Capricorn Challenges and Obstacles: Proactive and Regimented


Ruled by Saturn, the planet depicted as an old man who has a peg leg, Capricorns move slowly, just like Saturn moves in the sky. However, because of this, they can see what’s going to happen in the long run and are patient enough to wait for success. At the same time, they get very caught up in what they have to do and sometimes no longer focus on what’s truly important.

Capricorn Challenges & Obstacles in a Nutshell:

  • Personality Downfall: They can become absorbed in their own thoughts, and become bitter with age.
  • When it comes to love: Very often they don’t see any point in wasting energy on emotions.
  • At work: Capricorns aim for the top so that they no longer have to take orders from anyone.
  • Capricorn advice: They should try and surround themselves with people who can see the funny side of life.

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Most of them make to-do lists that they religiously follow through with because respecting a strict schedule excites them. If told they’re working too much, they feel good about themselves because they simply hate laziness and procrastination.

Capricorn Personality Weaknesses and Negatives

While Capricorn natives seem angelic and innocent on the outside, on the inside they can be very insensitive and malicious, concealed and manipulating. They’re the ones who premeditate their actions and who want to have the authority.

Not at all imaginative, they prefer to keep quiet when discussions in which they’re involved start to be more creative. Because they care a lot about the way they look, getting old turns them into very grumpy creatures.

The fact that they always want to be in control, especially of their own emotions, influences them in a negative way from a psychological point of view. If they would talk more with their partner or friends about their own feelings, life would seem easier for them. But they refuse to do so, this being the reason why they’re closed all the time and not fun.

When having to make important decisions, they take others into consideration, but don’t actually care about what feelings may be involved. This is because emotions overwhelm them, and they don’t really know how to keep their interpersonal relationships going.

From a physical point of view, they can suffer from migraines and weakness. It’s important for them to be sincere no matter what because if they are, they can avoid all these problems.

Some of their positive traits are their loyalty and stability. On the other hand, they do tend to be clingy. Many of them are compulsive with their ideas, also vengeful if they have been hurt in the past. As a matter of fact, they can hold grudges for ages, which can lead them to get sick at a very young age. For this reason, they need to learn how to be more easy-going and forgiving.

The planet Saturn helps them remain focused and devoted to the important things they need to do, but at the same time, it makes them less romantic and far from the most idealistic people in the Zodiac.

Their spirits are always low because they’re just too serious. From a spiritual point of view, they can miss on great opportunities to become illuminated and to express their affection. They should use their self-reflection abilities to be more sympathetic, joyful and even romantic.

Capricorn Common Challenges and Solutions

Sometimes, people are simply repelled by Capricorns because they’re always trying to prove their philosophies are the only ones valid. If Goats are to become more accepted, they need tone down their radical ideas and to tolerate the opinions of others.

Being generous and kind, many may want to take advantage of them, so they should also learn how to say no or to choose their friends more carefully. They have a tendency to be workaholics because they don’t want to leave anything undone, so they should try more to have some fun from time to time.

It would also be a good idea for them to take on less work because they need to spend some time relaxing too. Their pace doesn’t necessarily have to be the fastest, which means slowing down would only do them good.

It’s very likely their colleagues don’t like working with them because they’re always too serious and determined to get things done perfectly. While very good managers, they shouldn’t shove their skills into everyone’s face. Being humbler and collaborating with others would have them feeling much better at their workplace.

Low Points in Love & Friendships

Pessimistic and prone to feeling very low, Capricorns have a very difficult time expressing their emotions, so they need to be around patient people who can tolerate their silence. They also seem to not have too many beliefs because they see the darkness in everything as a result of their pessimism.

As lovers, they have no idea how to be romantic, not to mention they always want to share their wisdom with their partner, which can seem offensive. Besides, they’re rigid and almost never want to do fun things.

Conventional and serious, they expect others to be the same and would hate to be told that they need to be romantic. For them, work and duty are more important than anything else.

Emotions represent a waste of their energy, so they use only their logic, just like Star Trek’s Mister Spock. Many perceive them as too cold because they just can’t understand how people have feelings and why they have them. This means they don’t know how to comfort.

When someone is sad and tells them, they have no idea what to say because they can’t relate. What they need is to be explained how sadness goes and what it does on the inside. Even this way, they may not get it and still try to find logical answers to what’s going on.

In other words, they’re not the ones to give a hug. Instead, they say that it’s time to move on and to not give up because life is tough. Crying scares and confuses them because it doesn’t appeal to their intellect.

They’re pessimist, meek, closed and even greedy, the silent friends who are always asking for something but can’t give too much back, not to mention they choose their friends according to some very high standards.

In long-term friendships, they’re obscured and need to be often cheered up. When it’s time to be dark and negative, they can be counted on without any doubt. At parties and events, they’re aloof and can’t relax so that others want to socialize with them. When they appear, there are chills and shivering, so no one invites them to celebrations too often.

How About Capricorn Career Weaknesses?

Obsessed with career, frustrated, cold and too serious, Capricorns don’t have a problem with their bosses if they’re allowed to do things the way they want to do them. They prefer to be the ones giving orders and can’t tolerate chaos, so it can’t be said they’re flexible in any way.

What they enjoy doing is boosting morale among their colleagues and imposing their own methods. In the meantime, they aspire for the position of manager and want to be appreciated by those in charge.

If they’re the bosses, they don’t hesitate to make sacrifices for their projects to turn out well, which can really scare their subordinates. In case they own a business, they prefer to keep up with a routine and are very pessimistic. It’s not easy to collaborate with them in any way.

At work, they guard their position and want to climb higher and higher because they’re very ambitious and competitive. Seeming cool and laid back on the outside, they’re in fact calculated and even mean if someone dares to threaten their professional success.

While focusing on career, they usually lose track of what’s really important, which means they no longer focus on love and friendships. They spend too many hours at work and once they’re at home, they only talk about what happened while they were trying to fulfill their tasks at the office.

It’s like they can never relax or think about anything else except their career. It can be difficult to have a very good time when with them.

In case they happen to get hurt, they start to suppress their feelings even more, becoming even colder. It’s very important for them to learn how to balance their work and home life because if they’re not careful, they can end up no longer caring at all about their family and personal life.

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