Libra Man in Love Relationships: Slow and Steady in His Love Life


When his ego is bruised, the Libra man starts to act like an offended child. The woman in his life needs to make many efforts in order to not make him feel personally insulted or hurt as a result of any of her actions.

Relationships and the Libra Man in a Nutshell:

  • Positives: He is likely to give his all to his relationship.
  • Negatives: He has a tendency to rush, which may put some women off.
  • Perfect Relationship: One where stability and longevity thrive.
  • Advice: The Libra man should realize that not all change is bad, and is even healthy sometimes.

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However, it doesn’t matter how much he feels that he’s not treated right, his relationship would still last for very long, if not for a lifetime. This is because he would never give up on his partner when times are more difficult. Most of the time, he’s very calm and tries to solve problems in a fair manner.

If he finds himself giving everything he has to his partner and thinks she is the love if his life, he may stop focusing on himself and his own happiness. If truly in love with a woman, he immediately starts to see her as his wife.

As a matter of fact, he’s rather dependent on being loved and feeling wanted, expressing his true love by discussing marriage. It’s very likely for him to move too fast and to want to make the big step in the beginning of his relationship.

This is because his sign belongs to the Air element, which gives him speed and intent. His ideas just need to be followed through no matter what. What’s incredible about him is that he is like this even if Saturn is present in his sign a lot, Saturn being a planet that slows things down.

It can be said he takes everything seriously, but in fact he just doesn’t want to waste time with a relationship that has no meaning. He needs to know where he stands all the time.

Patient and Steady in Love

If his life is just fine, the Libra man is relaxed, always happy and the best companion. However, when trouble arises on the horizon, he panics.

His relationship ending would be like the end of the entire world for him because he dreams about being with someone close through both the good and the bad times. He would do anything to keep his partner and to save what they have together, so his emotions are a mess during breakups.

While seeming sophisticated and strong, he actually has a very vulnerable heart. In relationships, he only sees his partner and is very faithful. This is because he has high ideals as far as love goes.

Attentive, kind and flattering, he sometimes seems too desperate to be involved, which is a turn off for many women. For this reason, he should just let things happen on their own and not pursue perfection in his romantic connection all the time.

In case a breakup seems to get close, he does everything in his power for things to not go downhill. He will make a conscious effort to show all his qualities in front of his lady all over again, so that she might change her mind and doesn’t want to leave him anymore.

A woman with not so good intentions would take advantage of him in this situation, so he needs to pay attention to who he’s with.

His feelings are mixed up most of the time and this can be seen in the way he’s loving one moment and completely detached the other. But this is not because he doesn’t love, it’s because he’s very indecisive and focuses on who knows what.

Besides, he wants to make completely sure that he’s with the right one, which can take a him a lot of time to do it. It could be years until he decides to pop up the big question, but it could also be days. It all depends on how the relationship feels to him.

What he wants is to be in a balanced relationship. He doesn’t like women who are dependent on their partner and can’t be happy on their own. At the same time, he needs to feel that he’s the missing puzzle piece in his lady’s life.

This may sound like a contradiction, but that’s what he is, a man full of contradictions. He doesn’t mind seeing flaws in his partner for as long as she has qualities that counterbalance them.

His sign is the one of the Scales of Justice, which means he always weighs in all the pros and cons of a new relationship, ultimately deciding if he should settle with the person he likes or not.

He feels like he’s entitled to what’s best, so he may marry quite late. A little bit insensitive and talkative because he’s an Air sign, he needs a woman who can put up with offensive remarks from time to time.

A Man for the Long Term

What he wants the most is to live in peace with his other half. In case he happens to be with someone too emotional, he won’t stay in that relationship for too long because he just can’t put up with intensity.

Drama is not something he can handle, especially since he has to deal with his own because he’s very indecisive. A woman may want to change for him, but she needs to make sure that she’s doing it forever, because he wouldn’t hesitate to break up with her if she were to return to her old self.

While he wants long-term relationships, he still can act like a spoiled little brat and be on and off with his affection. At least he’s very cute when doing silly voices and calling his girl all kind of sweet names.

He’s very moderate and wants everything to be proportionate, so he expects a mannered lady who’s uninhibited in bed. He wants her to feel the same about equality as he does too.

When fighting with her for different reasons, he brings up things from past, that he kept in a mental vault for a long time just to bring it into discussion during conflicts.

Even if he may take a long time to get to the altar or perhaps only a few weeks, the Libra man is sure to treat his partner as an equal. This means the relationship with him is very beautiful and balanced.

Selfless to a Fault

Libra is the sign that rules romantic relationship, which means the Libra man is the ideal candidate for marriage. He’s also refined and very cultured, able to both give and receive love, be fair and also be one of the best husbands in the Zodiac.

Giving a lot of importance to relationships, he doesn’t hesitate to put his partner before himself. This means he shouldn’t be with a woman who wants a domineering man.

He can even give up completely on his wishes just to see his lady happy. There are many women who would appreciate him for this, so he shouldn’t have a problem finding that special someone.

When in a relationship, he’s at his happiest and much more productive. This is because he was born for partnerships, as his sign dictates. If it were for him, all his relationships would end up in marriage, this is how much he respects the institution and wants to have a lifelong partner by his side.

What he hates the most is being single. His individual freedom no longer matters when he’s with someone because all he wants is to please and to be the perfect partner. He wasn’t meant to be alone because his destiny is to find his other half.

It’s very easy to live with him because he’s reasonable and fair, not to mention he wants domestic tranquility and avoids conflicts as much as possible.

As a matter of fact, no matter where he may be going, he’s the natural peacemaker who bring sense into people who want to fight all the time. He’s not only a cool negotiator for peace, he also has a special charm that makes people want to listen to what he has to say.

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