Libra Personality Strengths: Fair and Imaginative


Libras know very well what is right and what is wrong, seeing as they’re represented by the Scales of Justice. Their deepest concern is about the fairness in the world, which means they become very worried when people aren’t treated equally.

Libra Strengths in a Nutshell:

  • They’re excellent mediators because they want to see a fairer world.
  • Librans can see every side to a situation, and can provide the best advice as a result.
  • Given that they’re so artistic, Libra natives are very fun and creative people to be around.
  • Their positive outlook on life means that they’re able to see the good in everyone and everything.

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Besides, they’re very diplomatic, so in a conflict, they’re the perfect mediators. Because they want to keep the peace and hate fighting, they don’t mind making sacrifices for the greater good. For this reason, their friends and family simply love and admire them.

Born to Love and Be Around Good People

What Libras want is to see their loved ones smiling. This is why they’re always charming and give a hand whenever they can, no matter if they have to share their possessions or to give a piece of advice. It’s their pleasure to chat and make new friends.

For these reasons, they’re surrounded by many people who adore them. Being objective and having high morals, they’re the ones others turn to when in need of a good word and some guidance.

They can give answers to the most difficult questions because they always know how to analyze a situation thoroughly. People born in the sign of Libra are famous for their need to be surrounded by peace and friends, also for their good intuition.

They’re meant to be involved in relationships and to work in groups because they’re very sociable, not to mention lovable and caring. At the same time, they’re independent and can easily adapt to any situation or person.

When it comes to romance, they love having interesting conversations with their partner and complimenting him or her. Their sign makes them born for love and relationship, so they really know how to be the best partners, business associates and family members. This is also because they can see matters from every point of view.

When it comes to their weaknesses, one of them is that they want peace too much, almost to the point of being very vulnerable and making self-sacrifices. They have great tastes and like the finest things in life, so they have the tendency to self-indulge and to look for pleasure in everything.

No one is better than them at taking all points of view into consideration, not to mention they have enough patience to listen to everyone when involved in a debate. They like feeling excited, which means they engage in all sort of adventurous activities and do what’s unusual.

Their intelligence being expressed best through creativity, they’re amazing artists and should use their imagination as much as possible.

Able to See the Beauty in Everything

Libras are also very charming and sensitive people. They easily understand what people need from them and are ready to deliver. What they hate the most is having to witness injustice and cruelty.

Natural born diplomats, they’re the ones always solving conflicts and convincing people to remain peaceful. Aside from all this, they’re always ready to cooperate and to make compromises, all for the greater good and more peace.

Being ruled by Venus, the planet of Love and Beauty, they don’t see ugliness and have a great eye for art. This is also why their home is decorated beautifully and with quite expensive items. If they want their tastes to be satisfied, they need to make the good money.

Seeing as they can see the beauty in everything, it would be a good idea for them to become designers or artists. Their most impressive qualities are fineness and tact. No matter who they may be talking to, they know what words to use and how to make people feel comfortable in their surroundings.

The more they believe in themselves and are happy, the more their life is as balanced as they want it to be. As far as relationships go, they’re ready to fight for them and invest a lot of their energy in the people they care about, trying to improve their lives and to make them feel at home in their company.

Libras are very sociable people and the most charming guests at parties, not to mention they love to communicate and have a relaxed attitude. They need to get along well with everyone because they give a lot of importance to interpersonal relationships.

Most of the time, their intuition tells them who has good intentions and who doesn’t. All their qualities are focused on having pleasant relationships and not hurting anyone’s feelings. They want to know everyone’s opinion and have a lot of patience to do just so.

All this means they can bring peace to conflicts that seem like they will never stop. Their solutions to problems are always fair and they want to give love a chance no matter whom they may be interacting with.

Idealistic and very optimistic, they believer everyone has a soulmate and are always giving their best to make their relationships work.

Qualities of the Libra Man

When it comes to what the Libra man, this is the perfect representation of balance. He’s a creature of partnerships and equality, a person who wants justice and is always objective.

What he tries to do all the time is what’s best for the entire world and the people he knows. He wants to please and usually sees things in perspective. The Libra man hates conflict, so when he sees that someone has a temper tantrum, he does the best he can to be the calming person.

What he wants is to have peace of mind and balance. When in a relationship, he never fights and prefers to discuss things calmly. It can sometimes be difficult to be patient with him because he’s very indecisive, no matter if he has to choose a restaurant or the venue for his own wedding.

However, the fact that he can’t make up his mind doesn’t mean he’s weak, just impartial. As soon as he reaches a conclusion, he’s sure to have done what’s right and to have analyzed all the facets of the situation. He’s always neutral, which means it’s impossible for him to take sides. Many of his friends love him for this.

Belonging to the Air element, he’s a big intellectual and loves sharing ideas. Debates don’t bother him, not to mention he’s always fair and comes up with very good arguments that sustain his opinions. He likes sitting on the side and playing the referee when people are contradicting with each other.

All his decisions are carefully weighted, and he would never favour a person over another. He’s ruled by Venus, the planet of Love, which means he has an eye for beauty and the most refined tastes.

His partner will always receive great presents, whereas his friends are usually beautiful people who love going to cocktail parties and at cultural events. He’s charming and always knows what to say.

Qualities of the Libra Woman

The Libra woman can be the dream girl in the Zodiac, seeing she’s always ready for new adventures and likes to play. Besides, she’s very beautiful and elegant, the type of attraction any man would want at his arm.

When going out, she likes to have a lot of fun and to play silly, which means she can make people fall in love with her in a second. When it comes to her personality, she’s a romantic who loves spontaneous dates and having balanced relationships with which she can boast on her social media pages.

Never pretentious, she still looks for what’s authentic and has the most refined tastes. However, what she wants the most is to have balance, as she’s represented by the Scales, which are always in equilibrium.

She likes feeling delighted, laughing and making herself beautiful, all while being free and keeping things light. Negative people shouldn’t be in her surroundings, even if she can convince them to open up a little bit more and to see the beauty of life.

Without even trying, she’s elegant and very beautiful, not to mention she gives people a feeling of comfort. Her look is rather conventional, but she has a natural grace that can’t be seen in other women, all because she’s ruled by Venus. When it comes to flirting, she loves doing it by having interesting conversations.

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