Libra Family Life: Their Personality in the Main Household Roles


Always wanting to live in harmony and to get along well with everyone, Libras may run away from challenges and avoid difficult situations as much as possible. What they need is for their personality to be nurtured, so when they don’t receive this, they become lonely and start to analyze their points of view from many perspectives.

Libra Roles in the Family:

  • Libra as a Wife: For her, the husband is her soulmate, so she gives everything she has to him.
  • Libra as a Husband: He loves being at home with his family, and remains calm for as long as he is happy.
  • Libra as a Parent: Whilst they hate conflict, Libra parents are the best at restoring peace.
  • Libra as a Sibling: Often adopting the role of an older sibling even if they aren’t, Libra kids share everything with their brothers and sisters.

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If they happen to be born into a family that made them weak, Libras can blame their loved ones for their mistakes without even realizing they’re doing it. In case they have had a solid background and feel powerful, they can be the best role models for their children and share everything they know about life with them.

Their siblings will always think of them as the best people to grow up around because they’re very loyal and have the back of their brothers and sisters no matter the situation. At the same time, they’re very intelligent and true perfectionists which challenge their loved ones to shine like stars.

Libras are also attentive to details and honest, so they’re often the ones to do the right things when others aren’t willing to do it. What they do is only in order to protect their loved ones.

The Libra Wife: Devoted and Captivating

Very romantic, the Libra woman believes that she has a soulmate and is always prepared to give her heart away to the man who deserves it.

While Geminis may be too afraid of commitment to be with her, and Aquarians too difficult to reach from an emotional point of view, Aries natives are capable and protective enough to play the role of the knight in shining armour for her.

Since she has many goals and places to visit, she’s the perfect partner for a man with ambitions. Besides, she’s capable of taking good care of a home and being the most elegant date in public.

However, she may sometimes find it difficult to keep up with all the perfection she’s aiming for, so she needs times where someone takes her away and makes jokes so that she forgets all about her worries.

When it comes to both romance and sex, she’s one of the most interesting female characters in the Zodiac because men just want to be beautiful for her.

Ruled by Venus, she’s very attractive and feminine. Rich and powerful men love to have her at their arm, also to keep her protected from anything difficult in life. In return, she’s discreet and charming.

What’s also great about this lady is that she can adapt to almost any situation. While seeming fragile on the inside, she’s in fact not at all weak. Anyone very intelligent could have a great conversation with her.

As far as family goes, she wants to live in harmony with all her loved ones. As a matter of fact, the desire to have balance and harmony characterizes her the most. She can handle both her professional and personal lives efficiently, not to mention she aims for perfection when it comes to these aspects of her life.

Her friends are many, but this doesn’t mean she spends too much time with them while ignoring her family. After all, her children and husband are all that matter in her life.

The Libra Husband: Loving the Serenity of His Own Home

As a partner or husband, the Libra man is easy to get along well with. He enjoys domestic peace and in fact gives it a lot of importance, which means he hates fighting or making scenes.

His natural role is that of the peacemaker, so he makes sure that there isn’t any reason for others to argue with him.

Whenever someone turns against him, he activates his charm and escapes any ugly situation. On the other hand, there is no knowing where he’s standing. He can be caring and loving one moment, only to become cold and distant the other.

He always takes his time when having to make decisions because he’s a master at analyzing both sides of a problem, not to mention a true procrastinator.

His home will always be beautifully decorated because he has great tastes and loves interior design. Besides, he loves comfort and owning expensive art pieces.

It’s true that he’s a little bit lazy and doesn’t like working hard, but if he’s with someone who enjoys taking care of all the domestic tasks, he should be just fine.

He will always be appreciated for being able to see when his wife is in trouble and for always giving her a hand. Similar to the Virgo man, he also cares very deeply about his family.

More than this, he’s very calm and calculated, whilst at the same time optimistic. It’s unusual for him to get angry without a serious reason, but when he does, he becomes hurtful with his words. As a matter of fact, as soon as he cannot tolerate a situation, he becomes aggressive.

He doesn’t leave things to happen by chance because he’s always strategizing. However, he does seem to have a problem finding solutions to problems because he’s indecisive. His tendency is to think everything through.

When someone contradicts him, he becomes bitter and nasty. As said before, he has very fine tastes, which means he wants the most expensive things.

Furthermore, he wants to live in a clean and orderly environment. When it comes to health, he’s quite fragile and may suffer from all kind of illnesses or contact viruses.

The Libra Parent: The Peacekeepers of the House

As parents, Libras are giving their best to create a harmonious and peaceful environment for their little ones. They do also struggle to that fights never take place. This means they can be pushovers, especially if they have children who are trying to manipulate them in order to get what their heart desires.

No matter what, Libras will always hold on tight to their own beliefs and values, so when they have to put their foot down with their kids, they don’t hesitate to do it.

At the same time, they will inspire them to have refined tastes and to focus on beauty more than on anything else. They love being hosts and hostesses for their friends, so their children will learn from very early what it means to have parties at home.

When fights between siblings are happening, the Libra parents are the ones who make peace because they hate tension and it’s their pleasure to be the negotiators in quarrels.

More than this, they’re very good at calming everything down. This means their children will learn from them what cooperation and making compromises mean.

Being indecisive, they need to make sure that they’re consistent with their little ones. While it’s great to be the most loved parent, they need to keep in mind that another one of their roles is to command respect and to be authoritative.

The Libra Sibling: Sharing with Their Nearest and Dearest

As siblings, Libras never tell what they want because they have a problem expressing themselves openly, especially when children.

They love spending quality time with their brothers and sisters, and to give them all their attention. If someone or something distracts them from doing this, they make sure to remedy the situation.

Loving to share, the Libra sister will give her siblings everything they want, from clothes and toys to secrets and knowledge she holds. This is how she is, a person who loves to share with those she cares about the most.

She’s also very attached to the people she has grown up with. When an adult, she needs to spend as much time with her brothers and sisters because she wants to show them that she will always be by their side. The Libra sister gives a lot of importance to love and doesn’t hesitate to show it.

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