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Cancer Challenges and Obstacles

Cancer Challenges and Obstacles: Sensitive and Defensive

It doesn’t matter if they’re at home or at work, Cancers can’t stand to be criticized. They make mistakes just like any other human being, so they should deal with their problems…

Virgo Challenges and Obstacles

Virgo Challenges and Obstacles: Obsessive and Relentless

Virgos are very demanding people. They can always be counted on with anything, especially when it comes to paying attention to every little detail. However, they sometimes don’t see the big picture…

Scorpio Challenges and Obstacles

Scorpio Challenges and Obstacles: Intense and Extreme

Scorpios are very intense people and don’t mind being told that they’re this way. They also have a tendency to go to extremes, but they don’t like being told that they’re ever…

Aquarius Challenges and Obstacles

Aquarius Challenges and Obstacles: Eccentric and Unique

Aquarius people are known for being weird and really deep thinkers. They have a true need for independence and rebel against almost everything, just because they want to stand out from the…

Pisces Challenges and Obstacles

Pisces Challenges and Obstacles: Dreamy and Detached

People born in the sign of Pisces are pretty much like science fiction characters because they’re the most imaginative dreamers in the Zodiac, not to mention sensitive and true psychics. They want…

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