Capricorn Best Match: Who is The Right Person for You?


What Capricorns want from a relationship is to be serious and to lead to something. They dream about having a family and a beautiful home because this is what makes them successful too.

Capricorn Best Match Nutshell:

  • Your greatest need in love as a Capricorn: to have a comfortable house with a beautiful family.
  • Virgo is your match because they are ambitious but grounded like you are.
  • Taurus is your match because they share your practical nature and find it easy to get on the same page as you.
  • Pisces is your match because they can help you see beyond the basic practical needs of your life.

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In case they have a partner with different ideas, they may want to give up on that person altogether. Whenever entering a commitment, they know exactly what they want and are very dutiful. It’s like they’re engaging in a business venture, but this doesn’t mean they don’t have enough love.

They just express it in a way that isn’t romantic. No one can beat them when it comes to making an effort for their partner to be pleased.

If things go very well for them in love, they’re loyal and very caring. In case they don’t feel satisfied with their relationship, they won’t lose their coolness because their strength reserves are very rich, not to mention they’re patient and never give up what they have without a fight.

Tenacious, they can find that special person that’s meant for them. At the same time, they have the strength to tolerate a lot, which means they don’t run away at the first sign of a problem.

It’s like they forge their compatibility, seeing they don’t leave anything to chance and always work hard for their love.

Best Match For Capricorn Is Virgo

Capricorns and Virgos don’t just understand each other perfectly, they also have the same sensitivities and feelings. It’s like they connect on a psychic level, which means they can last for a very long time together in a relationship.

Both belonging to the Earth element, they can live happily ever after as a couple, seeing as they’re very compatible, no matter what their relationship may be like.

They both like to make plans and are very ambitious, not to mention focused on making money and having a successful career. This means they would never interfere with one another’s professional goals.

Instead, they would be there to support each other and to make sure they have a cozy life together at home. The chemistry between them is what makes their relationship balanced. When it comes to communication, they can understand the perspective they both need and don’t have a problem discussing anything.

They’re both the type to criticize and to look for perfection no matter what. At the same time, they’re focused on achieving the best results from their efforts.

Neither of them likes taking risks or having to depend on others, which means they work hard to have successful professional lives. What they want is to be in control and to avoid quarrels as much as possible. While not the best with emotions, they have other traits to compensate for what they’re lacking.

Capricorns may be distant and reserved, but on the inside, they’re in fact very affectionate. It’s important for them to be given enough time to admit that they have feelings.

Virgos may want to push them from time to time to express their emotions more openly, but this wouldn’t bring anything good and could lead to more distancing.

Capricorns and Virgos respect each other very much. Virgos understand how Goats are family-oriented and take everything seriously, whereas Capricorns adore Virgos for always criticizing what isn’t perfect.

While it may hurt them to know that they can bother the Virgos, they still remain loyal and appreciative of their partner’s opinions and behaviour. It’s rare to find a better match than Capricorns and Virgos, seeing the two signs have great chemistry and many things in common.

However, this doesn’t mean they don’t have their own problems as a couple. For example, they would have to be more spontaneous because they both have the tendency to just leave things the way they are and to be stuck in a rut.

For this reason, they need to challenge themselves more often, to do exciting things and to spice up their life however they can.

Capricorn and Taurus: On the Same Page from Day One

Capricorns and Tauruses have a very solid relationship, as they’re both hardworking, traditional and practical. If married, it’s very likely they’re the ones others count on in their community, not to mention they’re excellent parents.

They both love making plans for the future. When things get rough for them, they know how to talk about their problems and how to solve them. What they want is to have a family and a beautiful home they can call their own.

Both have specific goals and would never give up on achieving them. What’s also great about them as a couple is that they agree on how to spend money and saving, seeing they’re both very responsible.

This means they always have enough and don’t stress too much about the future. It’s unlikely for them to ever fight about money.

Their tastes can be quite expensive, but they would never spend more than they can afford. It’s important for both to be with someone who can understand their jokes and makes them feel important.

This is what they can offer to each other, so they feel secure if they happen to be a couple. Signs belonging to the Earth element, like they do, are very practical, wise, patient and humble. Two Earth signs in a relationship never take each other for granted and appreciate what they have together.

Because Capricorns and Tauruses belong to different parts in the year, they have a very balanced relationship. While Bulls are dancing to their own rhythm and don’t care about what others think of them, Capricorns are always giving their best to be perfect.

Saturn is also making Goats a little bit eccentric and sometimes melancholic. The same Goats are also always thinking about the future and want to have everything they need, both now and 10 years later.

Tauruses are not that focused on the future and prefer to have the best things in the moment, so the 2 of them could learn a lot from one another.

Capricorns are rather nostalgic, whereas Tauruses enjoy the moment. At least both are very practical and have great common sense. They see things in a realistic manner, not to mention they’re very compatible from an intellectual point of view.

What they should avoid is becoming complacent and no longer doing things spontaneously. They should just take their time to have fun because it’s not all about being serious. Besides, they have each other to rely on. Capricorns can organize things, Tauruses can put all their plans into action.

Capricorn and Pisces: Providing Balance to One Another’s Tendencies

Capricorns and Pisces can have a complementary relationship, seeing Pisces are true artists and dreamy, whereas Goats very practical and maybe too focused on the materialistic side of life.

Besides, Pisces can always help Capricorns to no longer be pessimistic and dark. Capricorns don’t joke about serious things, whilst Pisces couldn’t care less. However, when it comes to their everyday life together, Pisces have a lot to gain from Goats, especially as far as finances go.

Capricorns don’t mind being their Sugar Daddies or Mamas, seeing they were born to provide. It’s possible for them to break up and make up a few times, but never for too serious reasons.

If they give one another enough space, they can have the happiest relationship ever, a relationship that’s sure to evolve into a poetic marriage that’s practical at the same time.

Their differences increase the attraction between them. They have a lot to offer to one another, not to mention their life together seems like from a whole new dimension. Capricorns are responsible and cautious, whereas Pisces were born to charm and to offer their gentleness.

This means the Goats can be in charge while Pisces make sure they have some time in their life for dreaming. Pisces would never mind being led for as long as they can express their artistic talents and affection.

Besides, they can teach Capricorns how to be more spiritual, either through yoga, meditation or praying. What matters the most is that Pisces are sincere about their soulful ways.

The two will be intimate from their very first date, as both love to indulge in pleasure and trust one another. The more their relationship will evolve, the more Capricorns will focus on wellbeing and Pisces on love.

Their connection is not sparkling and filled with excitement, but is sure to last and remains interesting. They can surprise one another every step of the way, which is a good thing for both.

Earth and Water mix in a very harmonious way, not to mention neither of them likes drama. It doesn’t matter how long it takes them to build their relationship, they’re almost sure to last as a couple. Capricorns will want to hear more about how great they are, and Pisces won’t have no problem telling them so.

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