Cancer and Capricorn Compatibility in Love & Life: A Comfortable Relationship


A couple to prove that (polar) opposites can attract. On the one hand, you have the sensitive and emotional Cancer, and on the other hand, you have the pragmatic and cool-headed Capricorn. If there’s a strong attraction that brings them together, they can work on understanding and overcoming any potentially disruptive differences.

Criteria Cancer Capricorn Compatibility Degree
Emotional connection Strong ❤❤❤❤
Communication Below average ❤❤
Trust & Dependability Average ❤❤❤
Common values Strong ❤❤❤❤
Intimacy & Sex Below average ❤❤

Things will be confusing for both partners at the beginning of their relationship, given their completely different temperaments and personalities. With time, however, if both are willing to put in the effort, their love will only grow stronger.

Cancer can get moody and emotional for no apparent reason, which to a stoic like the Capricorn, is difficult to understand. Capricorns are calculating and they don’t warm up easily. Earth signs like the Capricorn like to take things slowly and to analyze every situation before acting, and a relationship is no different.

A Cancer’s unpredictable emotions and moods will be an obstacle in the beginning, since Capricorns like patterns, planning, and approaching everything they do as if it were a mathematical formula.

Cancer can also find some things they dislike about the Capricorn, such as a Capricorn’s focus on the concrete and on hard data, and their always too serious demeanor.

When These Two Fall in Love

Cancer and Capricorn compatibility suggests that the two complete each other in a nice way. Irrespective of gender, Cancer is known to be the Zodiac’s most motherly signs, while Capricorn is the closest to a father figure out of all other signs. It’s easy to see where the attraction comes from, and keeping this in mind, they could make it work out.

They can sense this compatibility, and they will feel a strong attraction towards one another. The fact that both are rather traditional and family oriented only brings them even closer.

In their house, Capricorn will be a provider, while Cancer will be a home-maker and a nurturer. They both make good parents, since they’re protective, affectionate, and understanding.

Cancer is nostalgic and generally doesn’t let go of the past, good or bad. Conservative Capricorn is also a bit of a romantic in this sense. They like to learn from and to appreciate the past, from history. They like to uphold tradition and old-school values.

Unsurprisingly, Capricorn is probably going to choose a traditional but well-paying career too. In their relationship, the two teach each other new skills and ways of seeing the world.

Capricorn teaches Cancer how to be more independent, proactive, and practical-minded, while Cancer teacher Capricorn how to relax a little and get cozy.

Capricorn feels protective of soft and sweet Cancer, and loves providing them with the sense of security they crave. However, they will need to work on the water sign’s self-esteem and their relationship anxiety.

Cancer needs to understand there’s nothing to worry about, and that their lover wouldn’t want to abandon them over any little inconvenience. When insecurities arise, Cancer will get clingy and possessive, but Capricorn can calmly reassure them. Cancer will need to develop a better self-image and to be more independent.

On the flip side, Cancer is a loving and self-less partner. They will appreciate and support Capricorn unconditionally, no matter how difficult their goals and dreams might be. This will not go unnoticed or unappreciated by the Capricorn.

Cancer will also help money-focused Capricorn maintain a work and life balance, as they will notice when the earth sign tends to overwork themselves. Someone needs to remind Capricorn that life is not all work and no play, and Cancer is the right person for that.

Cancer and Capricorn Relationship Key Facts

Because they are complete opposites when it comes to personality, they complete each other very nicely. They make a sweet match and are surprisingly compatible, but remember that both are cardinal signs, which means they feel the need to lead others.

When in a couple, a Cancer and a Capricorn will sometimes compete and even argue on certain issues, but these are not going to be major occurrences.

For long-term relationship success, they don’t need anything special, apart from what every couple should do in a normal, mature, and serious relationship: communicate openly, compromise, define each other’s boundaries, likes and dislikes.

Cancer should learn to allow Capricorn the space and time they need in order to be productive in everyday life. They should also learn how to pin-point and explain their feelings and worries to Capricorn, so the two can have a starting point to solve these issues. Cancer should keep in mind that Capricorn is steady in their way, if not stubborn. They’re not likely to let go of their opinion easily, but it’s nothing personal.

Cancers are shy and reserved, so making a move or moving the relationship forward will be one of Capricorn’s responsibilities. Capricorns are luckily self-assured and good with making important decisions.

Cancers are very anxious about failure. They try to analyze a situation from every possible angle, before they make a decision or before acting.

However, if they’re proven wrong or their plan falls through, they tend to throw the blame on someone else. They’re overly-sensitive don’t do well with criticism of any kind. Highly-critical Capricorn will have to get used to this and try to tone down their nagging.

Cancer is not always innocent though, as they like to have the upper hand. They might try to emotionally blackmail others in order to have things going their way, but this won’t fly with the stubborn and cool-headed Capricorn.

The two should learn to work together and be forgiving, understanding, and open with each other. This way, things will be going well and their relationship will grow stronger with each passing day.

Cancer and Capricorn Marriage Compatibility

Their shared traditional values and need for stability makes them a good match. They need loyalty and affection in their relationships, and they’re both ready to provide just that for each other. They have an easy time getting along and agreeing on different things.

In the Cancer and Capricorn match the two respect and appreciate each other’s interests and aspirations, and they know how to have fun together. Capricorn will take care of the planning, because this is their forte. Cancer isn’t a naysayer so they will happily go along with Capricorn’s ideas.

With two polar opposites together, you’d be sure they’re both going to complete each other nicely. Capricorn is career-oriented and a workaholic; this sign doesn’t mind the stress of finances and dealing with serious issues.

Soft Cancer on the other hand prefers to stay homely and work on the decorations or planning the meals for the upcoming week. With clear boundaries and rules in place, these two can make a very nice couple and their marriage is bound to last till death does them apart.

Drawbacks of This Match

Sometimes, it’s not all rainbows and kittens. When challenged or attacked, the two signs tend to get passive-aggressive and distant. At their worst, Cancer is also very manipulative or just completely non-functional and depressed.

Despite these two signs’ desire to lead, they should let go and be less competitive against one another. Letting the other have it their way sometimes can make you feel good too. They should first remember what brings them together, not what separates them.

Cancer can’t take any criticism, and they are too clingy at times. They’re very affectionate, but they expect the same in return, too. Capricorn is not really emotional like Cancer, and this can lead to major misunderstandings.

When things get heated, Capricorns tend to find a quiet place to wait it out, while Cancer freaks out and melts into a puddle, if they don’t have someone next to them to tell them everything’s fine.

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