Pisces Man Personality: From Love to Career and Social Life


The Pisces man is sensitive, kind and affectionate, and also not afraid to show his feminine side. This means he takes his time to listen and to be compassionate. Besides, he can understand the feelings of his partner and other people surrounding him.

The Pisces man in a nutshell:

  • Personality: A Pisces man skips the small talk and gets straight to the meat of a conversation.
  • Love: His thirst for change makes relationships difficult, but for a woman who is willing to stick around, he is often unlike most other men.
  • Career: He tears up the rule book and writes his own, discontented with the professional status quo.
  • Family: He is often very faithful to his woman, and a great role model for his kids.
  • Social Life: To cope with his ever-changing desires, he mixes with all types and likes to dabble in a bit of everything.

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When it comes to his negative traits, these are unpredictability and inconsistency. It’s impossible to guess how his feelings are going to change or what causes him to think in a certain manner.

Pisces Man Personality

A poet at heart and mystical, the Pisces man belongs to the Water element and is very dreamy. He’s ruled by the planet Neptune, so he has utopic visions about love, strong emotions and a highly developed spirituality.

This man is never interested in small talk, so at a first meeting, he may seem to be overly profound, as he’s asking questions about the meaning of life and philosophy. While he seems to know everything about others because he has a very good intuition, no one knows anything about him.

He keeps his feelings to himself and communicates them only when he trusts someone. Some people may take years to get to know him, especially since he doesn’t easily make friends, regardless of the fact that he’s very sociable and goes out very often. Being very sensitive, he’s afraid to talk about himself because he may reveal some of his vulnerabilities.

As a Water sign, he has no limits. He can wreak havoc one day and then become incredibly worried about what he’s doing the next. This is because Neptune, the god of the sea, is influencing him to be this way.

The energy of the Pisces man is just like the energy of Water, so fluid and always returning to the original source from where it comes.

Love and Relationships for the Pisces Man

Each time he’s in love, the Pisces man thinks he ended up with his soulmate. He has a relative view on romance, so this may be true for him, as his relationships are different and teach him different things about what love means.

He has many changing ways and is spontaneous, which means rushed love makes him very happy. No one ever knows, not even his partner, when he’s going to get bored with what he has and start looking for someone new.

He’s faithful, but only for as long as he feels like he’s doing exciting things with the person he’s with, and that his feelings are being appreciated. He usually doesn’t last for too long in relationships because his partners can’t accept his impulsiveness and the fact that he doesn’t seem ready for something long-term.

Besides, he’s not very reliable because he’s changing all the time. This man can be both interesting and very annoying, but no matter what, he needs to be given the impression that he’s the one making decisions, no matter how foolish and chaotic these may be.

Dates with him are very romantic, spontaneous and filled with magic. He’s affectionate and respectful, not to mention always ready to take part in an adventure and to show his partner who he truly is.

In the event that he feels he’s being forced into something, he will run away and start looking for a new lady to join in him in romantic dates. He should be treasured for what he has to offer because no one can be as interesting as he is when it comes to personality.

As sociable as he may seem to be, he is in fact a big loner who needs to spend time with his own thoughts. While he’s always ready to go on a new adventure, he also likes staying at home and using his creativity with some DIY projects.

He’s always on a mission and wants to leave something behind him. The expectations he has for himself may be too high. He also has the tendency to get lost in details and to focus on what doesn’t actually matter, so he often ends up disappointed with himself when he doesn’t manage to finish what he has started.

This is a Man Who Bucks the Trends at Work

When it comes to his career, the Pisces man is never a conformist, so he doesn’t like doing what seems normal to others. It’s very likely for him to have a job many people haven’t even heard of. For example, he could be a dog breeder or a person who helps others disappear, or who knows what other bizarre occupations are out there.

He’s never happy with a 9-to-5 job and can’t succeed in a corporate environment. He prefers to do things in his own time, so it’s not unlikely for him to choose working in a nightclub and get paid less rather than to go to a day job and get more money than he needs.

What he needs is to feel free. He also doesn’t care about rules, so he’s the one to dress strangely and to not respect any code in the book. He doesn’t listen to what others are demanding of him and does only what his inner voice is telling him.

This means he annoys his bosses if he happens to work for someone. However, the manager who will recognize his genius will let him do what he knows best, and that is come up with the most creative ideas.

It’s good for him to have some structure, but if he’s forced to wake up early in the morning, he may collapse exhausted on the couch every night. He may have some money problems too, as he spends like crazy, even if he seems to be very lucky as far as earning goes. No matter how much he’s making, he still needs to learn how to save.

Pisces Man’s wellbeing at Home and Socially

Represented by two fish that are swimming in opposite directions, the Pisces man is in love with decors involving water. He likes combinations of white, sea-green and coral, ocean backgrounds and the colour blue in general.

His home may have a nautical design because this is what makes him feel comfortable. He’s the type to like quiet environments where he can focus on his own thoughts and daydream as much as he wants.

The furniture in his home can be both vintage and modern because he has changing moods and needs to feel comfortable no matter what his emotions may be. He likes open spaces where he can allow himself to think. Because he’s very emotional, he may use food as a way to deal with stress, so he may have weight problems all his life. Therefore, he needs to exercise and to burn the extra calories whenever he gets the chance to.

His sign also rules over the synovial fluids, the glands, feet, toes and the lymph. He’s prone to feet injuries and diabetes, so he needs to pay attention to his diet and the wounds he gets.

At the same time, he needs to wear the proper shoes. Having intense feelings, he can also have difficulty processing his own thoughts or no longer distinguish between reality and imagination.

Even when a child, he most likely has been very sensitive and emotional. This is because he’s very sympathetic, not to mention he has the ability to feel what others are going through. His emotions can make him more vulnerable when dealing with people who are usually hurtful.

Whenever disappointed, he sulks and retreats into a world of fantasy. This is how he protects himself and hides what he’s actually feeling, which sometimes makes him seem aloof and uncaring.

Many people think of him as egotistical and self-centered, but he isn’t like this at all. As a matter of fact, he’s one of the best friends anyone could ever have. If in a serious relationship, he’s very faithful and devoted to his partner.

As a father, he’s loyal and affectionate, not to mention a role model for his children and very patient when raising them. He may even spoil his little ones a little bit too much, seeing he has a very soft heart and is very generous.

His wife will love him for always being home and coming up with the most romantic ideas for where their dates to take place.

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