Libra in Friendships: The Sociable and Indecisive Friend


Since they’re always up for anything, Libras make up for the some of the best friends in the Zodiac. They like to go out and to be involved in group activities, as they have a need to be around people all the time.

Top 5 Reasons Libra is Your Best Friend:

  1. Librans are always up for going out and having a good time.
  2. You’ll rarely get have any kind of conflict with your Libran friend.
  3. These people don’t discriminate and welcome people from all walks of life into their world.
  4. These people are always smiling, so you’ll seldom feel down in a Libra’s company.
  5. More often than not, these people know the best spots in town too, so you’ll always have a good time with them.

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They’re open-minded, honest and loyal, so many want to be their friends. When it comes to giving advice, they know how to listen and what to say. However, they’re also very gullible and easy to impress, which means those with bad intentions may take advantage of them every step of the way.

Because they’re the rulers of partnerships, Libras are very good friends who care about others’ feelings and treat everyone equally, seeing as balance is what they’re most focusing on.

They’re very indecisive too, even when it comes to matters that aren’t so important. For example, they can’t decide what restaurant or movie to pick because they see the good parts in everything.

When they have two options to deal with, it’s almost impossible for them to stop at one. What they hate the most is conflict, so they avoid as much as possible.

Social Yet Indecisive

Charming and very sweet, Libras are also social butterflies. Everyone loves them because they bring their joy of life everywhere they’re going, not to mention they have a very good sense of humor and usually make the best jokes.

Furthermore, they know how to listen and at the same time have interesting stories to tell about themselves. It’s actually a good idea to pay attention to them when they’re saying something because they give a lot of importance to other people’s points of view when these emerge.

At the same time, they’re wonderful advisors. What’s annoying about them is that they have a very difficult time making decisions because they want to please everyone.

It could take them hours to decide what to wear to a wedding because they wouldn’t want to offend anyone by wearing the same dress or costume. Firm decisions don’t ever come easily to these natives.

When it comes to making friends, they don’t discriminate, which means they have in their inner circle people from all walks of life. They sincerely want to connect with others and can develop strong spiritual bonds because they’re not just thinking about themselves or what they could gain by remaining friends with someone.

They get excited and enthusiastic about every little thing, yet mostly about people, as they’re very focused on their relationships and are looking to improve them no matter what they may be doing.

Libra natives are always surrounded by people because they simply hate being alone. What they should do is distinguish the difference between being alone and what feeling lonely means. Developing a relationship with themselves first is very important, so they should learn how to do it.

They love looking great and are very popular as a result. Paying a lot of attention to what they’re wearing, they spend hours in front of the mirror or when shopping for clothes.

Those people who like conflict and want to get Librans to be more serious will never succeed in doing it because they hate heated conversations and try to avoid them at any cost. It’s alright to want to have peace all the time, but there are moments when conflicts need to emerge in order for tensions to be put to rest.

Very attached to their possessions and the people in their life, Libra natives have a very hard time letting go of anything. Sometimes, they feel like they don’t deserve what they have, but this is simply a mistake they’re making because they truly deserve a lot, as they’re kind and giving themselves.

Mostly, they go through this because they have no self-confidence and a low self-esteem. However, when it comes to developing new friendships at least, they’re much more confident and seem powerful.

What they want is to make their loved ones happy, which means they’re the type of people who often make flashy gifts. They want their friends to be surprised by their attention and love making them smile. Some of their presents are very expensive and meaningful.

A Special Bond with Geminis

Always smiling, witty and able to make people in their life feel like they’re very important, Libras are considered to be among the best friends in the Zodiac.

They’re surrounded by people who think like them and are very generous when it comes to making their loved ones happy. What they love the most is making new connections and getting to know every person who happens to be in their life.

This means they’re very social creatures who love to entertain and host parties. At the same time, they participate at any event in town. They love being in the spotlight and listening to their friends saying that they’ve dressed very well or that they look stunning.

While their friends are many and from all walks of life, they still have a problem connecting more deeply with them. This is because they don’t feel like they need to talk to anyone about their own feelings and their emotional world can sometimes be a very disturbing one.

It’s like they prefer to have superficial relationships and to jump from one meeting to one friend to another one, with another friend. They just pull back when having to express themselves.

They most likely have one good friend that they want to keep by their side for a lifetime. They don’t judge anyone, so many want to be in their life, no matter their circumstances and way of life. Libras accept them because they always have room for someone else into their life.

Because Geminis are intelligent, fun and love to gossip, they can keep Libras active all the time, help them to think and inspire then to take part in adventures. Geminis have enough patience to wait on them to make any decision, not to mention they’re more than happy to lead and to show Libras how life is in their eyes.

Gemini natives are never scared of expressing their opinion, which can be a little bit bothersome for the Libras. Both love to go out and to make new friends, so they’re an epic duo at parties and social events.

They care about their friendship and don’t make a drama out of anything. At the same time, they help each other live to their true potential, which doesn’t happen all the time between friends.

Travelling with Company Wherever They Go

Those who want to be friends with Libras shouldn’t be afraid to ask any question, just like reporters do when out taking interviews.

At the same time, they should remember that Libras love being at the center of attention, so people should complement and make them feel special. They shouldn’t be pushy because they will receive enough invitations to parties, museums and picnics.

If looking to take the friendship to a next level, they should just wait because people born in the sign of the Scales get scared when seeing others are emotionally needy. They will always ask their acquaintances to go to parties with them because they want their social circle to grow and be bright all the time.

What’s also great about them is that they know where the best coffee and foods are in town, they’re always aware of what’s being said on the news and what their friends like to do the most.

Besides, they’re very good at solving problems, no matter if these are of a personal or professional nature. As said before, they get attached too fast and too much.

There’s also the situation when they become obsessed with a person or an activity, which can hinder their relationships, especially when they’re trying to drag their friends to do one of their hobbies and become very pushy.

In these moments, they should be told that they’re not themselves and that they should focus on some other things they love in their life.

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