Cancer and Aquarius Compatibility in Love & Life: A Creative Relationship


These two approach life in very different ways. Cancers are soft, emotional, and they need security and lots of affection. Aquarius is free-spirited, eccentric, and can sometimes be very aloof and distant.

Criteria Cancer Aquarius Compatibility Degree
Emotional connection Average ❤❤❤
Communication Below average ❤❤
Trust & Dependability Strong ❤❤❤❤
Common values Strong ❤❤❤❤
Intimacy & Sex Average ❤❤❤

Easy-going and detached Aquarius who likes to try new things and go with the flow might not be a good person for anxious Cancer to lean on.

Cancer is melancholic, holds on to the past, and wants to talk feelings and personal issues. Aquarius is aloof, distant, likes stimulating discussions on complex topics and only cares about the future. Cancer wants to settle down and start a family, while Aquarius want to be forever young and free.

When These Two Fall in Love

While not perfectly compatible, they can certainly learn a lot from each other. Cancer will teach Aquarius how to establish a deep emotional connection, how to enjoy their time with one person alone; it’s all about intimacy and feelings with Cancer. Aquarius can teach Cancer how to come out of their shell and become more sociable.

Aquarius might learn to love the couple life, after Cancer shows them it’s not the living hell they would’ve imagined. They will get cosy together and do fun little things in the safety of their home—baking treats, playing board games, gaming.

If they become parents, that’s when the two can grow inseparable, and also shine in their own way. Cancer is the kind of loving, nurturing, and protective parent, while Aquarius comes up with many exciting activities, games, and crafts for the children.

Cardinal sign Cancer might sometimes get a little bossy as a parent, but also within their relationship.

Cancer people are romantic, sweet, and considerate, so they will try to make things memorable and enjoyable for their partner. Expect candle-lit dinners, roses and wine, long night walks, and the like. Aquarius will feel flattered by the special treatment, no doubt.

Fixed sign Aquarius can be extremely stubborn at times, and they don’t easily change their opinions. They are independent and fear losing their freedom, so Cancer should not get clingy or possessive. Otherwise, they will scare the Aquarius away.

Aquarius aren’t likely to fall head over heels and pursue a relationship with huge intensity. They tend to be cautious; first, they try out the water.

When they put their mind to achieve something, Cancers work hard. They are determined to reach their goals and to make their dreams happen.

Although more traditional than other signs, Cancer is not as conservative as for example Taurus or Capricorn. This brings hope for their relationship to work, as Aquarius’ eccentricity won’t be a deal-breaker for Cancer.

Cancers are ready to make compromises in order to keep a relationship strong and ongoing, when they are truly in love. Both Cancer and Aquarius are nonconfrontational, preferring to keep things peaceful and calm.

Aquarius appreciates Cancer for their desire to keep things harmonious and positive. If the two are open, honest and attentive to each other’s feelings and emotional needs, things will go smoothly.

Both signs are deep thinkers and like to learn more about spirituality. Both signs avoid conflict and want to keep things calm and peaceful. The compatibility between Cancer and Aquarius and these traits can help them grow closer and to build a secure, long-lasting relationship.

Cancers are generally anxious and fear abandonment, so Aries will need to remind them how much they are being loved, and that everything will be alright.

Both signs like tranquillity and having their safe little space. Cancer needs an intimate place to retreat to, in to analyze their emotions, while Aquarius wants space to be alone with their ideas.

If they find the right balance and build upon this common ground, they will be happy together for a long time to come.

Cancer and Aquarius Relationship Key Facts

They’re very different to one another, but they can each bring something nice and useful in the relationship. Cancer is sensitive, homely, nurturing, and wants safety and security in life. Aquarius is complex, always changing, always evolving, and always on the move.

Cancer can help them stop and smell the roses, or live in the moment sometimes. Of the two, Cancer will be the one to keep things grounded and they will help Aquarius get in touch with their own emotions.

Aquarius awakens Cancer’s intellectual curiosity and exposes them to new and exciting ideas. They can help the water sign forget about the past and to look towards the future. Aquarius keeps Cancer up to date with the newest scientific discoveries and with new technology.

As a couple, they’re rather homely and private. They don’t go out much and don’t need lots of friends around to have a good time. Most of their beautiful moments will happen in the intimacy of their own home.

When in a relationship, a Cancer and an Aquarius should keep an open mind and accept each other’s unique traits and quirks, so that they will make a nice pair. Cancer especially needs to be more easy-going and to accept Aquarius’ weirdness.

Cancer is very affectionate and touchy-feely, and the distant Aquarius should get used to this. They need to accept and allow each other’s special traits to shine, so both partners can offer the best they have in the relationship, and nobody feels like they have to put on an act.

Cardinal sign Cancer can get competitive at times. They might feel envy when they feel like their partner is moving on quickly and leaving them behind, such as in career paths or personal projects.

Cancer should not forget that couple life is not a competition, and that they should support one another. They should instead celebrate Aquarius’ sharp mind and wonderful achievements.

Aquarius should also be more affectionate and emotionally available in general. They need to listen to Cancer and be by their side when the water sign is anxious or in a bad mood, even if the Aquarius cannot relate or understand their Cancer partner. The one thing Cancer wants most is affection.

Cancer and Aquarius Marriage Compatibility

Marriage is where things get a little complicated. It will be Aquarius who has the final say on whether the couple will get married or not. This is because Cancer will be the first to think about marriage; the water sign is willing to settle down and start a family.

But Aquarius doesn’t like feeling tied down, or having their freedom taken away. They need to be mature enough and emotionally prepared to make the big step.

If they get married, then their lifestyle might switch from one extreme to the other, since both signs will need to be pleased and listened to. Cancer will most probably be the homemaker, while Aquarius will pursue an unconventional career.

As parents, they would be responsible and they would invest a lot in their children’s education. Sometimes, the little ones might be confused about the two completely different sets of values promoted in the household.

Drawbacks of This Match

They sometimes keep things to themselves instead of communicating openly, which might prove fatal for their relationship. Cancer is a big overthinker and needs constant reassurance, while Aquarius is sometimes too cold and distant.

While both are peaceful and sympathetic, arguments will not be unheard of either.  Cancers are too sensitive and hold on to the past which causes them long-lasting resentment and sadness.

They can easily lose their calm if things aren’t going their way. Sometimes, they can get either extremely nagging or clingy, depending on their ever-changing mood.

Aquarius may not always be able to provide the security and reassurance the Cancer needs. The air sign is free-spirited and independent, and if they feel like their freedom is threatened, they will walk out and cut ties without looking back.

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