Libra Best Match: Who is the Right Person for You?


What Libras want from their relationships is balance, harmony and equality. They want to commit and to have their partner committed to them as well. While their imaginary world may sound like a utopia, they do manage to achieve it, especially if they focus on achieving their relationship goals.

Libra Best Match Nutshell:

  • Your greatest need in love as a Libra: to have your love and devotion acknowledged by your partner.
  • Sagittarius is your match because they share your honesty and don’t like to beat around the bush.
  • Aquarius is your match because they love being around lots of people and share your social instincts.
  • Gemini is your match because you won’t just be getting a partner, you’ll be getting a friend too.

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Their love is all about faithfulness and devotion, not to mention calculated. They’re people of contracts who treat their relationships as such. It’s very hard for them to see their partner not respecting the rules they have instilled.

They like routine and structure. Some people may find them to be boring, while other feel reassured of their love. Either way, Libras want to commit to someone for a lifetime, especially if they feel like they have found their soulmate.

It’s easy for them to get distracted when in a relationship, as they can’t resist temptation. It’s not that they intend to hurt someone, they just need to be flattered all the time if they are to feel like they’re with their soulmate.

Because they don’t believe people have a bad side, they’re very gullible and usually end up hurt. The Libra woman is best suited for a Fire sign because Fire signs are honest, direct and mannered.

When it comes to the Libra man, he’s the most compatible with Air signs because they’re intellectual and also interested in something long-term.

Best match for Libra is Sagittarius

Libras can find their match in Sagittarians, seeing as both signs are very fun and quite intriguing. When together, they can learn what settling means without forcing anything.

Besides, they both have the purest spiritual energy and can love very deeply. They also think the same and have similar feelings. The Fire element goes very well with the Air one because air keeps the fire going.

Libras and Sagittarians make perfect matches also because they have many things in common. For example, they’re both very honest, to the point of pure bluntness and harsh honesty.

Sagittarians need Libras to guide them because they can be quite inconsistent and superficial. These 2 have a lot to learn from one another, so they shouldn’t hesitate to spend as much time as possible together.

Libras are never bothered by Sagittarians’ spirit of adventure for as long as things between them happen naturally and their relationship is filled with love.

Archers are not known for staying put for too long because what they need is to move around and to feel their blood running through their veins, something that Libras don’t mind at all dealing with. Both want perfection and have very high standards.

While clumsy, Sagittarians are still driven to achieve their goals and need to be with someone who thinks just like them. Libras hate having flawed plans and can be indecisive, so Archers can support them when they feel like not knowing which direction to take in life.

When together, these two can accomplish amazing things. Their relationship is harmonious, even if they’re both strongminded and can sometimes get into one another’s way.

However, astrology says they’re very compatible and have the ability to disregard each other’s flaws. Libras always admire Sagittarians for being free-spirited, whereas Archers love seeing how diplomatic Libras can be.

If they want to last as a couple for a very long time, they need to make some compromises, especially when it comes to communication and emotions. Both are a little bit distant, which means they’re not too intimate with each other.

What they should do is make the best out of their time spend together because the more they distance themselves from one another, the more their relationship destroys itself. They should also accept that they have flaws and that compromises sometimes need to be made.

Libras are usually happy with the fact that Sagittarians are independent, but they shouldn’t become entirely submissive. Archers mustn’t ever rush Libras into making decisions.

Libra and Aquarius: A Pair of Social Butterflies

Two very compatible Air signs, Libras and Aquarians can go through life together very happily. Libras love having a busy schedule and meeting people, whereas Aquarians are usually in the middle of things and have an incredibly large circle of friends made from artists, thinkers and even rockstars.

While Libras usually get together with more refined people, they can really enjoy the company of Aquarius’ friends. When together, it’s like these two are part of a larger family in which they’re very happy.

This is a good thing because it gives them the opportunity to go on new adventures with the people they’re surrounded by, not to mention they can be godparents, babysitters, uncles and aunts, all roles they really enjoy playing.

They will have a great first date together because they’re both very good conversationalists. In case they decide to be together as a couple, they’re sure to throw the best parties and to invite artsy people that Libras usually entertain.

However, they should be careful about their relationship because they’re both too casual and don’t know what being really intimate means. When it’s only the two of them, they can be moody and play games just to get to sex.

Aquarians are way less romantic than Libras, but more humanitarian and not as interested in expensive things. As a matter of fact, they’re offended if someone suggests them to that they spend more on themselves.

Libras want to be with their soulmate, that ideal partner who has an open mind, and they can find him or her in the Aquarius.

Aquarians are visionaries and have a progressive way of thinking. They get turned on by the way Libras think, not to mention they’re very happy with the fact that Libras allow them to be free. Neither of them are suffocating and needy. The attraction between them being tremendous, they can have together a very passionate relationship.

Aquarians feel accepted with Libras, also never judged. Libras like Aquarians for being authentic, fair and balanced. At the same time, Water Bearers are rational and wouldn’t even dare to not treat their partner as an equal.

Libra and Gemini: Quite Often Friends First

When together as a couple or as friends, Libras and Geminis spend a lot of their time socializing and going out. However, they’re both indecisive, which means it takes them a lot to reach the conclusion that they should be together.

Their relationship has many facets, but one thing’s for sure about them, they can have a lot of fun as a couple. This is because their mental connection is very strong, seeing they’re both intelligent and witty.

Besides, they like socializing and making friends from different cultural backgrounds. Their relationship will be built on equality and friendship.

Libras are considerate and usually want to make Geminis happy, so they’re not scared of compromises. When faced with many possibilities, neither of them can make a decision fast. Both belong to the Air element, which means they fall in love with their mind first.

As a matter of fact, how long they’re going to last together depends a lot on how they can keep each other entertained and intellectually stimulated. They like talking and prefer debating over holding hands or kissing.

The stars say they’re meant to be together for a very long and happy time too. As Air signs, they also have a tendency to rationalize their own emotions and to think rather than to feel. Neither of them feels comfortable with feelings.

What Libras hate the most is confrontation, which means they always struggle to have a peaceful life. Since they both have a tendency to cover up their darkness and serious problems, they may end up realizing their relationship isn’t as happy as they believed it to be.

While both love spending time with other people, Libras are the ones who need closer connections. Geminis prefer to have many acquaintances and only a few friends. In case Geminis end up spending too much out instead of with their Libras, things between the two may turn to be very ugly in the end.

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