which no one can escape anymore, so he needs to be comforted by someone, especially a feminine figure he loves with all his heart. His mother is one of the most important people on Earth for him, so he looks for her in times of need.

It’s essential that his partner gets along very well with this woman, otherwise he may want nothing to do with her anymore.

More than this, he can be a lot like his mother. Living with him can be just like living with this woman who raised him is. He cooks the way she does, respects the same traditions and worries about the same things at home.

At least no one is better than him at taking care of others, which can be very advantageous for a woman who wants to be professionally successful.

He pays a lot of attention to his partner, yet some women find him smothering.  A natural homebody, he doesn’t leave the home too much because here, he feels safe and secure. Nothing makes him happier than taking care of his house’s garden or cooking something delicious for dinner.

However, this doesn’t mean he can’t also have a successful career because he’s very hardworking and usually gets things done the right way, not to mention on time. His boss and colleagues love him, so he may organize parties for these people right in his own house.

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