Libra Woman Career and Money: How Successful is She?


The Libra woman wants balance and to live in harmony, so she’s the same when it comes to work too. She’s tactful and can solve any conflict because she listens to both sides of any story. More than this, she’s sociable and very good at working in teams.

Libra Woman Career & Money in a Nutshell:

  • Positives: She feels strongly about unfairness and injustice.
  • Negatives: Her indecisiveness means she isn’t cut out to lead.
  • Tendencies: She likes making her workplace as comfortable and welcoming as possible.
  • Potential Careers: Judge, Artist, Saleswoman, Counsellor.

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Her ideal job is the one that brings justice and promotes fairness. Besides, this lady is a good conversationalist and can convince anyone of her point of view, which means she’s a very good salesperson. She could also be a good artist, law enforcement officer, judge, designer and diplomat.

One of the Finest Mediators

The Libra woman can bring justice where there is none, not to mention she tries her best to keep things in balance. This means she could excel at any job and be to her boss’s liking. More than this, she’s very tactful, so diplomatic missions are meant for her.

This lady can bring people back together after a great fight, which means she’s also a very good counselor. While she may not think so, she knows how to manage people and make them get along very well.

However, she’s quite indecisive, which means she wouldn’t do the best job as a leader. Usually successful in business, she still doesn’t like this sector because it makes her feel uncomfortable when injustice happens. This is why she sometimes gives up running her own business and goes back to be an employee.

The Libra woman can make her workplace a very pleasant place to be, as she does her best to make the environment more likable and to be surrounded by harmony. She doesn’t like small spaces, so working outdoors would be a good idea for her.

As said before, she knows how to bring people together, so she should think about doing this for a living. After all, she’s born under the sign of partnerships, marriage and love. It can be said she’s a natural at helping people get back together and work with one another. This means she’s a good wedding planner, even entertainer and musician because everyone rallies up when she wants them to.

Other careers suitable for her include the ones in which she needs to help with reaching a consensus and cooperating, such as the one of a mediator, broker, translator, diplomat and negotiator. At the same time, she’s a good psychiatrist and psychologist, especially if she has to deal with couples.

Because she loves beauty and art, this lady could also decide to be a designer or artist. Seeing that justice is what’s making her the happiest, a career as judge or lawyer could help her be satisfied with what she has chosen to do for a living.

At the same time, she could be a law enforcement officer or detective, also anything that requires her to check the quality of work and things.

Sociable and people-oriented, the Libra woman is suitable for a hospitality, customer service or human resources job. The fact that she has very fine tastes indicates she could work as beautician, hairdresser, decorator or florist. Many Libra women are fashion designers or art curators.

Her ability to form relationships and to communicate openly makes her one of the best human resources officers out there. She can also make people feel comfortable in any situation or environment, which means she’s a good interviewer.

While interested in how people may be feeling and their opinion, this lady still doesn’t have a very good eye for details. However, this doesn’t mean her friends aren’t many and she isn’t good at networking.

On the contrary, she’s very charming and diplomatic, which can help her develop the best relationships to help her advance in her career. The Libra woman wants to see justice working and doesn’t mind fighting for it.

She’s represented by the Scales and doesn’t like to spend her time alone, so she’s more suitable for team work rather than being stuck in an office and doing all the work by herself.

She could start working as a makeup artist or promoter of products because she knows how to appreciate a good thing and sees beauty in almost anything, not to mention how much importance she gives to appearance.

Working to Experience the Best Things in Life

If the Libra woman is more ambitious and eager to bring fairness into the world, she should go for a career in the law sector. However, her biggest problem is the fact that she’s lazy and can procrastinate for too long. This means she doesn’t usually meet deadlines and hurrying makes her feel anxious.

At least she knows how to communicate and can convince others to take on her responsibilities, especially when she’s under pressure. It would be a good idea for her to do something that isn’t very stressful, such as design and guiding tourists when on holiday.

As said before, the Libra woman is a creature of beauty. This is because Venus is her governing planet. She likes decorating a place and living in luxury, so she doesn’t hesitate to spend more if she really likes what she’s buying.

When going out, this lady likes to dine where the best chefs are cooking impressive meals and where the atmosphere is out of this world. She may order the most expensive dish on the menu, not because she wants to impress, but because she’s not willing to compromise quality or to have less.

She will save her money so that she can spoil herself from time to time. Because she doesn’t want to ruin the balance in her life, the Libra woman will always pay her bills when it’s time to.

Besides, she may also have a partner to pay them for her because she’s better when in a couple and supported by someone she loves.

In case she seems to have a problem holding on to her money, she should find someone to take care of this life aspect for her. This is the reason why she usually marries rich men who have a stable financial future. The best idea for her is to learn how to budget herself.

A Tendency to Indulge

The fact that she’s very balanced can help the Libra woman have enough financial security. This lady doesn’t mind spending in order to be more comfortable, but she also wants to know that she has something put aside for a rainy day.

It’s her pleasure to buy expensive gifts for the ones she loves, even if she spends a lot of time shopping because she’s very indecisive. She doesn’t stress too much about what she’s investing in, which means she can end up broke after making a wrong financial decision.

Besides, this lady loves luxury too much, so she can spend a lot on things she doesn’t even need. It would be a good idea for her to pay more attention to how much she’s saving and to talk with a financial advisor if she wants to have a stable financial future.

The Scales symbol for her sign is all about balance, but this doesn’t mean she can’t unbalance her budget when seeing a very beautiful artwork or a designer clothes shop.

The Libra woman’s favorite things in life are to spoil herself and to go out in fancy restaurants. All in all, she can spend a lot on luxuries and art.

When it comes to investments, it would be a good idea for the Libra woman to buy art. However, it’s important that she’s decisive about what she wants to get because she often ends up not buying a painting or a statue, as she can’t decide if it would be a good idea for her, or if it would look good in her home.

Since she’s very good at partnering up with people, she should consider working with a financial advisor too, especially if she doesn’t have a partner to take care of finances for her.

Her tendency to overspend could also be kept under control if someone would tell her that some things aren’t worth the money. In general, the Libra woman doesn’t have to file for bankruptcy because she knows how to handle her money.

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