Capricorn Family Life: Their Personality in the Main Household Roles


Capricorns are very attached to their family’s traditions. They feel a strong connection with their own roots and the past, not to mention their childhood memories always come back to them around the holidays and their birthday.

Capricorn Roles in the Family:

  • Capricorn as a Wife: Not born for a traditional role, she relishes change, more so when her husband indulges too.
  • Capricorn as a Husband: He’s driven and focused, to a point where he might not spend much time at home.
  • Capricorn as a Parent: They do their utmost to provide, but could give more in emotional support.
  • Capricorn as a Sibling: These kids are the ones their siblings look up to and admire.

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They don’t like conflict but don’t hesitate to engage in it when they’re not the ones who dominate in their household. As a matter of fact, they’re a paternal sign, which means they need to have the authority and to control everything. They’re strict parents and usually teach their children what it means to be responsible from a very young age.

As siblings, they’re the ones to encourage everyone to become better. This means their brothers and sisters are always pushed to compete, which is not a bad thing after all, seeing competition makes anyone more hardworking and stronger.

What they should keep in mind is that they have a childlike spirit no matter how old they may be, so they should use their imagination more, also play with their children or their nephews and nieces.

The Capricorn Wife: Mysterious and Changeable

The Capricorn woman may not be whom she reveals herself to be. While seeming submissive and docile in a relationship, she still has an independent side that doesn’t allow her to let the man she’s with do what he wants.

She needs to feel like an equal, but at least she’s known to never run away from difficulties. What she wants the most is to be in a relationship filled with love and that makes her feel secure so that she can run after success.

If her partner is also a little bit unpredictable, she’s the happiest. It can’t be said that she’s the ideal wife because the planet Saturn, her ruler, takes from her femininity. This means she’s quite the tomboy and has masculine characteristics such as extreme loyalty, thoroughness and an increased physical force. However, she does enjoy taking good care of her home, cooking and making a budget for her family.

Her husband is usually very proud of her and the way she raises their children. After all, she still knows how to be a lady, not to mention she has a very practical way of thinking and cares a lot about her family.

What she seems to struggle with is being gentle and elegant, like the Pisces or the Libra woman is. At the same time, she doesn’t have noble emotions like Aries or Leo women. It’s like she’s never present or very friendly.

Instead, she’s just honest, scrupulous and the most dutiful girl in the Zodiac. It can be very difficult to define her. She’s turning every head wearing her bikini at the beach one day, whereas the next she’s in a white coat and works to discover a vaccine for cancer. It doesn’t matter what she may be doing, it’s important for her to have a good position in the society.

The Capricorn Husband: Methodical and Driven

The Capricorn man is the best organizer in the Zodiac. He likes things at his home to work perfectly and always makes plans.

What he hates the most is having his routine interrupted because he needs to make the best out of every minute. His goals are precise, and his ideals high. After all, he’s the most ambitious man this world has ever seen.

Being very responsible, he always does what he has to do in time and almost perfectly. Very practical when it comes to everyday life, he knows how to handle money and to make budgets.

However, he doesn’t do all these things with a smile on his face because he’s always focused on strategies and forgets about playing from time to time. It’s like the entire world is on his shoulders. This means he’s not the most cheerful partner.

As a matter of fact, he’s way too serious and worries too much, giving the impression that he’s older than time itself.

It’s easy for him to become depressed, so he needs to be with a very optimistic woman who knows what to say when life gets to be difficult. She also has to be practical.

No matter what, she must never laugh at his actions because this would be the most hurtful thing for him. What he needs is to be complimented and encouraged. For as long as he hears words of support and feels important, he can stay next to a woman for a lifetime.

For his trust to be earned, a lady needs to get along well with his family. If this doesn’t happen, he may remain a mystery for her. It’s difficult to judge him because his mind seems to be all over the place most of the time, not to mention he doesn’t talk at all about how he’s feeling.

Besides, he’s always busy chasing his dreams, so he doesn’t have too much time on his hands to spend with a woman. As a matter of fact, the girl who happens to be in life needs to know that she’ll have to somehow convince him that he needs her.

Very intelligent and possessing many talents, he’s usually successful in his career and sometimes selfish, especially when focused on achieving success. This is because he always wants to be the best.

The Goat man can work very hard until late, not to mention that his work always gets him the results he’s aiming for. This is why he’s usually the CEO of big companies.

On the other hand, he can have a changeable nature. However, no matter what, he will always focus on making more money and becoming someone important. Since he spends a lot of time at work, he may end up cheating with his secretary, but this doesn’t mean he wouldn’t still love his family very much.

If his wife makes him feel secure and respects him, it’s highly unlikely that he would ever do something to wrong her. He needs to know that his lady is 100% devoted to him, this being the reason why he’s the most compatible with girls born in Taurus or Virgo.

The Capricorn Parent: The Most Functional of Providers

When parents, Capricorns are giving their best to fulfil all their responsibilities and to be by their loved ones’ side.

As a matter of fact, they may try too hard at all this. They always have good intentions, but their focus is more on being the providers than the loving parents of their little ones. This is why they should spend more time playing with them, being nurturing and showing them what being responsible means.

The thing with them is that they feel more comfortable at work than at home. What they like most is making money and not having to worry about the emotions of their children. Since they’re always looking to improve and to become the best, they should think what this means as far as parenting goes too.

Their kids will learn from them what’s the true value of money and how to be reliable. They will keep their promises and think of their Capricorn parent as someone with great authority because Capricorns impose respect and can be intimidating without even trying to.

What they should learn is how to relax and be more spontaneous. This is the only way for them to have a balanced life and to make their children happy. They need to lead by example and to not forget how to play from time to time. Being strict with their little ones constantly won’t get them anywhere.

The Capricorn Sibling: The Leader of the Pack

While acting like heads of the family, Capricorns are in fact very emotional. They want to lead and know their limits very well. Traditions are very important to them, so they talk about what they should do around Christmas or other holiday with their siblings.

They’re that brother or sister to whom the other kids in the family are looking up to. This is mostly because they’re ambitious and easy to admire.

Aside from all this, they’re very loyal to their family because they give their roots a lot of importance and would do anything for the people in their home. When traveling, they always call the people they have left behind to make sure everything is alright.

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