Libra Challenges and Obstacles: People Pleasers and Idealistic


People born in the sign of Libra have the constant illusion that life is only wonderful. They’re sweet and charming, just because they want to feel good in any situation and to avoid conflicts as much as possible.

Libra Challenges & Obstacles in a Nutshell:

  • Personality downfall: Deep down Libras want to be obeyed, and can manipulate others into making this happen.
  • When it comes to love: They’re indecisive yet ever-changing, making life very difficult for their partner.
  • At work: Whilst they’re great socializers, they shy away from conflict and often end up in it anyway.
  • Libra advice: They should try to be more assertive with those around them.

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At the same time, they were meant for being with someone, which means they believe in soulmates and true love. They’re also known for being a little bit superficial, while many people accusing them of faking happiness. This is because they think it’s possible to have things both ways and life isn’t supposed to be sad.

As far as them being charming goes, this is because they want to avoid bothering anyone as much as possible. Some people don’t appreciate their ways, so they can be left out in the cold by many of their friends.

Libra Personality Weaknesses and Negatives

In spite of being good and kind, Libras hide a demonic personality. They smile and are always diplomatic, but this is because they want to manipulate people into giving them what they want. Their personality is paradoxical and complex.

What makes the Libra sign special is their great eye for beauty, ambition and even superficiality. As far as relationships go, they’re always calm and try to avoid conflicts as much as possible.

However, on the inside, they want to be obeyed. Even one misplaced word can touch them very deeply, not to mention they have a tendency to hold grudges for very long periods of time. Their assertiveness is not developed at all and they’re rarely able to make decisions.

On the other hand, they’re very generous and don’t hesitate to give a hand to those in need, especially if they’re able to do it. They’re also self-indulgent, appreciating the finest things in life, which means they’re not always able to help because they have spent all they had on luxuries for themselves.

For them, beauty is very important, so they collect art pieces and have designer clothes. Because they’re ruled by Venus, they’re beautiful themselves. They have a tendency to judge people who can’t appreciate beauty or don’t dress very nicely, so this is proof that they can be very vain.

Looking for peace everywhere they’re going, Libras can become real tyrants who tell others how to act. When involved in conflicts, they no longer know what to say and do in order to put an end to it. This is also when they become manipulative and put their charm to use.

Libra Common Challenges and Solutions

While quite self-absorbed, Libras are still disgusted with themselves if they’re not able to make their loved ones happy. However, they shouldn’t try to please others too much because their happiness is important too.

Besides, when they’re happy on the inside, they can please others as much as they want to. Sometimes, they feel like failures because they can’t do what they want. For this reason, they should focus on their positive traits and try increasing their self-esteem.

They also feel like they’re involved in trifles for no reason because they’re always trying their best to be nice. On the other hand, they shouldn’t try to be who they aren’t.

If they struggle too much to seem different, they’re only making things worse for themselves because they can no longer achieve the balance that they so much need.

Furthermore, Libras have a tendency to exaggerate. Matters that only irritate others are very distressing to them. They overreact to rather not so important problems just because they feel insecure. If they want more self-confidence, they should become more spiritually aware.

Low Points in Love & Friendships

Self-centered and indecisive, Libras can be seen as childish, selfish and superficial. They hesitate to talk when noticing that they’re not being paid attention to, whereas when not getting what they want, they become manipulative.

Being vain, they don’t mind not making important decisions and have a tendency to live a double life. This is also because they never want to give up on anything.

As partners, they’re dependent and can’t get things done on their own, mostly because they’re unreliable and superficial. While very emotional, they can still be very detached from everything.

In situations where others react with love and affection, they lose their interest and become almost completely numb. This means they don’t understand reality very well. Because they want peace and balance too much, they simply can’t make decisions.

What they want is that everyone is happy. However, being an Air sign, they also change their mind from one moment to another, which can be very frustrating for their loved ones. Impressionable, they believe almost everything they’re being told. They seem to get along very well with people, but this is only at a superficial level.

Their friends and buddies are many, yet they don’t have true friends. This is because they can’t be sincere and prefer to go easy on things.

When it comes to their long-lasting friendships, they’re the typical childhood friends that don’t irritate anyone and always ready for action but have no initiative. It’s unlikely for them to disturb people, no matter what they may want.

As far as social interactions go, they like going to parties and celebrations because this is where they can meet with acquaintances and shift from one group of people to another. They don’t care about their friends who invited them there because they’re too busy seducing new people and making small talk.

At the same time, they’re terrified of ending up alone. In case they don’t have someone to share their life with, they resort to binge eating, consuming alcohol and overindulging in pleasure. They love sweets and consume a lot of sugar with their coffee.

In case they happen to arrive at a meeting, they’re sure to make a late appearance, which irritates those who are waiting for them. Besides, when they do arrive, they spend 20 minutes complaining about traffic or the weather.

As a matter of fact, their complaining is oftentimes their opening monologue, even when they’re at parties and social gatherings.

Negative Libras hurry to marry rich people just because they’re too lazy to work for themselves. When blamed for doing something wrong, they don’t say anything and admit that they were wrong.

How About Libra Career Weaknesses?

Strange, focused on achieving perfection and not at all courageous, Libras still get along very well with other people because they’re naturals at making friends and small talk. At work, they may be seen as bosses even if they aren’t, just because they socialize with everyone and are very nice.

Their colleagues can’t refrain from talking to them about their problems. During meetings, they come up with strong points of view and can bring a good contribution to the projects their colleagues are working on.

However, they’re not the ones to handle big responsibilities, especially when they’re working at something big. As bosses, they never seem to make decisions because they’re always looking for the best solutions to problems and to make everyone happy. What they need is to be helped by those who are good at taking the initiative.

Libras can also lose their cool from time to time, not to mention they make differences between people and try to be diplomatic too much. For this reason, conflict comes their way, just because they’re constantly looking to avoid it.

They also hate ugliness. The fact that they avoid conflict doesn’t mean they’re never angry. What they’re good at is hiding their anger. By trying to do so, they can become devious and manipulative, being desperate to achieve peace.

As business owners, they spend a lot on design and appearances. Their suits are very expensive and always neatly ironed. They give a lot of money to designers to make their business banners and websites, not to mention their office is the most elegant in town.

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