Capricorn Woman in Relationships: Strong and Independent


The Capricorn represents masculinity on the Zodiac wheel, so the Goat woman doesn’t mind playing the traditional male role when involved with someone. She’s stoic and has many ambitions as far as career goes, which means men can feel intimidated by her.

Relationships and the Cancer Woman in a Nutshell:

  • Positives: She’s assertive and leaves no man in any doubt as to where they stand.
  • Negatives: Her domineering tendencies can make her a little pushy.
  • Perfect Relationship: Where her man takes the back seat and lets her take the wheel.
  • Advice: The Capricorn lady shouldn’t try to dull her power, but should be wary of becoming too dominating.

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This lady gives a lot of importance to family. In case her parents don’t approve of her suitor, she doesn’t hesitate to leave him. When it comes to what she wants from a man, this is to spend many evenings with her and sofa, watching tv series.

He also has to encourage her to succeed professionally and to be a master in the bedroom. Her ideal partner knows how to remind her that she doesn’t need to be so serious all the time.

A True Force of Nature

The love of the Capricorn woman is very powerful and deep. Just like she does with her career, she takes relationships very seriously, needing a man who’s the same.

Patient and able to focus on what she needs to get done, her love affairs are usually built in a strong foundation and looked after.

However, she may put them on hold if she has to remain focused on career ambitions and plans for the future. This is not because she doesn’t give romance importance, just that she needs to feel professionally fulfilled first.

Just like any other human being, she can make some mistakes too from time to time, but at least she’s very good at learning from the past. Her emotions run very deep, yet she needs to learn how to express them more often. While she may not reveal this about herself, she gives a lot of importance to relationships.

On the inside, she’s extravagant as a lover. However, she also has a cold side. It’s unlikely for her to fall in love too fast, not to mention she’s very picky as far as her men go.

Treating love as something very serious, she wouldn’t be with someone who doesn’t attract her a lot. In the beginning of her chase, she will observe things from a distance.

She’s a sensual lover who needs to feel secure before unleashing her force in the bedroom. What she expects from her partner is respect, appreciation and understanding. It’s good that she’s very realistic and knows such things can be difficult to find.

Early in her relationships, she’s very submissive and exudes a lot of femininity backed by an incredible inner strength. It’s not easy to win her heart and she doesn’t like men who only think about sex.

Her tendency to dominate in a relationship can be overwhelming, this being the reason why she likes to date younger men. When out on a date, she’s the one dictating the terms.

A Woman for Commitment

She’s very loyal to her partner, even if she may sometimes pay too much attention to her career. Her passions are deep, but she wouldn’t give them to a man who doesn’t love and respect her.

When young, she may have real problems finding a person that suits her lifestyle because she’d be at work most of the time. What should also be mentioned about her is that she sees each and every one of her partners as her husband.

She doesn’t like dating and believes wholly in monogamy. It’s very likely for her to end up with one of her best friends because she doesn’t usually fall in love at first sight and takes a lot of time to determine that she likes someone.

Not having any idea about how to flirt, she may need to be told straight to her face that a man has fallen for her. This is because she simply can’t notice or understand subtleties.

Because she’s busy with work and bringing home the big money all the time, she should be reminded that she’s beautiful and the best at what she does. The good news about her in the bedroom is that she can turn into a complete beast when with the right person in between the sheets.

The Capricorn woman never decides that she’s in love until she has finished observing the person she likes closely. She takes a lot of time to choose a partner because she doesn’t want to be wrong by any means.

Responsible and serious about love, she wants a profound and meaningful relationship. This lady never takes any risk regarding romance and many other things in life. However, too much safety can have her feeling unsatisfied because matters of the heart and rationality usually don’t go hand in hand.

While many may not see her too open as far as sex goes, she in fact is quite receptive in the bedroom. What she doesn’t like is being with someone just for this reason, preferring celibacy over a strictly sexual connection.

On the other hand, she doesn’t really know how to deal with her own emotions, which can mean she’s lacking genuine intimacy and sexual happiness. This is also because she’s too rational and acts very cautiously with her partner so that she doesn’t end up hurt.

She Just Wants to Be Loved

Most of the time, she wants to have a routine in the bedroom. There can also be the situation in which she has a guilt trip and turns into a masochist.

When with someone, she has the need to be loyal and can’t understand how some people can cheat on their other half. For her, things are quite simple. People stay in a relationship if this makes sense for them, and if they feel attracted to someone else, they just need to leave.

In case she feels like her connection with her partner is going downhill or thinks some of her boundaries have been crossed, no one could ever convince her to not breakup. No one is more serious and stricter than her, so she takes action when unhappy just as she does when happy. While very seductive and sensual, she still thinks low of herself.

Besides, she can be completely in love with her partner one moment, believing he is with her too, whereas the next she starts imagining that he doesn’t care at all about her and what they have together.

Her desire for affection is noticeable, but she thinks that she’s not worthy of any. However, in spite of this, she will stay by her man and support him no matter what he decides to do.

She can play the role of the woman behind a great man without any problem, all while being professionally successful herself. It doesn’t matter if it’s about choosing a restaurant or getting married, she needs to be given enough time to make decisions.

What she hates most in this world is having regrets and feeling like she didn’t consider every option in her path. She also doesn’t like being in the spotlight, so at parties, she’s usually sitting somewhere and just looks around.

Her man needs to be a gentleman because she’s an Earth sign and believes a lot in traditions, and therefore in gender roles too. If she happens to be a mother and a wife, she’s sure to do a great job for the exact same reason, which is belonging to the Earth element.

It’s important that the man in her life doesn’t take her for granted because she catches on fast. While she may smile and be the happiest at party gatherings, she also needs to enter the premises in the arm of a charming man. Otherwise, she feels insecure.

As a matter of fact, she feels insecure also when seeing her partner talking to another woman, but she doesn’t say anything about it.

While taking everything seriously, she thinks that exchanging a few words is also something more than what it really is. Besides, if her man happens to laugh at something, she needs to be told the joke too because she has a tendency to believe that he’s making fun of her.

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