Capricorn Woman Career and Money: How Successful is She?


When it comes to her career, the Capricorn woman is very ambitious, the most disciplined and demanding. Aside from all this, she’s also honest, devoted, diligent and perseverant. If she happens to work in a team, she only appreciates her colleagues that are honest and loyal.

Capricorn Woman Career & Money in a Nutshell:

  • Positives: She is highly ambitious and driven.
  • Negatives: She can get caught up in her work and not know when to take breaks.
  • Tendencies: She tends to work rationally and methodically rather than impulsively.
  • Potential Careers: Financial Advisor, Film Producer, Banker, Government Official.

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One of her best talents is finding ways to get a job done in the most efficient manner. She’s humble and highly productive, which means she doesn’t mind starting as an assistant and working her way up on the corporate or business ladder. Besides, she doesn’t mind persevering to achieve her goals.

A Willingness to Get to the Top

The best careers for her are in finance, management and teaching. While she can work as a performer too, what she likes the most is working behind cameras, as a producer or director.

The environment in which she thrives is organized and puts all her skills to use. Her main interest is to advance, which usually happens. As soon as the boss, she’s very nice to her employees.

It’s very unlikely for her to make impulsive decisions or to hurry the process of advancing in her career, as she values security more than anything else, not to mention she’s very responsible and honest.

The Capricorn woman is one of the best employees in the zodiac, seeing she has many skills and would never betray the company she’s working for. Besides, she doesn’t mind working hard and having many responsibilities.

The fact that the Goat lady unwilling to make compromises is both a strength and a weakness of hers. While ready to start her own business and aware of what she needs to get done, her efforts may not bring her success as a result of poor promotion. This is because she’s the type who likes to think very hard about everything, so she may have difficulties in the beginning of a project.

This lady would never do anything just because her intuition is telling her to do it. For this reason, she’s better suited working for large corporations and in an organized environment.

She’s very strong and physical, so she could succeed in a career that would require her to move her body a lot. Because she also likes to build things, being a carpenter or architect would suit her very well.

Also a good engineer, the Capricorn lady likes fixing things and being of use to the society. As a matter of fact, the Capricorn woman could do anything related to design, production and construction because these jobs would of her to be physically challenged and to make something for others.

Very disciplined and loving to organize things, she could be a secretary too, as well a cleric and manager. While these jobs wouldn’t pay her very well, she would still enjoy being the one that holds everything together.

At the same time, the Capricorn woman is a very good leader because her work ethic is impeccable, and she has a lot of authority. It can be said she functions at her best in hierarchical conglomerates such as governments and big corporations because here, she can advance and mature together with her colleagues.

There’s also the situation in which she’s great at running her own business, as she has initiative and knows how to manage people. What fits her like a glove is being the boss. Many Capricorn women are also doctors and nurses, specialized in orthopedy and dentistry.

Seeing as the lady born in this sign has a great talent with numbers, she could be a banker, economist and even a gambler. Financing attracts her a lot. She usually makes long-term plans and doesn’t mind dealing with challenged or having to solve problems.

The Epitome of Hard Work

When it comes to the projects she undertakes, these are sure to be completed in a successful manner because she’s highly professional, not to mention she dedicates a lot of her time to them, just like any other Capricorn does.

This is why she can succeed when working for the government. This type of job would require her to focus and to provide solutions in the long run. She’s very ambitious and always has a goal in mind. At the same time, she does things in a methodical way and likes to work with traditional solutions because this makes her feel secure.

Believing that only hard work can bring her success, the Capricorn woman is every employer’s dream. When having to deal with change she’s slow, so being an entrepreneur wouldn’t suit her very well.

No matter what she may be doing for a living, this lady will excel because she’s determined to succeed and be persistent. She wants recognition and to have the power, so most of the time, she’s the CEO of big companies, even a talented director in the film or theatre industry.

Her disciplined ways and skills usually help her be the manager. What’s not so great about her is the fact that she tends to work too much. It’s important that she learns how to relax and recharge her batteries, especially if she happens to be a stockbroker or doctor. The work and personal life balance needs to be taught to her because she can turn into a workaholic.

Controlled but Materialistic with Her Money

As far as managing her money goes, the Capricorn woman is a practical buyer aware of how much hard work is required for a satisfying income.

However, she can also sometimes spend on things she doesn’t actually need without thinking, just because she’s looking to be amused. But this doesn’t happen very often because she’s always looking for items that are multifunctional and durable.

Intelligent and ambitious, the lady Goat can earn a lot. When it comes to her attitude to money, she’s rather pragmatic, staying within limits and organizing her budget so that she doesn’t end up broke.

It can be said she’s stubborn to spend only as much as she has planned for, just because she wants to have things happening her way. It would be a good idea for her to relax more when it comes to her financial situation, also to invest and take risks with the stock market from time to time.

The Capricorn woman measures her wellbeing in money and possessions, looking at things she has bought as a measure of her success.

She prefers holding cash rather than relying on credit cards too. This is because she never wants to be in debt and likes only spending as much as she has. No one can come in between her and her money, not to mention she would never agree to go on a vacation without knowing her bank accounts are filled. Instead, she would prefer to work overtime.

Ruled by the planet Saturn, she usually achieves success when she sets her mind to it, but in a slow and steady manner, all because she’s methodical and disciplined.

No matter what, she needs to rely on her integrity when it comes to making money. This means she needs to avoid different schemes that promise her instant rewards.

Hardworking, very ambitious and competitive, the Goat woman is capable of making good money, especially when older and after she has advanced in her career. This is because it’s in her nature to advance and to build a secure financial future for herself and her loved ones.

At the same time, the Capricorn woman is very practical, so she knows how to save. This lady doesn’t spend on impulse and doesn’t put pleasure above having her wallet full of money. She prefers to spend on things that make her feel like she has achieved success, like a strong and expensive car or fancy furniture for her home.

As far as investments go, she prefers conservative strategies and to earn in the long run. However, it’s indicated for her to sometimes take risks because she could make more than she has ever imagined.

Seeing as she’s very good with numbers, she could also decide to go out in a casino from time to time. Not only would she relax and have some fun there, she could also win the jackpot at blackjack. In other words, the Capricorn woman needs more risks if she wants to feel like money is meant for her.

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