Capricorn Personality Strengths: Stable and Dependable


Capricorns are hardworking and very calm, driven to succeed and the most organized people in the Zodiac. Aside from all this, they can keep their cool in an emergency situation and don’t have a problem settling conflicts.

Capricorn Strengths in a Nutshell:

  • They possess a calm serenity that means they rarely get flustered.
  • Capricorns make for great leaders because of their sense of responsibility and discipline.
  • Ambitious beyond measure, they often achieve whatever they set out to do.
  • Despite all their qualities, they remain grounded and are rarely arrogant.

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Realistic and down-to-earth, they can see past illusions and emotions. If they wouldn’t, their tendency to become depressed for no reason whatsoever would greatly increase. It’s normal for them to not be jealous, angry, possessive or lazy because they don’t find any meaning to all these things.

Tough Nuts to Crack

Most of them are more than happy to defend their friends in arguments. They have a lot of patience and don’t crack under pressure.

Therefore, in situations in which others would lose their cool, they keep their calm and analyze things in a careful manner. No one can oppose them because they’re aware of all facts and have good arguments.

Most of the time they’re right, and they’re not scared to express themselves. Because they protect themselves a lot, they don’t get hurt that often or too easily. However, they are indeed shy and very reserved, which means they don’t allow people to get too close to them, especially if they don’t trust.

The fact that they keep their emotions in line makes them the best advisors in the Zodiac. At the same time, they’re very good at making tough decisions because they have an analytical mind and always think objectively.

Their sign stands for responsibility and patience. Capricorns are big traditionalists and very serious about life. When it comes to their best strengths, these are their ability to work very hard and their commitment to succeeding.

While appearing to have no emotion on the outside, they’re in fact very sensitive on the inside. Their weakness is stubbornness, but at least they’re helpful when they need to get things done.

As far as romance goes, Capricorn natives prefer to wait in order to have a relationship, just because they want their career to be successful before anything else. While it’s difficult to earn their trust and attention, they still have a big heart and want to fall in love sooner or later.

They can sometimes be too self-confident, but at least they’re not hurting anyone. When having a goal mind, they do everything in their power to achieve it.

What they want is to always improve and to bring their contribution to the society. They would never run away from their responsibilities or not admire when they’re being wrong.

What they hate the most is having to hear empty promises and not being able to do what they have said. Because they can’t stand irresponsible people, their friends aren’t that many friends and they don’t spend too much time at parties.

The Practical Thinkers of the Zodiac

It doesn’t matter what they’re supposed to do, they always analyze the situation before doing it. It’s good to overthink, but they kind of miss on great opportunities in life because of it.

They’re very careful with their actions because they want a stable and meaningful life. Rational and logical, they’re amongst the most practical people in the Zodiac. Their goals are well set, and they work hard to achieve them.

What they want the most from life is to have stability and security. If the odds are against them, they don’t hesitate to persevere and get what they want.

Seeing as they’re so driven, it’s unlikely that they’re ever idle. They believe in their own talents and abilities, not to mention that when they say something will happen, they’re only right.

Many may see them as cold and detached, but they’re in fact self-sufficient. Besides, they know that time is very precious, so they carefully organize it and pay attention to every little detail.

It’s very likely for them to marry for status or money because they can’t be stopped from racing towards the highest peaks. It doesn’t matter who has more money in their family, they’re the ones who need to be in control.

Patient, they don’t mind waiting for what they want in life. In spite of the fact that they’re very focused on their goals, they can also be quite fun and witty. However, they would never stop from being cautious and especially attentive to their money.

They’re very good at saving and know how to invest. This is because they have a very developed materialistic side and need security. They’re also too proud to every borrow money.

Sensitive and very serious, showing their affection is a real problem for them. It’s true that they have a very good sense of humor, but they’re too reserved to express it.

Committed not only to their friends and family, they also work hard to have a successful career. What’s great about them is that they always manage to achieve what they set their mind to achieve. Their most positive traits are discipline, patience and ambition.

More than this, they know how to make plans for the future and have an amazing talent at turning their career into a success. Their loved ones can rely on them, even if they’re difficult to open. At least they’re trustworthy and very stable in relationships, not to mention understanding and ready to make the impossible possible.

Qualities of the Capricorn Man

The Capricorn man shouldn’t be underestimated. While he’s tamed and very reserved on the outside, he still does have a certain restlessness on the inside.

It’s true that he listens and doesn’t mind doing what others want of them, but he has his limits, so sooner rather than later, he may have an outburst of anger in which he gives up everything he has altogether, especially if it’s about relationships.

He can’t be kept tied down for too long because he needs to go out there, to work hard for his career and to make his dreams come true. He has many ambitions and is determined to succeed.

At the same time, he doesn’t mind doing all the hard work for this to happen. It’s normal for them to resist during the toughest times because he knows that success is waiting for him at the end of any bad situation.

What he wants is to be famous, to have a good reputation and a lot of money. He pays great attention to details and can be very focused when trying to achieve his goals. Aside from all this, he has a lot of patience and doesn’t expect to see immediate results for his efforts.

His ruler is Saturn, so he’s the father of the Zodiac, a figure with authority. When rocking the boat to advance in his career, he doesn’t want to hurt anyone. He hates taking risks and is very mature about everything, all while focusing on becoming better.

There’s hardly anyone more down-to-earth than him, so he doesn’t dream in vain or imagine that the world is at his feet. At the same time, he respects traditions and doesn’t trust new people. It’s unlikely to find him on the dance floor at parties.

At work, he’s the CEO and the one who takes care of things. His vacations are usually well planned and have their itinerary established months before.

Qualities of the Capricorn Woman

Most of the time wearing a suit and glasses, the Capricorn woman is the executive of big companies and the one that closes off deals. She would climb any mountain and make the impossible possible, as she’s the representative of the Zodiac’s powerhouse.

Very ambitious, she usually wins and doesn’t feel sorry for those who dare to compete with her. But behind her serious and somewhat dangerous façade, she’s in fact a sensitive girl who wants to be with her soulmate, even if she’s very stubborn to ever give up her career for love.

Independent and a natural born leader, she’s envied by many people for being the alpha female and never losing her cool. Very tough, she can easily storm through unpleasant situations and nothing can bring her down because she has a calm that can’t be seen in others.

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