Capricorn Woman Personality: From Love to Career and Social Life


The Capricorn woman is mad about success, so her overachieving desires can sometimes have her putting other people down and stepping on their toes, especially when she has her own goals to achieve.

The Capricorn woman in a nutshell:

  • Personality: Driven and ambitious, the Capricorn woman knows what she wants from the word go.
  • Love: As long her plans aren’t deviated from, a Capricorn woman is often for life.
  • Career: Her ambition and drive come together to help her achieve major milestones professionally.
  • Family: Whilst her relatives are important to her, she’s closest to those who share her focused attitude towards life.
  • Social Life: As long as her friends are honest, the Capricorn woman is as loyal and warm as a person could be.

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Since she rarely fails and has the most practical way of thinking, she sometimes forgets about her loved ones’ feelings, so she tells them the wrong things. She has very high standards for both herself and others.

Capricorn Woman Personality

Most of the time in a suit and wearing glasses, the Capricorn woman is the executive of big corporations and makes the world turn. She’s always ready to climb any mountain and to deal with challenges, which means most of the time she’s in power.

Her ambitions and desire to succeed means she seldom cares about anything but her career. When annoyed or angered, she uses her “horns” to address the problem or the person who caused her to be upset.

This lady can be very stubborn when determined to keep on going on a particular path. Being independent and a natural born leader, some people envy her. After all, she’s the Alpha female who can cause a lot of harm if provoked, but at least she never loses her composure and has a light attitude towards anything.

She’s very tough and never dramatic, so her problems disappear from her life as fast as they arrived. What she wants most is security, so she’s responsible, traditional and very disciplined. When having to do something, she’s serious and hardworking.

However, underneath her grave exterior, she has a twisted sense of humor that can surprise everyone. As a matter of fact, she’s much lighter than she initially appears to be, yet she can’t be compared with someone else born under a Fire sign. This is because she’s still cautious and reserved no matter what.

Her sign is the 10th in the Zodiac, which makes her dependable and not curious at all about gossip. She’s more of a problem solver who keeps her loyalty to her friends and has respect.

Love and Relationships for the Capricorn Woman

The man who’s not ready to make the first step when it comes to dating will never have the Capricorn woman because she’s never ready to do this for him. Besides, she’s not the type to admit that she’s in love or to respond openly to flirt.

What she would like is to be asked out without too much fuss. She may not immediately give an answer because she likes to analyze situations and to study the person who asked her better. Her male counterpart is quite the same because this is what the Goat sign dictates.

When her relationship has progressed, the man by her side needs to keep in mind a few things about her. For example, she’s not very spontaneous and prefers to act according to a plan, as she’s very comfortable with routine.

What she demands from her partner is complete honesty and to be reassured of his love because she’s always wondering what his feelings for her may be if she doesn’t hear words of affection very often.

For the man who’s ready to put some efforts into being with her, she’s the most loving and loyal partner. The signs she’s the most compatible with belong to the Water and Earth elements.

This is a Woman Who is Driven at Work

The Capricorn woman is famous for having a strong work ethic and for focusing a lot on success, just like the Goat is focused to climb mountains.

Her career represents her identity, so she may confuse ambition with emotions. If not doing what she wants, she may feel lost. For her, the work she’s doing is what represents her.

She could be a chef, a lawyer or a writer. She doesn’t mind repeating her tasks every day, but she also needs to feel like she’s doing it for a good position.

As a worker, she’s perfect for the menial projects that others don’t want to do. When it comes to money, she’s very practical and knows how to save. She may get a job from before reaching the legal age to do so, just because she wants to have an income and to be responsible.

Her career choices are most of the time sensible and logical, not to mention they require creativity sometimes, but she can also get bored with her job if she doesn’t get promoted when she deserves it.

She’s very serious about her job and feels disappointed when others don’t appreciate her efforts. It would be a good idea for her to run her own business, but she needs to be careful to not become tyrannical with her employees, especially when insisting things get done in her way only.

Capricorn Woman’s Wellbeing at Home and Socially

The home of the Capricorn woman has a rather practical design because she loves simplicity and doesn’t have rich tastes. She’s like minimalistic furniture and for everything to be practical, but all this doesn’t mean her place isn’t also elegant.

Very disciplined, things in her house are in the right place and organized. The feeling her home exudes is one of cleanliness, vibrancy and good care. She likes comfort and can’t hold on for too long in a chaotic environment.

When it comes to art, she appreciates the more expensive and knows a thing or two about it. She may hang some ocean scenes here and there, seeing her sign is represented by a sea-goat that sometimes is half human.

In the kitchen, she wants to have the most exquisite appliances and technologies, not only because she likes the way they look, but also because she’s a good cook. It’s not unlikely for her to live in the mountains or the countryside, at an old farm that has everything she needs and the most advanced amenities.

She prefers spacious places in which she has enough room to move around. Her house may be built on 2 levels, just so that she has enough space for her belongings and doesn’t feel crammed. Besides, she needs many walls to hang her art pieces. It’s possible for her to also have a garden where she can watch plants blooming.

Capricorn rules over the hair, genitals, skin, skeleton, the knees and the bones. Therefore, the Goat woman needs to be careful with these parts of her body because she may end up to suffering from some illnesses with them, especially if she doesn’t have a balanced diet. She also needs to exercise, especially if she wants her skin to look good and her skeleton to be strong.

Usually very proud of the people in her family, the Capricorn woman has little to no time for those of them who only procrastinate and are irresponsible. She simply can’t stand these kinds of people and refuses to listen to their excuses.

Her parents will be taken care of when old, not to mention she respect and cherishes her other relatives. At the same time, she’s a protective mother who understands her children. She wants to teach them the family traditions and to keep their feelings safe, especially from the harsh and cold side of the world.

Her kids will be as cautious as she is, and also self-protective when it comes to feelings. As a friend, she’s the one with a good sense of humor. Those who happen to be in her inner circle can consider themselves lucky because she’s loyal and very giving to them.

This lady knows how to heal a poor soul with a good joke. No one can stop her from doing her best for her family. She’s the type to organize traditional dinners and to pass on to others what she has learned from her parents, as she’s nostalgic and likes to reminisce about the practices she used to be a part of as a child herself.

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