Capricorn in Friendships: The Social and Caring Friend


People born in the sign of Capricorn make amazing friends because they’re very dependable, loyal and funny. They may not be the best at communicating, but they prefer taking action instead of making promises.

Top 5 Reasons Capricorn is Your Best Friend:

  1. A Capricorn is hardly likely to turn down an offer for a social event.
  2. Rarely do they say something without taking action to back up their words.
  3. They’re great at judging characters, and are able to offer sound advice as a result.
  4. They take the friendships and connections in their life very seriously.
  5. They’ll remember all the details and never make you feel inadequate.

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When it comes to planning a night out with their very few close friends, they put their organizational and practical skills to use like no other. Where others might be pessimistic and stubborn, they never hesitate to give a hand to the people they love.

Since they take everything seriously, friendship is very important for them. It’s true that they’re often very busy with work and climbing the social ladder, but they also seem to find time for cocktail parties and nights out.

What they value the most is being supported in their career. Most of the time, they even avoid meetings and parties that don’t have anything to do with their work. Their friends are usually responsible people and very committed to them.

Patient Problem Solvers

Capricorn people are usually jealous and possessive when it comes to friendship. What they want is to be surrounded by loyal people. Very practical and possessing a lot of common sense, they’re usually the ones finding solutions to other people’s problems.

At the same time, they don’t make empty promises and prefer to take action. Their mind is razor-sharp and always awake. They hate making mistakes and reveal their practical side no matter what they may be doing, expecting their friends to be the same.

When pressured, they know how to control themselves and they have this amazing ability of keeping their loved ones in check too. This means they’re amazing leaders. Many people in their life appreciate them for being assertive.

Because they want perfection, they do things slowly and don’t mind waiting for success. They don’t follow trends and prefer to remain themselves no matter what, which has others respecting them even more.

When it comes to relationships and friendships, they’re looking for something long-term and hate superficiality. While very elegant and beautiful, these traits aren’t noticeable in them at a first glance.

Since they’re down-to-earth, they don’t show how many talents they have, which means they’re rather modest. What they would like is for their friends to be the same. Friendly competition is something that excites them, yet they shouldn’t be crossed because this could make them mad.

Giving a lot of importance to reputation and social standing, Capricorns must pay attention to not become obsessed with money, which can help them have a good position in society.

Very good at judging characters, their practical intuition helps them see other people’s flaws. If there’s a reason for them to not become malicious, they shouldn’t use what they know about people as a weapon. Instead, they should use constructive criticism to make everyone better.

Not the type to take risks, Goats prefer to make plans and to know what’s coming next. However, this means they can miss on great opportunities when it comes to friendships and love.

Being stingy with money, they should learn how to be more generous. The dinner they’re paying for one night can turn into a great career opportunity sometimes after all.

Besides, the bigger their heart, the happier they are. Worrying too much about money can’t bring anything good and friendships grow by sharing.

Strong Friendships Are a Priority for Capricorns

Traditional, loving, loyal and funny, Capricorns have all it takes to be good friends. They take things seriously, which means they see taking care of the people in their life as a duty.

When someone needs their help, they don’t hesitate to offer it because they genuinely want to make life more beautiful for everyone who happens to be by their side.

At the same time, they want to bring out the best in people, which means they never hesitate to tell their friends when they’re doing something wrong. It’s just that they simply can’t allow bad behaviour to continue. If one of their friends forgets about their birthday, they make sure this won’t happen in the years to come.

They may not be the most fun people in the Zodiac because they always want to go to bed early, but they have other amazing traits that make them besties. For example, they’re inspiring and always challenged the people they love.

Since both Capricorn and Taurus are Earth signs, they can get along very well. They both love having a routine and chasing their goals, which means they can spend a lot of time together, doing the same things.

Neither of them is tolerant nor willing to give in when arguing, so their disagreements may be ended with the silent treatment most of the time.

However, they both have very big hearts and can easily forgive, so they’ll often laugh about what had them fighting in the first place. It’s very likely that their instincts drew them together as friends when they were very young.

As friends, they give each other gifts and talk on the phone very often because they always need to be connected. Those who want to make friends with Capricorns need to be persistent because Goats have a tendency to spend a lot of time observing the new people in their life before welcoming them into their inner circle.

They give a lot of importance to character and appreciate honesty. Also, they like people who have many skills and are always ready to work hard. It’s their pleasure to do something with their hands or to use their intelligence for a purpose, so they see no meaning whatsoever in going out for a coffee.

What they like is going out to run, participate at a lecture or hike. They like to be called on their birthday and to receive thoughtful gifts. What they hate the most is when a friend disappears on them. Distance doesn’t matter to them, they still want to keep in touch with those who happen to be far away.

They’re traditionalists, so they love rituals. Even if seeming cold and detached, they’re in fact sentimental, which means they keep pictures with the people they care about the most.

Loyal to a fault, they have their friends’ back and don’t care about what others are doing. It’s true that their lectures are always long and parental, but they always think that every person knows what’s best for him or herself.

Possessing a very good memory, they know the favourite food and colour of every person in their life, even when they have their anniversaries with their partner.

What they’re also very good at is recognizing the strengths and weaknesses in people. This means they’re very good psychologists who can offer guidance when something important needs to get done.

Capricorn Woman & Man In Friendship

The Capricorn woman has the tendency to be touchy because she hates knowing that she may be wrong, even in the most unimportant matters. She can be best friends with a Sagittarius woman, whereas with a Scorpio one, she can find the support she needs.

With the lady born in Cancer, she will only gossip, whereas with the one in Leo, she will go shopping. The Gemini woman will open the doors of her personality and make things very vibrant.

The Capricorn man is difficult in friendships because his demands are often far too high. He would never admit that he has made a mistake either, so Libras and Cancers wouldn’t resist for too long as their friends.

On the other hand, they could have amazing connections with Geminis and Virgos. He needs to be surrounded by patient people, who support him in a way that matters.

Tauruses and Pisces will give him an excellent feedback. Since he likes to travel, he should have an Aquarius as a companion, especially if he wants to go places with a spiritual charge.

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