Libra Health and Wellness: Peaceful Surroundings Lead to Good Health


When studying the Libra health horoscope, it can be noticed that this sign represents balance in the Zodiac. Libras are very sensitive when it comes to making changes. They also have a difficult time making decisions because they’re uncertain about everything.

Libra Health and Wellness in a Nutshell:

  • Positives: Librans can take any positive experience and have it benefit their health.
  • Tendencies: Life has to be beautiful for them, and when it is, they rarely suffer from health problems.
  • Negatives: When ill, they need care and attention from others, and aren’t afraid to dramatize their problems to get some TLC.
  • Advice: As with everything else in their life, a balanced diet is necessary, as well as a calm mind.

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But above it all, their sense of justice is very well developed. Being an Air sign, they’re realistic and rather intellectual, but what they need the most is balance. They should avoid overworking themselves, especially when feeling weak and not up for it.

Their emotions are positive most of the time. They’re loving and loyal because this is what gives them stability. For the same reason, they prefer to keep their surroundings the most comfortable, while Venus influences them to appreciate beauty, art and fashion.

Libra Health: Positives

People born in the sign of Libra are tall and slim. Their health horoscope says they’re fit and very beautiful individuals. For example, Libra women have deep eyes and sensual lips, whereas the men’s hair is great, and their smile can conquer any lady’s heart.

What’s the most important for these natives is that they’re comfortable and at peace. This is what helps them to remain healthy. If someone were to suggest to them to go camping and to sleep in a tent, they would shrug and not agree with the idea at all.

They should also be surrounded by people who love them very much. Their body is prone to contract all the diseases, so they should pay great attention to their own health however they can.

Furthermore, they need to make sure that they’re surrounded by harmony wherever they may be going. It would be a good idea for them to have a hobby that involves them being physical because their body and immune system need strengthening.

This can prove to be difficult because they don’t quite like the gym. Instead, they should choose to spend a lot of their time outside, taking walks and sometimes using a skipping rope or jogging. Since they enjoy group activities, they should call their friends to join them.

It’s their pleasure to spoil themselves, which means they will never pay attention to how much money they’re spending. They will go to spa and massage without thinking about tomorrow.

Their mood can be boosted with a simple haircut. Any positive experience has a positive impact on their health. The same goes with good music because they’re very responsive to sound therapy.

It’s important for them to have good relationships with the people in their life, to get together with others and to have a laugh. Other people’s emotions can influence Libras in many different ways.

When things at work take a bad turn, Libra natives tend to get sick. They become once again, unable to make important decisions. As a matter of fact, if their job involves making decisions whatsoever, they suffer greatly, and their health is sure to become damaged in time.

Libra Health Tendencies

People born in the sign of Libra are big intellectuals who are always looking to stimulate their mind and to gain more knowledge. They don’t mind working hard and are very efficient at this game called life, especially after turning 30.

Since they focus a lot on relationships, they want fairness and are great at giving advice. At the same time, they’re the best diplomats and negotiators, yet they hate conflict more than anything else.

For them, life must be beautiful, regardless if it’s about emotions, physicality or materialism. They need to enjoy every pleasure and to not feel responsible for anything wrong or ugly.

When out in the world, they have very good manners and are diplomatic because all they want is to have peace and to be surrounded by harmony. This is why they avoid confrontations and prefer to talk things through calmly when there’s a disagreement.

Many Libras avoid being physical and prefer to feel comfortable above anything else. Because they love sugary foods, they may end up suffering from hypoglycemia.

Libra Health: Negatives

Libras are usually fit and healthy people, but this doesn’t mean they never get sick. It’s important for them to have balance in their life if they want to remain in good health.

Their relationships need to be harmonic and they need to do what they like. They’re very sensitive when it’s cold and raining because they’re solar kinds of people. Since they seem to get seasonal diseases easily, they should refrain from spending too much time outside during the winter.

Looking at their health horoscope, it can be noticed that their immunity lowers whenever they’re feeling down. In case they happen to be sick, they love having someone taking care of them. Knowing they’re loved gives them power to get healthy.

It’s not unlikely for them to act like they’re feeling worse, just to get sympathy. This is because they have a need to be cared for. Another thing their health horoscope says about them is that their life can be quite stressful because they overwork themselves and their nervous system is not very strong.

When overwhelmed, they become grumpy and a little bit mean, refusing to speak with anyone, especially with those they see as mediocre. Their sign rules the urinary system and the kidneys, organs that regulate balance in the body. This means they have weaknesses in these areas.

At the same time, they should avoid getting colds and make sure the temperature in their home is always the same. If they go a lot from cold to warm and the other way around, they become more prone to diseases.

Another of their health weaknesses has something to do with their lumbar spine, so they should avoid lifting heavy things because their back is sure to get injured as a result. It’s normal for them to have back pains when the weather becomes cold.

They’re also prone to becoming diabetic, or situations in which their kidneys would stop functioning properly and their health would deteriorate very rapidly.

It’s easy to guess how a Libra is feeling and what they’re suffering from because their skin color changes, especially from around their eyes, when feeling sick. In case they have a weakened immune system, they’re pale and a little bit grey.

It’s important for them to spend a lot of time in the sunlight, so they should decide to live in warm areas. Their health horoscope also says they should stay away from alcohol because their body is more sensitive to it than it is in other signs. This means Libras can get alcohol poisoning just by drinking a little.

It’s also possible for them to have problems with blood circulation because they have low blood pressure levels. Some other diseases they may get are the rheumatic ones, seeing they’re very sensitive to coldness, especially in the feet area.

Libra Health & Diet

Just like with anything in life, Libras need balance when it comes to their diet too. Besides, they need to have an exercise routine that doesn’t overwork them while being a little bit soliciting on their physique.

The foods that do them good and are important for these natives, as are the ones containing many vitamins and minerals. This means Libras should eat many berries and fruits such as bananas, plums, peaches, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.

As far as veggies go, they should use a lot of spinach, tomatoes and peas in their food. Grains can also do a lot of good for their health.

Libra natives are known for having a sweet tooth, so they should not go overboard with how much chocolate and candy they eat. It’s true that sugar keeps their energy levels up, but they should think about how bad they may feel after consuming too much of it.

It’s advisable for them to stay away from spices, vinegar, citrus fruits, too much salt and acidic foods. They should consume what they like, avoid what has been mentioned, and just keep their diet the same.

It’s better for them to not experiment when it comes to eating. Since they have sensitive kidneys, they should not consume too much meat because meat is known to produce uric acid. At the same time, they should consume a lot of water.

For protein, they should eat eggs, almonds, corn, cereals and beans. Juices from vegetables like celery, cabbage and cucumber can keep their kidneys clean and healthy.

For balance in their diet, they should not indulge in refined foods, sugar, and alcohol. When recuperating from sickness, these natives need the most to relax their mind and to change the scenery for a while.

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