Pisces Man in Love Relationships: Impulsive and Dreamy


The Pisces man can stay in a long-term relationship for as long as he is emotionally stimulated. He usually doesn’t last for too long with one partner because he’s too romantic and prefers to let his impulses rule over him, which means he’s not capable of building a strong foundation for a steady affair.

Relationships and the Pisces Man in a Nutshell:

  • Positives: He has a big heart and this becomes obvious in the right relationship.
  • Negatives: He can be spontaneous and lack the necessary drive to build something long-term.
  • Perfect Relationship: Where he feels emotionally satisfied and loves unconditionally.
  • Advice: He should perhaps try to curb his instinctual desires.

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The best woman for him is very spontaneous and doesn’t mind chaos. He thinks that he has found his soulmate each time he’s in love. This may be in fact true, seeing as he puts everything that he has in each and every one of his affairs.

He’s never the same with different women, not to mention he learns a lot from all his relationships. It’s good that he changes very often, as this won’t allow his partner to get bored by his side. Besides, he’s hardly reliable because he changes his opinions every hour or so. While exciting, this is also very annoying.

He loves with all his heart and has a lot of respect for the woman in his life. However, in one second, he may change his mind and decide he’s no longer in love, moment in which he starts looking for something else.

Dreaming of the Perfect Relationship

The Pisces man’s soul is very gentle. He’s a mystic and a dreamer, the type who just lays around and thinks about utopias.

For this reason, he’s like an ethereal presence and definitely very sensitive. An eternal romantic, he loves with all his heart and needs to trust his partner before anything else.

Also naïve, it doesn’t matter how many times he has been hurt by a woman in the past, he will believe that love is just around the corner as soon as he meets someone new.

What he wants from love is to be with a dreamy person, a girl who can help him escape reality and who can fantasize just as much as he does.

This is what’s lovely about him, not to mention many women would like to offer him what he wants, but reality can be quite harsh. When it hits, he needs to take care of everyday life’s details, which can prove to be very difficult for him.

In case he happens to be with a dreamy woman, he may never come back to Earth and lose track of his own life. He may become a burden for others in this scenario, and he wouldn’t be alone because he would have a partner who’s exactly like him. Therefore, his compatibility is quite complex.

If he’s in a relationship that’s about to end, he may not want to let go of it and see the truth in front of him. When heartbroken, he takes a lot of time to recover. He’s an emotional disaster and no one can convince him to be gentle again, at least not until he can trust again.

A Dreamer Who Rarely Lives in the Present

Just like a fish in the water, he’s slippery and difficult to catch because he makes sure no one touches his freedom. He doesn’t want to feel tied down, not to mention his mind and imagination know no boundaries.

At the same time, he has a double personality because his sign is dual. It takes a very patient and understanding woman for him to be involved in a long-term relationship. He’s capable of being with someone for twenty years without getting married, not to mention that as soon as he feels a little bit ignored, he doesn’t hesitate to looks elsewhere for his lustful needs.

If his freedom is threatened, he doesn’t hesitate to run away as far as possible. It’s like he’s never available for the woman who holds on too tight to him.

Very romantic, he has a sensitive soul and gets easily attached. What he needs is to feel safe and not be judged on a relationship. It can’t be said he’s capable of mature love because his nature is to be a romantic with a childlike and eccentric view of the world.

It’s important for him to meet the love of his life when the time is right or else he may think he’s not ready to commit. Charismatic, inspiring and a good conversationalist, he can charm any lady and keep her by his side for as long as he wants.

The way he sees things is quite enchanting. He can talk about how the future generations are going to be for hours, yet still not be able to function in the present. It’s like he has nothing to do with his surrounding reality.

This is why he prefers to live in the countryside or the outskirts of big cities. It’s very likely to meet him at church meetings because he’s very spiritual.

Either way, he’s around peripheries most of the time. He’s attracted to women who think like him, so the girl who’s too realistic and down-to-earth will never have his heart. He likes doing things together with his partner, to be intellectually engaged and to have many ideas to talk about.

When it comes to his personal desires, he likes them to be satisfied without opposition. He doesn’t know what responsibility means and avoids day-to-day obligations as much as possible.

At least he wants to help others and loves to be of service. When giving a hand, he thinks that he’s doing the entire world a favour, and interacts with others according to his vision regarding society in its entirety.

In case he meets someone who has opposite opinions to his, he becomes wild in conversations, but never aggressive or mean. If he has to express his ideas, he does it without hesitating and wants as many people as possible to listen to him.

Unconditional in Love, Almost to a Fault

The Pisces man’s wife can be sure her husband will never stop being a romantic. It doesn’t matter for how long he has been with someone, he still writes poetry for her and comes home with flowers. This is how he expresses his affection and wants to let everyone know that he’s in love.

A relationship with him is very beautiful and filled with moments of tenderness. What’s also great about it is that he tolerates a lot and never judges. Besides, he has a tendency to put his partner before himself, loving unconditionally and not caring about other people’s opinions.

If disappointed, he can forgive pretty fast and struggles to make everything go back to normal. He would sacrifice a lot to make his lover happy, so he doesn’t care too much about himself or his desires when he knows that he has someone at home who needs to be cared for and loved.

Maybe too submissive at times, he’s not a right fit for a woman who wants to be dominated by her man. At the same time, he’s not capable of carrying on normally with all his responsibilities, just because he’s not anchored in reality at all and prefers to fantasize rather than to notice what’s happening in his surroundings.

This means he can’t take charge in a difficult situation, and sometimes lacks ambition or the focus necessary to succeed in life no matter what. He’s not usually the husband to bring home good money, but he wouldn’t let his family starve either.

Because his feet are rarely on the ground, it can be very difficult to live with him. However, he does have certain amazing qualities, seeing as he’s very compassionate and sincerely caring.

The thing with him is that he’s always daydreaming. It can be difficult to judge what’s going on in that mind of his, not to mention he’s very sensitive and easy to hurt. His mood swings are also famous, so he needs to be with someone very patient and understanding if it’s for him to remain a good and happy husband or boyfriend.

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