Libra Woman in Relationships: In Search of Love


What the Libra woman wants the most is to find love. She’s represented by the Scales symbol, which indicates she needs a lot of balance and a partner to complete her.

Relationships and the Libra Woman in a Nutshell:

  • Positives: She rarely treats her man unfairly.
  • Negatives: Her tendency to have low self-esteem can make her unpredictable.
  • Perfect Relationship: Where the two of them are equals and fair to one another.
  • Advice: She should try to think on a more grounded level, rather than the idealistic ways her imagination dictates.

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Her idea of an ideal partner is of a guy who treats her like an equal and would never say something wrong. In case she has problems finding her soulmate, she should talk with a psychic and get some advice.

Equality at Home

Feminine and appearing fragile, the Libra woman is in fact made of steel and very aware of what she needs to do in order to be victorious all the time.

Her aim is to have peace of mind and balance, to have a large group of friends and a partner who loves her for who she is. This is because her need to be accepted is very strong.

When pushed too far, she knows what to say in order to put everyone in place and to not end up hurt. Equality is something she always advocates for, even when cooking dinner for her children or friends.

The thing is, she means what she says, so her partner would better hurry to take out the trash when she says that he must.

When in love, she’s considerate and needs to be treated with respect, nice gifts and flowers, but this doesn’t mean she’s weak or dependent on her partner. As a matter of fact, it’s likely for her to give a lot in return too.

Being indecisive, she needs to share her life with a patient man who doesn’t mind her changing her mind a lot before picking a restaurant for going out. She needs to be surrounded by the most beautiful things and to be taken to interesting places because this is what brings out the sweetness in her.

However, her being nice and very warm doesn’t mean her partner can get whatever he wants. At the same time, she doesn’t insist with her own ways and prefers to settle for compromise.

She’s in love with the idea of being in love. Very seductive, she knows how to act her role of femme fatale. In the bedroom, she’s so dramatic that her man is swept off his feet. She will act like she’s the most important person in the picture because she likes to be the star in between the sheets.

Since Venus, the planet of Love and Beauty is her ruler, she’s very talented at identifying what’s most appealing. Her good taste is also expressed in her relationship. When she wants to spice up her love life, she becomes more romantic and kinkier.

The Balance Between Love at Home and The Freedom Outside

There are times when she feels like what she needs from an emotional point of view is too much, and she needs to take a rest.

Besides, she also has a tendency to rapidly lose interest in a man as soon as she has him in her arms. This means she needs to be kept interested with all kind of grand gestures.

In the bedroom, she wants her partner to guess her needs. What she wants from a man is for him to improve her image and to put her creativity to work. He needs to help her glow and to always be by her side.

At the same time, she wants to be surprised with flowers and expensive vacations. It’s not unusual for her to be attracted to older men who have enough money to make her dreams come true.

Because she always wants more and more, she may get married many times in life. As far as what she prefers, this is romance and not sex, so a man who’s just trying to score will never have her heart. When she feels she needs to break up with someone, she does it amicably.

Most of the time, she’s in love with someone. It’s difficult for her to settle down and as soon as she does, her marriage is rarely conventional.

She needs to be with someone open minded and who doesn’t get jealous too often. This is because she needs to feel free and to commit to other things in her life, such as career and friendships.

Besides, she likes flirting from time to time, so she needs some space to do it. It’s also very likely for her to become obsessed with a perfect lover she has created in her mind, which means that reality can strike her very hard when it does.

She can find true love only when she accepts that people have their flaws. There’s nothing wrong with being imperfect, so she needs to know this very well.

Incomplete Without a Lover in Her Life

As soon as she’s in love, the Libra woman starts to ask herself how she has ended up falling. Venus is controlling her, so she needs to see beauty in her partner before anything else.

She never takes the initiative and the position of the Sun in her birth chart indicates that she sometimes sees men as weak.

For this reason, she may act in the wrong manner towards them, especially when she tries to show that she’s a liberal. In fact, Saturn turns her away from traditions and conventionality.

She can go to extremes with this, being very sexy and eager to go into bed with someone on one hand, and on the other, insecure about sex. Her low self-esteem can sometimes be too much. For this reason, she needs a partner who respects her. She needs to pay attention not to be involved in relationships out of pity.

If with the right man, she wants to experiment and to talk about her desires. She can offer a lot for as long as she feels comfortable and happy.

For example, she can be very caring and truly profound, but also manipulative and thinking only about herself. It’s difficult to guess how she will be, as she has difficulty controlling her emotions and passion, so she may inadvertently show her partner things that could confuse him.

However, she’s loyal most of the time. Not caring about what people think of her decisions, she stands by her own opinions and rarely changes her mind about things.

Happiness comes her way only when she’s in a relationship. After finding her soulmate, she won’t do that might cause her love life with this man to end suddenly. It’s easy for her to last being with someone far away because she has many friends who can take care of her in the meantime.

The Scales’ representative, she wants fairness no matter what. She would never hurry to judge and is very warm, not to mention wise. When having to make a decision, she carefully analyzes all the pros and cons, especially if the matter is one of the heart.

She needs to be complimented and reminded how beautiful she is. And this has to happen very often because she has a tendency to forget what she has been told. It’s never a mistake to praise and admire her.

When confronted with a problem, she likes to talk things through to every little detail, so she needs a lot of her and her partner’s time to be reserved for discussions. He needs to be tactful when talking to her about something serious.

Since she can’t stand drama, the best idea is to never make a scene in public when in her presence. Also, she doesn’t like people who dismiss others. She’s the peacemaker of the Zodiac, so she doesn’t like fighting.

It’s unlikely for her to feel comfortable with someone who makes her feel as a possession. This is because she enjoys flirting with others and wants to be allowed to do it. Going with her to parties and social events should be fun, not a statement that she belongs to someone.

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