Capricorn Man Personality: From Love to Career and Social Life


The Capricorn man is dependable, self-confident, practical and strong. He always focuses on what he needs to get done and his goals, not to mention he’s always planning for the future. However, he can also be very demanding, unemotional and authoritative, making others feel like they’re not good enough for him or inappropriate.

The Capricorn man in a nutshell:

  • Personality: He prefers to keep his emotions to himself, making him a somewhat closed book.
  • Love: New relationships can be confusing for him, but his practicality means love is often long lasting.
  • Career: Quite often the hardest worker in the room, the Capricorn man climbs the ladder and keeps going until he’s at the top.
  • Family: He can become so preoccupied with giving his family the best life, he sometimes inadvertently neglects them in the process.
  • Social Life: He leaves others in awe at his impeccable tidiness and organisation.

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Capricorn Man Personality

When it comes to how others see him, the Capricorn man is a mystery. He’s quite reserved and doesn’t allow anyone into his mind. He has the tendency to build tall walls of coldness around himself, so no one can ever guess how he’s feeling.

Often seen as very cold and detached, he is in fact very sensitive and warm on the inside, but he wants to hide his true self from the rest of the world. Besides, he’s cynical and doesn’t really trust people, so it’s very difficult to get into his inner circle.

Aside from all this, he can be elusive and doesn’t like to go out that much, especially if he doesn’t have to do it for work. He’s driven by his goals and wants to achieve professional success no matter what, which means he fights hard to climb on the social ladder. It’s like nothing can distract him from having a successful career.

While he may seem too serious, as soon as someone gets to know him, he reveals his good sense of humour and desire to live his life as enjoyably as possible, which can be a very pleasant surprise for the person who didn’t understand him until a certain point.

He’s the type that likes dark comedy, but he can sometimes be too pessimistic, so he has to be cheered up when feeling down. Since he likes to dress formally and traditionally, it can be difficult to guess how odd of a person he is. However, he’s very peculiar underneath his serious exterior.

Love and Relationships for the Capricorn Man

As soon as the Capricorn man has fallen in love, he starts to act very strangely because he’s not used to having emotions. As a matter of fact, feelings seem almost out of this world for him. This will change with his first and perhaps second love, but there’s always the possibility that he looks at his partner as someone strange and even not right.

When it comes to winning the heart of a woman, he needs to learn how to do it slowly. If he’s lucky and the person he likes returns his feelings, he will be with her for a very long time, even for his entire life. This is because he’s very stable and too stubborn to ever even imagine that he can’t be with someone forever.

Besides, he takes everything very seriously and isn’t superficial, so his emotions are very profound, even if they come to surface later.

Many ladies will say that he’s difficult to be with, which is very true, seeing as he’s ruled by the planet Saturn. He’s strict and has very high expectations from the people with whom he has a relationship.

If his love is not magical, he becomes possessive and stubborn, unwilling to make any compromise so that his connection with the person in his life is more enjoyable. The woman of his dreams is profound and at the same time inspiring, open-minded and ready to support him no matter what.

If he’s deeply in love, there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for the person he cares about. His partner is sure to be at his side for a lifetime if he’s ready to offer her everything he has.

The Capricorn man wants to do everything the right way. That’s why he’s always respectful, punctual, a true gentleman and a caring soul. Having his ruler exalted in the sign of Libra, he’s tactful and mannered.

Besides, he’s strong, mature and knows exactly what he wants, also how to obtain it. He likes being admired by his lady, even if he doesn’t admit it and keeps secrets from her most of the time so that his true self is not being revealed.

This is a Man Who Climbs the Ladder at Work

Rational and serious, the Capricorn man is also the most hardworking person in the Zodiac. He’s also always focused on what he has to do, no matter if he has to build a playhouse or to make the paperwork for a global corporation.

His goals are always achieved, in a slow and progressive manner because he takes things step by step and knows that climbing the social ladder requires him to invest a lot of his time in the process.

He’s perseverant and very dutiful. At work, he’s that employee who started in the lowest position and ended up a manager after years of hard work. Besides, he seems to have a talent for business because he’s analytical and methodical.

His ideas are always good because he studies the information he has very carefully, not to mention he notices the details others wouldn’t. There’s no one that has more patience than him when it comes to seeing a project done the proper way.

At the same time, he understands what he has to do and how to advance in his career. As soon as he has managed to obtain a higher position at work, he must keep in mind where he has started from because he has the tendency to turn into a tyrant when he has power and money.

Being so responsible and hardworking, he has all the chances to end up in a position of great power. This is why he may work with the government or in finances, both being jobs that need authoritative and ambitious people.

Capricorn Man’s Wellbeing at Home and Socially

The Capricorn man is very organized and productive. He can impress anyone with how efficient he is. His home looks tidy because he loves cleaning up in his free time, not to mention he’s very disciplined.

It doesn’t matter if he’s a bachelor or has been married for years, he will always take good care of his home and make sure everything here is balanced. He doesn’t have too much time to cook, so he will always have takeout food in the fridge, in case he’s alone and doesn’t have someone to prepare his meals.

If he happens to be very busy at work, his home may look a little bit different than usual, with dirty laundry next to the washing machine and some empty pizza boxes on the floor. However, as soon as he has things balanced in his work life again, he makes sure everything is organized and takes good care of his homely surroundings.

He doesn’t mind being reminded that he needs to clean his house when he’s working too much, but if he’s nagged, he may run away from the person who’s stressing him with such things.

The sign of Capricorn rules over the bone, skeletal system, patella, peripheral nerves and the stomach, the mucous membranes, hair, skin, joints and teeth. The man born in this sign is prone to worrying a lot, especially if he has many duties to fulfil and is a businessperson.

He may also end up having accidents like sprains, dislocations and injuries. Since Capricorn also rules the skin, he may suffer from dermatitis, eczema and acne. Some other health problems he may have are obesity, metabolic diseases, constipation and a poor digestion, rheumatism, arthritis and knee pain.

The Capricorn man is the best friend anyone could have. He’s open and sociable, not to mention he has a very good sense of humour. When thrusted into the role of a father, he will take his responsibilities very seriously and be the best provider for his family. His children will see him as their role model, so they will borrow a lot from his behaviour.

Since he’s very preoccupied with comfort and the financial security of his loved ones, he may spend too much time at the office. This means he needs to find a balance between his career and home life. Not that he’s neglectful with his family, he just wants them to have everything they need and to live the most comfortable life.

Besides, he wants to have a good reputation and to be at the top of the social ladder, and this can be achieved only by working hard and having a successful career. His wife needs to understand him when it comes to this, but he has to make sure she’s feeling loved.

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