Capricorn Man in Love Relationships: Stringent and Committed


The Capricorn man is first of all difficult. He’s especially difficult to live with because his sign belongs to the Earth element and he’s ruled by the planet Saturn, which makes him very strict. When with someone new, he acts as if he doesn’t understand anything, and he really doesn’t.

Relationships and the Capricorn Man in a Nutshell:

  • Positives: He is in a relationship for the long haul.
  • Negatives: His stubbornness can be difficult for the woman he is with.
  • Perfect Relationship: Where he can be a devoted husband and father.
  • Advice: He should try to take his foot off the pedal and let loose every now and then.

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At the same time, he has very high demands that only a few people or women can meet. In case he doesn’t come across the magic of love, he’s possessive and very stubborn, unwilling to make any compromise or to accept a different opinion than his own.

However, it can be inspiring and profound to watch him fall for someone because he may start to open up and to change a few things in his personality for the better. When convinced that he should be with a woman, he starts doing all sort of things for her.

What he wants is to be with someone for a lifetime, to never doubt her feelings and love for him.  He will however act strange when involved in a new relationship, just because he’s a stranger to emotions and doesn’t want to give up his down-to-earth attitude and lose his head over a person.

If he finds someone he likes and she loves him back, there’s every chance he will be with her for a long time, if not forever. He’s very reliable and stubborn to keep his relationships. Besides, he can never be superficial, which means his feelings are so deep he sometimes can’t understand them himself.

A True Family Man

The Capricorn man can truly commit when it comes to love. What he wants is to get married and to always be faithful to his wife. He expects the same thing in return, so his lady should never flirt with other men in his presence.

He’s very serious about family, not to mention he’s the one of the best providers in the Zodiac. At the same time, he needs to be loved and taken seriously because he can’t stand it when the joke’s on him.

Devoted and the most loyal, he doesn’t accept betrayal. If it happens, he doesn’t hesitate to end the relationship in the cruelest manner possible, all because he feels very hurt.

However, if things between him and his partner go well, he’s very practical and reliable, the dream of any woman who wants a beautiful family. It doesn’t take him a lot of time to live up to his true potential, so he’s a good catch and deserving of being waited on.

He will be with the woman he chooses as his partner for a lifetime if allowed to. This is because he wants a family, to respect his ancestors’ tradition and to pass on everything he knows to his children.

This doesn’t mean he pressures the woman he loves into anything. What he builds is carefully managed and sure to last. He can suffer a lot until getting what he wants.

It would be a good idea for him to meet the love of his life through friends or family because he feels more comfortable to ask a woman out when surrounded by people he knows very well.

He sees relationships as obligations, not to mention he doesn’t commit until he’s sure that he can give all that he has. Of course, he’ll be with many girls in his time, but he won’t take things too far with any of them if unsure of his feelings.

As a Goat, he’s very stubborn and may not get married until he’s 40. This is also because he needs to take care of his career first, seeing he’s one of the best businessmen in the Zodiac and very professional.

The more he knows he’s on solid ground as far as his income goes, the more he’s ready to settle down with a woman. He’s the patriarch of the Zodiac, so being a father comes naturally to him.

It can also be said he’s more like a soldier because he has a highly developed sense of duty and is very hardworking, especially if he has a family to serve.

When becoming a father, he’s the happiest man on Earth because he knows someone will always listen to what he has to say and respect his authority. At home, he’s just like at work, which is a very good manager, sometimes too strict and even tyrannical. In case he becomes a father before it’s time for him to, things can take a pretty bad turn.

The Dominant Force in a Relationship

He can’t focus on both his family and career at the same time, so he may give up one of them sooner rather than later. He might not be ready though because in his mind, it goes like this: job, financial security and a family.

No one should ever mess with his plans because he would become lost and no longer know how to complete his duties. Not being a good provider is his ultimate shame. He wants to give his loved ones the best life, even if he may no longer care at all about their wellbeing when they reach an adult age.

When it comes to marriage, he needs to be with a woman who’s ready to let him dominate. He doesn’t make compromises and wants to do things his way only.

At the same time, he needs a lady who won’t have a more successful career than him because this would deeply hurt his ego. He’s the Emperor, the one who rules everything with an iron fist, so he needs a wife who has patience with him.

It can be difficult to accept that he needs to have all the authority, in the bedroom too, but at least he offers immense loyalty and a good life in return. He shouldn’t be asked why he stayed up all night at the office, nor stressed with feminist ideas. His own rules must be at all times respected too. He’s this big man who can take care of everything.

Being the father of the Zodiac, children simply love him. In case he isn’t around for them too much because he’s working, he’ll bring them everything they want for Christmas and their birthday.

The daddy attitude he has can conquer the heart of many women, especially those who don’t want to be in power and prefer to make compromises so that their man is happy. He can be quite repressive when allowed to, so extra care needs to be applied when living with him.

The Breadwinner and Proud of It

The woman who wants to get married for material comfort and a good reputation should definitely consider the Capricorn man because he can offer all this. He’s focused on having a successful career and wants these things more than anything else, together with making his family happy.

He’s stable and very dependable because he works hard every day to bring home what his wife and children want. However, in exchange for all this he asks to be loved and respected.

It’s not unlikely for him to give more importance to his career than to his love life. At the same time, he’s not the romantic type who makes sweet gestures. This is because he doesn’t have too intense emotions and doesn’t want to see them in his partner either.

He proves his love by being practical, supportive and the best provider out there. Very responsible, he always performs his domestic duties.

He’s also the best at making budgets and taking care of things at home, such as feeding the children and taking them to the park. He doesn’t do all this with a smile on his face because he’s also very conscientious and focused. It’s like he’s carrying the burden of the entire world on his shoulders all the time.

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