Pisces Challenges and Obstacles: Dreamy and Detached


People born in the sign of Pisces are pretty much like science fiction characters because they’re the most imaginative dreamers in the Zodiac, not to mention sensitive and true psychics. They want to live every moment to its maximum, so they don’t focus in the mundane and the practical side of life.

Pisces Challenges & Obstacles in a Nutshell:

  • Personality downfall: They’re highly inconsistent and constantly in dreamland, making basic communication difficult.
  • When it comes to love: They can be lazy and unable to do anything to solve relationship problems.
  • At work: Passive and not proactive at all, these people are happy to get away with doing as little as possible.
  • Pisces advice: These natives should talk to their closest ones more openly.

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It’s not unusual to catch them daydreaming and imagining the most beautiful things. Their mind is filled with cinematics, so they often don’t have a good grasp on reality. The closer people get to them, they more their reveal their nonsensical thoughts and become open.

Pisces Personality Weaknesses and Negatives

On the other hand, Pisces can be truly Machiavellian. They’re easy to impress and give into their chimeric passions, ending up wanting only drama and to see abuse. They’re picky and cunning, not to mention big liars who really know how to manipulate people.

No matter how happy their life may be, they always whine and complain about it. Furthermore, they don’t have a clear mind and can’t be neat. What they hate the most is having to face the harsh truth.

For them, walking straight is almost impossible. They just go with the currents and can’t make important decisions, not to mention they’re very, very irresponsible. What they completely lack is realism, so they give in to depressive episodes, chaos and self-destruction.

With them, waters always run deep. This is because they’re very emotional beings. More than this, they’re very empathetic and compassionate, which means they genuinely want to help others.

As a matter of fact, they’re so keen about giving a hand that they sacrifice their own needs and desires for others’. It’s advisable for them to take more care of themselves. They need to learn self-preservation and how to remain protected at all times because the world can be a very cruel place.

Those of them who are less evolved seem off-putting because they simply can’t wake up from the dreams in their head. Pisces who haven’t spent too much time working on their communication skills are regarded as anti-social and can’t be understood by anyone.

What they need to do is to be more disciplined and to talk about what gets their attention. Many people see them as unreliable because they can’t really keep their promises. This is because their head is always in the clouds and they don’t understand what it means to be responsible.

Jupiter indicates they’re the luckiest when trying to make the best of what’s happening to them in the moment. After all, Jupiter’s purpose is to present all the opportunities available and to expand resourcefulness. In case this planet is in their 11th House of hopes, dreams and wishes, Pisces may have many desires and always wait on them to become a reality.

But for this to happen, they would have to make plans because Jupiter only leaves gifts behind at the end of cycles, no matter what House it may occupy.

Saturn is the planet of Karma and teaches natives the most important lessons in life, so it should be watched in relation to Jupiter when looking at birth charts. While Jupiter expands horizons and minds, Saturn is pulling them back.

Saturn’s structures are long-lasting, so it doesn’t matter where this planet is in a chart, it’s sure to make things remain there and to offer strong foundations for plans. There’s always a silver lining to the gifts offered by Saturn.

The God of the Sea, Neptune represents the ruler of an element essential for life, water. Water has a lot of powers, not to mention it has many states. For example, it can be calm and quiet, also agitated and turbulent.

Pisces are all these things at once, with Neptune, their ruler, influencing them to escape reality and to resort to drugs and alcohol when times are hard. What these natives should do is avoid escapism at all costs.

The 12th House belongs to the sign of Pisces and is the place where the deepest fears are being gathered. Besides, it’s also the House of secrets, just like Scorpio’s House is the one of death and sex. Both Houses are very powerful and influence their signs’ personalities.

Pisces Common Challenges and Solutions

While they can make as much as their friends, Pisces are always the ones who end up broke before their next paycheck is set to arrive. This is because they’re unrealistic and spend without thinking. They surround themselves with what they don’t actually need and don’t think they should have a budget.

What they should do is try to stick to a plan for their finances and stop being extravagant when it comes to spending. In case they happen to be broke, they just isolate themselves and become depressed.

During these moments, they should just be more open and not be afraid that people don’t care about what they’re feeling. Many of their friends will want to give them a hand, so they should talk about their problems without worrying that they’re just a burden to those around them.

Being naïve and too generous, others may want to take advantage of them, which means they should pay attention to who they’re welcoming into their life. It would be more effective for them to just be firm when choosing their friends.

Pisces seem to cause conflicts without having the intention to, so their relationships are oftentimes challenged. If they can’t simply let go of their high ideals, they should at least talk about them less because not everyone shares their views on life.

Low Points in Love & Friendships

Pisces natives are often confused and live in a utopia inside their mind. They’re very romantic, dependent on love and submissive. This means they can’t take the initiative and rely solely on their partner when it comes to finding solutions to problems.

It doesn’t matter who they happen to be with, they’re lazy and indecisive, so they never make the first step and instead cry if something doesn’t go their way. After they’re done with their crying, they just become placid and see themselves as the most poetic.

They’re the type of lovers who whine and are frustrated about the affection they receive, also unrealistic and thinking they’re never welcomed.

At the same time, they’re elusive and negligent, naïve and too dreamy. It’s like they don’t have a care in the world and bring chaos no matter where they may be going. As far as their long-term friendships go, they’re careless and always relying on their friend to pay the check at restaurants.

In the meantime, they live in a dream world and are of absolutely no use. If confronted about this, they just burst into tears. Many astrologers say Pisces should be kept under supervision so that they don’t end up living in a dream world. It’s important to keep them occupied and away from drugs or alcohol.

How About Pisces Career Weaknesses?

Gullible, clueless, unrealistic and sometimes not seeing the big picture, Pisces are at least obeying their bosses at work. However, they’re very lazy and don’t seem to care at all about their duties.

In case they disagree with something, they don’t express their opinion and just become closed. In fact, they’re the best at disappearing from the scene and sabotaging everything, so it can’t be said they’re the most efficient employees.

As colleagues, they’re the ones with a chaotic office and who always look at what others are doing so that they can see how they should take care of their own tasks. They have no ambitions and prefer to do things from the shadows, where they can gossip in peace and are not given responsibilities.

If they’re the bosses, they will not take care of too much, delegating their subordinates to do everything. Their talents won’t be put to use because they’re not in any way practical to do so. As business owners, they can’t take care of their money, so they need to hire an accountant. Being naïve, many can trick them, so they should ask for advice from trusted people regarding their associates.

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