Cancer and Leo Compatibility in Love & Life: An Ambitious Relationship


A water sign and a fire sign together might not seem like a good fit at first sight, but Cancer and Leo have a surprising lot in common. The two are generally lively, cheerful, fun, and very inventive. They look for serious relationships and are family-oriented.

Criteria Cancer Leo Compatibility Degree
Emotional connection Average ❤❤❤
Communication Below average ❤❤
Trust & Dependability Strong ❤❤❤❤
Common values Below average ❤❤
Intimacy & Sex Average ❤❤❤

They know how to have a good laugh, and they’re happy about doing silly little things together. The two are not afraid to let their childish self out. They might go use the swings on the playground, eat ice-cream for dinner, and share funny and embarrassing memories.

When in public, Leo likes to stick to big groups of people, because they want as much attention as they can get. This also extends to their romantic relationship too. Luckily, Cancer is happy to provide, and they can get very inventive with the many ways they have to express their love and affection.

They will have nothing against PDA, because physical touch like handholding, kissing, and cuddling, will be the order of the day. They’ll love to go on memorable adventures together, like vacations to remote and interesting places. Their life will be full with lots of wonderful moments.

When These Two Fall in Love

Leo will be the center of attention. They will take the stage all to themselves, wherever they go. This is okay with Cancer, as this sign is more reserved and generally shy. They will appreciate having the attention drawn away from themselves.

The fact that they both want to start a family only brings them closer together. They’ll make good parents, because they don’t consider investing time in their little ones a chore, but something fun.

Moody Cancer will feel at ease next to Leo, because the fire sign is self-assured, generous, and a very affectionate partner. That’s just what Cancer needs in their life.

On the flip side, Leos also have their own needs which should be satisfied. They need constant attention, admiration, and compliments. When it comes to their sex life, they have to be in charge, and they aren’t keen to compromise in this regard.

These two share many similarities that make the compatibility between Cancer and Leo stronger. They’re affectionate and generous partners. They’re respectful and attentive to their lover’s needs. They are also looking to start a family, and they like to make their home the center of their life as a couple. Cancer is especially concerned with keeping family ties strong.

Their relationship will be strong, as both signs are loyal and seek loyalty in return. Leo is a good communicator and this matters a lot to Cancer, who always wants to discuss personal problems and feelings. Cancer is intuitive and can sense the mood and empathize with people.

Their life together will be exciting, and there will always be something new and interesting to do.

Cancer is homely and likes to play it safe, but Leo will make sure to get them out of their comfort zone, because if there’s anything the fire sign hates, it is stagnation and boredom. Attentive and sweet Cancer will also make sure to always surprise and find ways to amuse Leo too.

Cancer and Leo Relationship Key Facts

They’re a highly compatible match. They get along very well, because both are protective and generous partners. They’ll try to understand and support each other whenever they need it.

They will have a fulfilling life together, despite their differences. In fact, these differences could make their relationship all the more entertaining.

In family or platonic relations, as well as co-workers, they get along very well. Leo is the shining star, while Cancer provides support and good cheer. As long as Leo gets their compliment-fix, things will be okay. They can do well together when business is concerned. Leo is the one to take the risks, while Cancer deals with the money and finances.

When in a relationship, a Cancer and a Leo can live their happy-ever-after together, as long as they work together on overcoming obstacles in their way. Leo should help Cancer improve their self-esteem, so that they will not be tempted to become all clingy and needy when they have doubts about their relationship.

When they become parents, their children will take on their positive traits. They will be responsible, kind, clever, and talented, taking the best from both Cancer and Leo.

The two should keep an eye on their daily life so they avoid cramming their schedule with too many activities or too much work, but they also avoid falling into the dreaded daily-routine. They need to strike a balance.

Both Cancer and Leo can be a bit sensitive at times. Leo has a short temper, and Cancer is very moody. If they are both in a bad emotional state, things might be difficult to manage.

Leos get jealous easily and this makes them very possessive of their partner. Cancer holds on to the past and always brings up others’ old mistakes to make themselves look better in an argument.

Cancer is also highly sensitive and easily offended, so Leo has to watch their mouth and choose their words wisely, especially when trying to offer constructive criticism. Cancers don’t take criticism well and they feel attacked, which only makes them grow distant.

Cancer should learn to control their emotions better and to get a more objective perspective on life. They should also let go of the past and focus on the positive side of things. Thinking forward is the best idea.

Cancer and Leo Marriage Compatibility

The two have to seriously think about the future, and they should take the time to discuss everything together, so they can choose the best plan of action for both sides. Both Cancer and Leo can get quite bossy, so they need to find a common ground for everyone to be pleased.

They should learn to view things from the other’s perspective. Sometimes, their worldviews might lead to a clash, and that’s when misunderstandings can get ugly.

Cancer wants raw emotions, loyalty and affection. But Leo’s need for attention and their boasting about their relationship could strike Cancer as superficial and insincere.

If these two can’t find a way to better communicate and settle out these misunderstandings, the relationship might slowly fall apart. The signs might want to look for someone whom they can better relate to.

However, once these issues are dealt with, and the two learn to compromise on certain deal-breaker issues, their relationship and even marriage can be strong and happy for a long time to come.

Drawbacks of This Match

Cancer is too sensitive and takes everything to heart, which might not be a good fit when considering Leo’s dominant and sometimes harsh attitude. Leo can become very judgmental and hurtful when challenged or when in a bad mood.

When hurt, Cancer will just withdraw back into their shell, and stay there until they receive an apology.

In the Cancer and Leo match, both signs can be selfish when their emotional needs are concerned. Cancer wants affection 24/7, while Leo wants constant attention and praise. They will each need to spend some time alone from time to time.

This way, they will avoid getting exhausted from their demanding relationship. It is also a good way to keep an objective view over their partner.

Cancers are too affected by the past and they are constantly anxious about something, which is not easy for Leo to understand. Because Leos are more self-assured and proactive, they will label Cancers as irrational and chaotic.

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