Pisces Health and Wellness: Staying Well Within their Capacities


The last sign in the Zodiac, Pisces gives its natives a fascinating personality that combines the qualities of previous signs. Pisces people are also very intense and can feel what’s in others’ heart. At the same time, they’re rather sensitive and weak, which means they need to be supported most of the time, especially when they have something important to be strong for.

Pisces Health and Wellness in a Nutshell:

  • Positives: They know their body and their minds, so they can take the right measures to protect their weaker immune systems.
  • Tendencies: Their charm and rich imagination does give them a tendency to indulge in different foods.
  • Negatives: Unfortunately, their immune system does little to help them with illnesses.
  • Advice: Dairy and meat don’t really agree with their bodies, so they’re best sticking to fruit and veg.

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They dream big and need to be surrounded by harmony in order to achieve what they want in life. It’s very difficult for them to deal with the harsh reality of life. However, they still manage to be amazing listeners and the most pleasant company.

They don’t reveal what they’re thinking to people they don’t trust, so they’re very careful with who they’re welcoming into their life.

Pisces Health: Positives

Pisces have a tall and slim figure. Their body is flexible and very responsive to exercising. The health horoscope of Pisces says that those born in this sign are beautiful and easily attract members of the opposite sex, yet they’re not that strong.

At least they never take on more than they can handle, which means they don’t overwork themselves, nor do they hurt their body trying to do extraordinary things.

They’re aware of the fact that their immune system is weak and that they can end up suffering from different diseases as a result. This is why they’re very careful to not get sick, using all sort of prevention measures.

When they don’t feel like their body is on the right track, they immediately go to the doctor’s and ask for help. Some of them are even big hypochondriacs.

Their sign gives them a connection to the Universe in a manner in which other people aren’t. They understand the world in a deep sense and absorb the energy that’s present in their surroundings. This is why they need to spend as much time as possible in Nature, walking or swimming in rivers and lakes.

The weather has a great influence on them. When it’s sunny they’re happy and positive, whereas when it’s raining, their bones and joints are aching.

According to the health facts related to Pisces, Fish people are quite religious. Almost all of them believe in God and are helped by the Divinity to succeed in life, even if they sometimes get depressed.

Pisces Tendencies

The great benefic Jupiter is also the planet ruling Pisces, which is a sign of extended emotions, natural luck and increased sensitivity. Another of their rulers is Jupiter, the planet of illusions, spirituality, sensitivity and mystery.

When it comes to Venus, this planet is exalted in their sign, making them very charming. Pisces are very sensitive people with high ideals. Their tendency is to feel what others are feeling.

When it comes to their view on life, they’re very optimistic one moment and the most negative in the world the other.

Not at all interested in material gains, they prefer to make friends instead, just because they want to charm many with their sense of humor and kindness. Because they’re very dramatic on the inside, they should decide on a career in art.

The shyer of the Pisces prefers to not be themselves and to impersonate others, this being the reason why they’re such good actors. The mysterious Neptune makes it very hard to predict their development.

For example, some Pisces are neat and disciplined, whereas others can’t even wake up in the morning and don’t care about anything, not to mention they have overly intense emotions.

Because their imagination is very rich, they have a tendency to blur the lines between fantasy and reality, which helps them become very talented at writing.

When it comes to what makes them weak, this is their tendency to take risks when the situation doesn’t allow them to. They just want to go outside during storms, to race cars when there is traffic and to seduce the married people.

Most of them are compulsive eaters, so they need to have an exercise routine if they want to remain in shape and to not feel emotionally stressed. The activities that suit them best are dancing, swimming, skating, sailing and horseback riding.

Pisces Health: Negatives

Being sensitive, Pisces get sick more often than other people. Besides, their health horoscope says they have an immune system that’s very fragile and does little to defeat diseases.

As soon as winter is on its way, Pisces start having a runny nose, which is why they need to keep their feet warm and always dry.

Their strong imagination has them thinking and studying the worst diagnostics when they don’t feel well, which can cause them to get even worse. As a matter of fact, even if they don’t suffer from anything, they still desperately look online for what they might have.

They worry too much about their own health and exaggerate when talking about diseases. Any headache leads them to believe they have a brain tumour. It’s alright to be cautious about health, but they’re just too much.

They go to the doctor for all sort of examinations and ask for treatments. In case they decide to take pills without talking to a health specialist, they can seriously harm themselves.

What they should know is their mystical nature gives them amazing powers, including the one of self-healing by will force. They’re also the hypnotists of the Zodiac, but they use this ability of theirs only to complain. Other people’s moods and diseases influence them to feel the same.

Easy to impress, they also take up smoking and drinking. The condition that affects them the most is depression. No one can help them come out of disillusionment when the sadness overwhelms them, so they need to rely only on themselves in order to overcome the condition.

Their sign rules the feet, so they’re the most sensitive in this area. At the same time, they need to protect their feet because they can get seriously sick if they let them get wet or cold.

Some other of their weak body parts and organs are the lungs, the veins and the palms. Cancers and polyps are diseases they may have to deal with, whereas some Pisces can end up suffering from some of the more extreme mental health problems.

They should also know that their vision may cause them some trouble, which means they need to live in a house with plenty of natural light. Working too much on the computer or reading for long hours can also cause them eyesight issues.

Furthermore, their skin is very sensitive, so they should take care of it with natural products, massages and sauna sessions. Besides, if they do all this, their blood circulation and mood get to improve as well.

According to their health horoscope, it’s better for them to live in a dry and warm climate. When it comes to working, they shouldn’t be outside for too long.

On vacations, they should get some fresh air in the mountains because this can prevent depression. Water and beach activities are definitely for them too. Exercising is important because it boosts their immune system and makes them stronger.

Pisces Health & Diet

As far as their food habits go, Pisces are rather picky. They prefer only some food and ingredients. At the same time, they don’t want to try new things. Many of them are vegetarians. The best vegetables for them are artichokes, paprika, garlic, cabbage and Brussel sprouts.

When it comes to fruits, they should choose lemons, dates, mango and figs. They prefer fish and seafood, as they don’t like meat that much. If they want to be healthy, it’s important that they get their nutrients and vitamins from food and not supplements.

However, if their immune system seems to get weaker and weaker, they could add some supplements to their diet too. Eating regularly and healthily is vital for them, so they shouldn’t diet. Intoxicants must be avoided because they have a tendency to become dependent on them.

Milk and dairy foods don’t agree with their body and cause them to suffer from lymphatic stasis. They should rely on fish for proteins. When lymphatic stasis bothers them, they should drink apple, lemon, cranberries and lime juices.

The grains that work best for them are quinoa, bulgur wheat and brown rice. Exercising and consuming green juices helps their lymphatic system. Their digestive system is kept in order with fresh salads, whereas potatoes help them feel full after a meal.

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