Libra Woman Personality: From Love to Career and Social Life


The Libra woman wants nothing else but justice, fairness and to have a balanced life. Her symbol is the Scales, which means she’s looking for completeness and perfection. She’s sociable and knows how to communicate.

The Libra woman in a nutshell:

  • Personality: As symbolized by the scales that represent her, she finds solace in balance and objectivity.
  • Love: Her constant need for her partner’s affection is balanced by the love the shows her man.
  • Career: In her constant search for the right thing, she flicks between different areas of work without a moment’s hesitation.
  • Family: She is the ideal mother as she always knows what to do, owed mainly to her balanced nature.
  • Social Life: A Libra friend will be there for the long term, even when relationships deteriorate.

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Many astrologers consider her the yin and yang epitome because she combines flawless logic with intense emotions, not to mention she manages to see both sides of any situation and in a quarrel. This lady is always open to listen to reason and has a lot of common sense. Good-natured, she also has no problem admitting when she has made a mistake.

Libra Woman Personality

The Libra woman is very sociable and was born to understand things from their different perspectives. She’s cool and a big intellectual who loves interacting with others and wants peace more than anything else.

Since she’s ruled by the planet Venus, she likes going out and making new friends. Being charming, she attracts other people like a magnet. While she may not be the most beautiful woman in the Zodiac, she surely has a special glow and many men find her irresistible.

Her sign belongs to the Air element, which means she’s intelligent and a good mediator, especially since she’s objective and can see both sides of any story. When she can’t solve a problem through negotiations and peace, she prefers to flee.

The Libra’s symbol is the Scales of Justice. The woman born in this sign is true to her symbol, so she wants to see fairness and justice everywhere around her. When someone does something wrong, she’s ready to intervene and to make things right again. This is why she’s a very good attorney and likes to fight for those who can’t defend themselves but have been done an injustice.

Her sign is also Cardinal, which makes her a natural born leader and a person that releases trends into the society. Her ideas are creative, not to mention she has enough energy to put them into practice.

On the other hand, she can be indecisive and unstable. It doesn’t matter what keeps bothering her, she simply can’t resist questioning her judgment. This is why she often lets others to make the decisions that are very important for her.

What she tries to avoid most is unpleasantness. This means that when angry or hurt, she’s becomes very cold and treats the person who wronged her with passive-aggressiveness.

Love and Relationships for the Libra Woman

The man who’s dating or has dated the Libra woman will never forget her because she’s that woman who’s always ready to do things, to make new friends and to put into practice all sort of crazy ideas.

She has a large circle of friends, from different life settings, but it can’t be said she truly knows all of them. Just because these people are in her life, it doesn’t mean she had the time to deal with them all.

Her partner shouldn’t be threatened by her male friends because this is exactly what they are and nothing more for her.

When in a relationship, she needs to be reassured of her partner’s love for her. This may sound hard to believe seeing she seems to have so much self-confidence, but it’s absolutely true.

She’s very cautious with her love, not to mention that she analyzes situations, just to make sure that her emotions are always safe. This can have her seeming needy, yet it’s the way she is and no one can change it.

This is a Woman Who Experiments Until She Finds Herself at Work

The Libra woman may take some time before deciding on a career and succeeding at it, because in her 20s and even her 30s, she jumps from one idea to another, prefers to be a freelancer, starts projects and abandons them and is quite the hustler.

In spite of all this, she’s still a hard worker and wants to be successful no matter what she may be doing. However, she would never worry about what she wants to do as a career, nor does she think that she has a life purpose. She just does things and believes they’re part of a bigger picture.

Some people may accuse her of being a dilettante or superficial, just because she never sits down for a minute, not to mention that she’s involved in a few projects at the same time.

For example, she starts many businesses as once, she doesn’t worry if one of them is failing and she always thinks about what to do next. This is because she simply loves starting new projects and the processes involved in this, such as designing logos, making the business plan and increasing the social media coverage.

She abandons her projects one by one, or she transforms then into something completely different from what they were in the beginning. It would be a good idea for her to focus on something with meaning.

For example, she could be an activist and a fighter for justice, because she gets very angry when seeing unfairness and inequality. Besides, she’s good at finding solutions to problems. Her ideals are high, but this doesn’t mean she can’t turn them into reality.

Libra Woman’s Wellbeing at Home and Socially

When at home, the Libra woman needs to have symmetry and the colors in her surrounding to complement each other. This is because she likes balance more than anything else. If one of the chairs from the dining room is in the hallway, she can be very bothered.

She wants things to be in their place and to look as if they have been put there by a higher power. What she wants is to live in a big place with 2 bathrooms if possible, especially if living with someone else.

Since she has a great eye for beauty, she most of the time decorates her home with luxurious items and objects of art. When it comes to colors, she prefers nuances and green or yellow, also pastel blues.

Because she needs stability, she may have a very soft spot for blue. Blue inspires stability and equilibrium, so she may gravitate towards this color. In case blue is not her thing, she may be a fan of purple because it represents the spirit and is balanced, as it includes all the elements.

Her refined tastes make her a great interior designer, especially since she knows where every piece of furniture belongs and how to make a place more welcoming. Works of art calm her down because she can contemplate upon them whenever she’s feeling restless.

Being ruled by Venus just like the Taurus, she loves good food, even cooking and playing with it. All Venus signs are big foodies, so they’re prone to weight gain, just because they eat when feeling disillusioned or anxious.

However, the Libra woman can also suffer from the other extreme and eat less, which can lead her to weight loss issues.

Just like the Taurus, this lady gets very happy when comfortable, so she needs a special place where she can curl up in bed with a book or watch television. As a matter of fact, it’s not surprising for her to spend entire weekends inside and playing computer games, but this would have her turning into a coach potato sooner than later.

She knows what to do most of the time, especially when it comes to matters regarding her home, family and career. After all, she’s a master of balance.

Besides, she knows how to keep her emotions in control and never acts on impulse. However, she may have a problem if in love, as Venus has her losing her head.

She can be the type that holds onto a relationship even when things no longer work. This is when she’s no longer rational. Her wisdom seems to be completely gone and she doesn’t want to cut the already destroyed emotional connection between her and her partner.

At least she’s capable of sincere and intense love, even if she goes mad with it sometimes. As a child, the Libra woman is calm and a little bit airheaded, but always fun and sociable. She also knows diplomacy from a very young age, so she’s kind and gentle with other people. She has an artistic soul and likes making her loved ones happy.

There’s also the situation in which she’s a procrastinator. This kind of Libra leaves for school at the last moment, she postponed giving in her projects and does almost nothing around the house, which can drive her parents completely crazy.

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